SwaSan! The Reason I Breath Is You!! {Part-3(D)}


Sanskar eyes turned red shot in blood …. He immediately pulled her back and gave a tight + hard slap …. Ragini looks on shock … While swara keeps quite

“How dare u … How dare u to harm my love ” ? shouts Sanskar in anger

“….s…a..n..s..kar..ji” mumured ragini in fear + shock

He fists remembering swara’s pain her pale face … His eyes turned in rage he lifted his hands and yet slaps her angrily

Ragini holds both her cheeks in pain and looks at him in shock

“Sanskar ji… U…love…me… Na ” said ragini in fear seeing his red eyes

“Love & u … my foot “? sanskar shouts in anger

Ragini was to abt to say something Bt Sanskar holds her neck in anger …. While swara looks on shock seeing Sanskar’s anger … She goes towards him and holds his hand

“Sanskar …leave her”swara tries to take off his hand on ragini

” Swara leave frm here ” Sanskar replies her calmly still with his rage full eyes

“Sanskar plzzzz leave her sanskar” Swara pleads him with teary eyes

“Aaaaaaa” ragini suffocates

“Swara I asked u to leave .. Leave rgt now” Sanskar literally shouts in anger

“Bt Sanskar ….” Her words left incomplete as Sanskar leaves ragini…. & turns towards swara … puts his hand on swara’s hair .. Fisting her hairs he pulls her closer to him

“Leave … ” he said looking into her eyes …. While she looks at him with teary eyes … Her eyes filled with tears whereas his eyes filled in rage …. Bt soon his eyes turned soft seeing tears in his love’s eyes …

“Jaan….I’m sorry … I’m sorry .. U don’t cry” said Sanskar cupping her face

“Sanskar” she whispers softly cupping his face

“Haan jaan” asked Sanskar

“Sanskar … U knw tat Sara loves ragini … She wants ragini as her mom not me … I knw wat ragini did was wrong Bt give her a chance .. Live with her I’m sure she wil take care of Sara if u r with her … ” said swara with teary eyes

“Wat do u want to say swara ” asked Sanskar in confuse

“Sanskar for the sake of our daughter … Sara for her happiness u live with ragini … Plzzz leave me don’t think abt me and don’t worry abt me I will be fine actually would be happy to see my Sara’s happiness ..” Replied swara with teary eyes

“Then wat abt my happiness swara … Do u think I will be happy without u” asked Sanskar holding her by shoulder tightly in anger

“Sanskar … Love happens again ” said swara avoiding eye contact

“Love … Happes again huh!! .. Rgt u r rgt love happens again .. Bt does true love happens again .. True love happens just once and u r my true love did u get it .. I’m not gonna leave u ” shouts Sanskar in anger

Swara looks at him … Tears rolled down from her big hazel eyes seeing his pain which was clearly seen in his eyes … He is hurt she knows but she was too helpless… He frees her from his hold and turns his face .. While ragini who was viewing all thz was still holding her neck in pain

“Sir ” they hears mike’s voice

Trio turns and looks at him who was standing there with police
Sanskar smirks … While swara and ragini looks on confused

“Inspector arrest her” said Sanskar pointing ragini in anger

Ragini looks on shock inspector nodes and goes towards ragini

“Nahi ..nahi… Hume chodiye … Plzzzz leave me … Sanskar ji … I love u … Sanskar ji… I truly love u” cries ragini as they drags her from there

“Stop it inspector ” shouts swara

They stops … Sanskar turns and looks at her questionly…. She looks back and goes towards him

“Sanskar y aren’t u understanding … Sara……” Her words left incomplete

“Inspector leave from here ” Sanskar interrupts in dangerous tone looking at swara

Inspector nodes in fear and immediately takes ragini from there while keeps on shouting … Swara was abt to go behind them Bt Sanskar holds her wrist not letting her to do so ….. She looks on helplessly with teary eyes just then she hears a soft voice

“Mumma” Swara gets startled hearing Sara’s voice … She turns back and finds Sara standing there with worried expression she things tat Sara is worried for ragini

“Sara … I’m sorry…” Her words left incomplete

“Mumma y r u crying” asked Sara walking towards her swara looks on confused while Sanskar was standing still in anger

“Sara” whispers swara softly sitting on her knees

“Mumma don’t cry” said Sara wiping swara’s tears .. It looked like a dream for her … Her Sara her daughter was addressing her as her mumma … She cries and hugs her

“Sara my sweety … My Sara” said swara with tears rolling down from her eyes

“Mumma” whispers Sara

Swara gets happy to hear thz and immediately breaks the hugs … And cups her face

“Wat did u say” asked swara with teary eyes
“Mumma” said Sara with her happy smile

Swara gets happy and looks at Sanskar

“Sanskar …dekho ” her words left incomplete

“Sara … I will be waiting out come soon” interrupts Sanskar looking at Sara avoiding swara

Sara nodes … Sanskar leaves from there …. Swara gets sad seeing his anger

“Mumma … Dada loves u soo much … He always used to be sad when u weren’t with us … Bt tat day when u came tat day 1st time I saw Dada so happy” said Sara happily

Swara looks at her and smiles

“I know my sweety Bt I’m confused….. ” her words left incomplete

“Hahaha I knw mumma tat day na Dada asked me to behave like tat with u ….Solly mumma hehehehe” Sara giggles

“Wat ..Sanskar asked u .. Bt y” ? askd swara in shock

“O mumma… After finding u Dada called me… And said abt u I was soo happy coz Dada always used to talk abt u to me
Bt Dada said me to act like tat Bt y I don’t knw ” said Sara

Swara smiles and hugs her

“It’s k sweety …I will ask him leave it … Come let’s go .. Ur angry Dada would be waiting for us ” swara laughs a lil

“Hehehehe …okay mumma” Sara nodes both leaves from there


Precap: Epilogue


Hi guys tanu here …. Hope u all liked thz part

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  1. hey awesome dear.i am waiting for your next epilogue plz post on soon

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  4. Tanuuuuu, i cried.. i cried reading this..!! It’s soooo beautiful.. mainly when Sara called Swara as her mom..!! Omg i couldn’t stop my tears..!! Loved it dear..!! Thnk u..

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    Eeiii!! It was too cute…the last scene!!??
    Epilogue ??

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  16. Awwww??????? such an emotional part…. My eyes welled up seeing this…. Well Swara said such bullshit???? how can she say that love can happen again…. Idiot….. Now she deserves punishment???????

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    Post epilogue ASAP n it shud b long vry long

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    Dear this was so short yaar.. And you didn’t said how swara was in mental asylum?

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  27. i was waiting for this part soooooo much
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    but i cried…….i have tears
    it was such a beautiful moment for swara and sara
    sara was just acting and they love each other
    swara trying to keep ragini for sara was soooo sad
    i am still in tears
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