SwaSan! The Reason I Breath Is You!! {Part-3(C)}


Sanskar’s room {Swasan room}

Sanskar will be standing near the window looking outside … He was staring the sky which is full of starts he losts in a deep thoughts just then there was a call at his mobile … He looks at the caller i’d ..it was Mike .. He smiles & lifts the call

*On call*

Sanskar: yes Mike
Mike: hello Sir … U r work is done sir
Sanskar: hmm good … Everything is okay rgt
Mike : yes sir
Sanskar:(bossy tone) okay I’m coming there
Mike: okay sir

*call ends*

Sanskar smiles and leaves from there


Sanskar comes out of the room and finds Sara playing with Ragini

He changes his smiling expression into a strict one and walks out from there …. Ragini and Sara looks at him going out and gets confused

Ragini: Sanskar ji … App o where r u going …it’s late night tho ….

Sanskar stops and looks at her

Sanskar: actually I have some imp work in firm … So have to leave for firm and haan u both hv ur dinner and sleep coz it would’ve been late still I return back

Ragini nodes in unwillingly

Sara:but Dada…
Sanskar: (interrupts) Sara I will come back sweety don’t worry (smiles)
Sara:(smiles) okay….bye Dada
Sanskar: bye

He leaves from there


A dark room is shown … A girl was laying on a bed in unconscious state …. Her face is revealed she

The dark room door opens welcoming the brightness in the room …. A man is seen walking towards the bed where swara was laying…. He sits on bed and leans on swara … Touches her cheeks caressing it softly … He moves closer to her face and pecks her lips …. He lays on her … Hugging her tightly crushing his chest against her … Swara feels weight upon her Thus, she gets some sense and slowly opens her eyes only to get shock to see the man

“SANSKAR”? she whispers in shock

Sanskar lifts his head and looks at her with a smile … And pecks her lips

” u knw jaan … I kidnapped u ” said Sanskar hugging her tightly

Registering his words … Swara losts in a deep thoughts

* Flashback*

Swara was standing alone … She was feeling weak … Feeling pain as her love left her ….. Bt she thinks she was the one who was compelling him to leave her … There is no fault of him … Neither he nor she was at fault Bt it’s all abt destiny …. She thinks it’s k she can leave without her love ..her soulmate … Only for the happiness of her child … Their child …their daughter Sara

And makes up her mind to leave from here … Far very far from everyone … She gets determined and was abt to leave from there .. But as she steps forward … A car comes across her … Before she could say anything … She feels a white cloth on her nose … It’s seems chloroform to her …until she gets burr images and falls unconscious

*Flashback ends*

“Wat happen jaan ” he shakes her lil ..

She comes to sense and immediately pushes him angrily
He falls on the floor

“Why did u do this Sanskar “? asked swara in anger

” wat do u mean y did I do huh … Don’t u knw … Swara ” ? replied Sanskar in anger standing up from the floor

“I know Sanskar …? Bt think abt Sara … Sanskar …plzzzzz …. ” Swara’s words left incomplete

“Oh please stop it okay… I’m here for Sara only …. For her and mine happiness did u get … Sara loves her Ragini mumma and even I LOVE Ragini … U Shld know tat ” shouts sanskar in anger ?

{I know u guys r ready to beat me now??}

Swara gets shock as she registers his words in her mind … She wasn’t able to believe tat Sanskar can love any other girl
Leaving her

“(Tears)? Sanskar…. Wat r u saying ….u.. ” her words left incomplete

” yes I love Ragini … U knw in ur absence … Ragini took care of my Sara and me …. She always cared for sara like her real mother … Her thz nature made me fall for her …. Bt I didn’t wanted to accept it … I thought I love u Bt I was wrong i realised tat I love ragini ” shouts Sanskar in anger ?

“? Sanskar … Dekho u r angry on me I knw …Bt don’t say those words plzz it is stabbing my heart… I can’t beli….” Swara’s words left incomplete again

” ohh now u will tell u don’t believe and all …. So let me clear something … U know y did I kidnapped u … U knw ..y .. I kidnapped u coz I want to KILL you ” said Sanskar with a smirk

Swara looks at him in shock .. She matches her eyes to his eyes not believing him …. While he avoids his gaze ….

“Oh really” replied swara staring his face deeply

“Yes …Bt before killing u I want to tell Ragini abt it …. Coz I want her to accept me with all my crimes and goodness …let me call her ” he said maintaining his angry face …. And takes his Mobile from his pocket …. Was abt to dial a number …Bt Interrupts by a voice

“I’m already here Sanskar ji ” heard swasan … Both widens there eyes in surprise as they find ragini standing there with a happy smile

“Ragini u ..here ” asked Sanskar maintaining his shock face

” o actually Sanskar ji … Mike called me and said u r here with swara … ? I thought u will leave me ..so I came here to see wat going on …. ?? Bt now I’m soo happy … Sanskar ji .. I’m soo happy …knowing tat u love me ” said Ragini happily

“Yes Ragini u heard it rgt … So r u with me … I want to kill swara” said Sanskar with a smile

“Yes off course Sanskar ji” Ragini said happily ??

Swara looks on shock

“Ragini … U want to kill me … I’m ur frnd rgt …don’t u Remember we r childhood frnds Ragini ? ” asked swara in shock

“Frnds my foot Swara … U r not my frnd u r my foe … U always snatched everything from me … From childhood u snatched all my happiness …” ? shouts Ragini in anger

“Ragini wat r u saying … Y r u saying like thz ” asked swara in shock

” ?don’t be innocent swara …from childhood u used to get nice toys nice marks in class… Each & everything nice … All loved u and same happened in clg life … I used to LOVE Sanskar ji … We both were same class Bt u … U … Da day u entered in the clg … As my junior … U lured Sanskar ji … So he started loving u … And … U both got married … How can thz happen ( does like mad) … Thz can’t happen …. I love Sanskar ji .. And he is mine only mine rgt … Bt I knw tat love wasn’t true … My love is only true” said ragini with her red eyes

Swara gets shock + teary eyes hearing her … She looks at Sanskar who was still maintaining his angry face to her

” so … Ragini … Only coz u love Sanskar … Will u obey with him for killing me” asked swara transfering her gaze on Ragini

“Hahaha haha (laughs like a mad) … Before thz .. I already tried to kill u …Bt u got save ” ? replied Ragini in anger

“Wat u tried to kill me” asked swara in shock

“?Yes ….I tried to kill u …. U knw I was so sad and hated u for the core for snatching my Sanskar ji …. I was angry knowing tat u gave birth to a daughter … Tat day I came to the hospital to see u ..unwillingly coz of my parents
Tat time hated da day itself Bt the same day changed my sadness into happiness ” said Ragini


“Baby .. See our angel is same like u …so cute awww” said swara looking at Sara .. Who was in her arms

“No jaan …my angel is like my jaan ..beautiful … Lovely ” winks Sanskar ?

Swara blushes … Ragini who standing at a corner seeing all thz was burning in anger

“Hmm baby …take me to washroom na … I’m unable to walk” said swara with a pout

“Ohhk jaan … Apka hukom sar ankhon par ” ? replied Sanskar with a smile

Swara smiles back and looks at Ragini

“Ragini .. Can u plzz look ….” Her words left incomplete

“Arrey jaan … Offcourse Ragini will take care of our angel … Take Ragini” said Sanskar taking Sara from swara and handling her to Ragini …. Ragini smiles as Sanskar hand touches her hand … She nodes

Swasan smiles …. Sanskar lifts Swara in his arms and makes a way to washroom

While Ragini looks at sara … She was crying ….. Ragini wanted to throw her on the bed … Bt for Sanskar she makes him quite and smiles …. A lady who was cleaning the room smiles

” it is looking like u r only her real mother ” said the lady and leaves from there

Ragini registers her words in her mind …and lost into deep thoughts …. She thinks something and smirks evilly looking at Sara

*Flashback ends*

“Tat was then I got a idea to remove u from Sanskar ji’s life .. And me to marry Sanskar ji … From tat day I always used to take care of Sara .. I made her feel like only I’m her mother … I used to spend more time with her .. Tat she always loved to be with me …. Tat day also I only called her to come to my house coz I planned to kill u … When u both came to drop her in my house … I failed ur car breaks … Then after tat u knw wat happen rgt …hahaha ” she laughs evilly

” Bt Sanskar was also in the car rgt ” asked swara in painfull voice with teary eyes

“Haan Sanskar ji was also in the car … So tat only I waited behind the tree to which ur car got crashed …. After the accident I took him to hospital after pushing the car from there to down …. I thought u r dead … ?Bt I was wrong u got saved and came here yet again to snatch my Sanskar ji …Bt now see Sanskar ji itself loves me … Dekho …haha ” Ragini laughs evilly like a mad seeing tears in swara’s eyes

She looks at Sanskar and goes towards him …

“I love u Sanskar ji” she said with a smile and hugs him …..

Sanskar eyes turned red shot in blood …. He immediately pulled her back and gave a tight + hard slap …. Ragini looks on shock … While swara keeps quite


Precap: last part


Hi guys tanu here …..hope u all liked the epi ..

Thank u all
Love u all????

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