SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 2

hello guyz meher here… i am so happy to see ur luv for my previous ff “kuch iss tarah” n as many of u want me to write itz second season… i will surely think n if i get any idea i will pen that down… n ya u must be waiting for one shot too so i will post that today …. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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β™₯SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heartβ™₯


Recap: maheshwaris intro..


Scene starts at dark room … a man in his 40s is tied with a chair… its clearly seen that someone has beaten him blue n black… he was in semi conshious state… then a man enters the room… he was wearing black jeans n overcot… n has a mask on his face… he splashed water on the injured man’s face n he gains his conciousness…n as soon as he saw the man in black he starts to shiver…
“G-Guru B-bhai…” a scared voice said

“Yeah guru… here any problem” an eviel reply

β˜…β˜…guru’s speciality is mask n black clothesβ˜…β˜…

“Please leave me… please i promise i will never ever… do anything wrong plz leave me” he pleades in fear

“Did i say that u hv done anything wrong” another bashing answer

Guru sat on a chair in front of him in boss style n starts to toss his gun

He gulped the fear n gatherd some courage to speak again ” plz show some mercy on me guru bhai”
Again he pleaded…

“Did u show any mercy when u killed that couple…that too infront of their kids?”(shouts) “DID YOU”

He nodded no

“Then i dont think i shld also show any mercy to u” he stops tossing his gun

The man knew that his end is near “i-i am s-sory” he tried a last..

“Ok … u r free go ” guru said

“What !! Seriously !!” The man was shocked…

He was happy that guru leaves him… bt everyother person present there knows… guru never shows mercy
To anyone… they all hv a wicked smile on their faces.. A guy untied him n ask him to leave…

That man trips n says” u r great… u r great… thnku.. thnku.. thnku so much ”

Guru kicked him hard “stay away from me n get lost”

The man stands up n starts moving towards gate n “dhishkiyaoon” a gunshot…

Yes guru shooted that man … he is the best shooter never misses his aim… he shoot him straight through his heart from back.. n man or now a dead body fall on floor btwn pool of blood… guru goes near him n says.. “guru never shows mercy ”



Kyra n alia were sitting together n were laughing…

Devika: these girls hv gone mad..!! Alia kyra y r u laughing…
Kyra:(controls laughter) mom … nothing.. we are just counting alia’s crushes till now..
Devika:(sat on bed with then asks) achha wow!! Then hw many u hv counted till now..
Alia: zara se he hai mom
Devika: still beta how much
Kyra:(laughs) mom itz some 67….
Devika stares her angrly where alia becomes nervous seeing her mother’s expression..
Devika:(angry) whats this alia 67 !!! I mean seriously..
Alia:(on verge of cryng) mom vo.. vo..

Kyra was laughing seeing her nervous

Devika: tell me ! Only 67.. i thought u hv crossed 100 till now..
Alia;(still nervous) mom vo…(realises what she said)” what mom?!!”

Alia shows fake anger n kyra n devika laughs seeing her…

Alia throws a pillow on kyra” urrgghh … i will not leave u today”

“First count ur crushes then hold me” says while throwing Pillow back to her.

“BABY u r finished today” alia smriks..

“Hey dont u dare to call me that” kyra frowned

” why only ur prince charming can call u that not a sister” alia keeps a pout

“He is nt my prince charming… he .. he.. he is just he… now stop it” she fumbles

“Ohh hooo look look someone is blushing” alia teases..

“M nt blushing”kyra covers n hit her with a pillow..

Alia cant handel the attak n fall off the bed … n kyra laughs.. n devika keeps on enjoying her fights then she got a call n she left

“Oh god it was osm fall… hwz it feels alia ” n again laughs

She pulled her too off the bed n says” just lyk this kyra oops sry BABY” alia laughs..

Then they both starts running … kyra was chasing alia.. they enterd devika’s room n fall on bed n **bhoom**

Devika:(shouts) kya toda ab tum dono ne…

No reply

Devika: kyra ? Alia? What happend?? Kya toda ??

She enters the room n shouts” oh god not again… kal he repair karai thi iski… ”
Kyra:mom itz alia’s mistake
Alia: no mom itz kyra..

They started fighting lyk this n again starts run n chase.. this tym alia is chasing kyra… everything becomes still with devika’s command

Devika:(shouts) GIRLS ATTENSION

Both stopped at their respective places…

Kyra was standing on sofa… n alia has her one leg on sofa n second in air πŸ˜›
Soon alia looses her balance n take kyra in her embrace n both fall on floor..

Kyra n alia: aaawwoo!!!
Devika:(controls her laugh) r u fine
Both nodded yes..
Devika: now tell Me where will i sleep u both hv broken my bed?

*yes these two hv broken the recently repaired bed*

Alia: (innocently)in my room
Kyra: correct n alia will sleep in hall
Alia: o hello m gonna sleep with u in ur room..
Kyra: no way i will nt share my room..
Alia: u hv too
Devika: enough!! Kyra u share everything with her then y nt room?
Kyra:(speechless) vo ma.. ese he..
Devika: then final u n alia will share room for a week
Kyra:(shocked) for a week !!
Devika: yes cz nxt week we r shifting to delhi.. so m nt gonna repair this bed… start ur packing..
Kyra n alia(happy) : yeyyyy
Kyra: can we live lyk before mom..
Alia: can we use our name ?
Devika: yes u can now go n start packing




san:(enters dp’s cabin) u called me dad?
Dp: hmm beta u hv to go to assam after 2 days
San:what !! Assam !?
Dp: ya we are opening our one brach in north east so we hv chosen assam… u hv to go there n finalise the deal.
San: ok dad i will

Lucky enters lyk a storm
“Dad itz cheating…”
He bolts the door n sat on floor ” i also want to go to Assam”(childishly)
Dp: lucky whats this.. u r in office.. hv some shame…
Lak: noooo
Dp: what ? U dont hv any shame?( frowned)
Lak: no i mean yes i hv shame that too bahut sari…
San:(smiles) dad u kno him na..he will never change allow him also..nautanki kahi ka
Dp: hmm.. i agree ok lucky u can go…
Lak:(gets up) yeyyy!!
Dp:(serious)at one condition
Lak:(shocked) what
Dp:i dont want any of ur gfs there too(laughs)
Lak: urrhhh
San: lucky now go Fast n start packing..
Lak: oh ya .. ha m going..

He ran n in exitement he bumped into clossed door”aaahhh”

San:(laughs)lucky atlest open the door…
Lak:(still rubbing his head) ahh !! Ha right…
San: he will never change dad
Dp: or tum bhi..
San: dad?
Dp: beta think of urself now… settle down soon…u also need someone…
San:(recalls swara n his promise to her) dad i dont hv tym for these things..
Dp: u dont hv tym or u didnt meet that girl
San: girl? Which girl??
Dp: who has gifted that locket to u…which u never remove..
San:(diverts) dad m going to check some work..


Alia n kyra were sharing same bed n before dozing off kyra prayers in mind”oh god plz.. not today.. i dont want her to know anything.. ya.. if.. if i dont sleep then nthng will happen.. hmm m nt gonna sleep today”

She starts reading novel n sleep while reading…
Alia was writing online blog…

Both were sleeping then alia’s sleep got disturbed… she got up n shocked to see kyra…she was breathing heavyly n tears were brimming from her closed eyes…she was sweating badly n in no tym alia understands that she is having panic attak…

“Kyra !!!! Kyra !!!”
No respose n atlast she shouts “Swaraaaaa”

*Yes that kyra is swara*

“Oh god what to do…!!”she sprinkle water on her face n shakes her little n finally swara gets up…

She was scared lyk hell..

Swra:ra-ragini.. they.. they.

*yup alia is none other than ragini*

Rags tuck her hair behind her ears n hugged Tightly…
Rag:where is that box swara ?She pointed towards a drawer.. n ragini took her medecines n gave that to her …
Rag:(still hugging)relax swara.. nthng happend.. there is no one…
Swra was crying countinously n ragini was consoling her.. atlast when she becomes normal..
Rag: thats the reason u didnt want to share ur room with me… ryt.
Swra: hmm.. bt mom.
Rag: i kno… i will nt tell this to mom.. n y u hv hided that u r still getting these panic attacks?
Swra: i hvnt hided… these attacks again started when.. when we were in ahemdabad.. i hv seen them there…
Rag:(shocked) u r facing these attacks from 10yrs. Itz too much yr.. u could hv told me atleast..
Swra: rags what i will tell u.. our lives are hell.. we cant even use our real names..
Rag:(diverts) leave this.. n sleep.. n ya u r coming to doctor with me tmrw
Swra: ok mam..

She lye on bed n ragini cares her hair untill she fall asleep

To be continued…

Precap: SwaSan first meet

So here the mystry solved kyra is Swara n Alia is Ragini… n this means devika is Sumi… but why they are faking their identities ??..n why swara is getting panic attacks??

Stay tuned to kno more..

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