SwaSan! The Reason I Breath Is You!! {Part-3(A)}


Swara !!! He whispers in shock

His eyes filled with tears … While swara’s eyes was fixed on her duppata which she was rolling in her hand … She was looking emotionaless without any feeling .. He slowly makes her stand and touches her face not believing his eyes …. Tat is it real??? Or dream ???

{Abhi mujh mein kahin,
baaki thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi dhadkan nayi,
jaana zinda hoon main to abhi
Kuch aisi lagan }

(Still, somewhere inside me,
there is a little life remaining..
A new heartbeat came up,
I got to know that I am still alive..
Some such tenacity )

His eyes shines in happiness as he realises that it is real not any dream ..thz is his swara. .. His Swara standing in front of him like a innocent child … He touches her face lovingly while her eyes was still fixed on her duppata

Sanskar: JAAN!!!

He whispers lovingly …. Hearing his soft voice swara immediately lifts her head and looks at him with widen eyes ….as soon as her eyes falls on him ..all the flashes of their love …their marriage their moments comes to her mind. Her eyes filled with tears

{is lamhe mein hai
Yeh lamha kahaan tha mera
Ab hai saamne, ise chhoo loon zara
Mar jaaun ya jee loon zara
Khushiyaan choom loon
Ya ro loon zara
Mar jaaun ya jee loon zara}

(is there in this moment,
where was this moment of mine..
now it’s in front of me,
should I die or should I live a little..
should I kiss joys,
or should I cry a little,
should I die or live for a while..)

She slowly lifts her hand to touch his face …she touches his face.. It looked like a beautiful dream for her for which she always longed for … Tears were making a way from their eyes respectively

{Ho abhi mujh mein kahin,
baaki thodi si hai zindagi}

(Still somewhere inside me,
there is a little life remaining..)

As she realises it isn’t any dream … She starts caressing his shoulder ..chest ..neck with tears of happiness filled in her eyes a smile played on her lips…. While he was just staring her lovingly cupping her face b/w his palms .. Both were and wanted to feel each other in their own ways

“S..a…. ” she lifts her head and was abt to complete her sentence looking at him …but before she could do …the lady who was running behind her with stick comes there and holds her hand turning her towards her

“Today I will not leave u ? ” said the lady in anger

She lifts the stick and was abt to hit it on swara’s hand … But Sanskar who was viewing all thz gets shock seeing thz and immediately pulls Swara towards him by her wrist …. Thus, Swara hides behind him clutching his shirt tightly in her fist…

Sanskar looks back at swara and holds her hand makes her come front. …. He looks at her hands where there r soo many marks of stick belt etc …. His eyes filled with tears seeing his love’s condition

Lady:? sir u kindly move from here …thz girl is mental.. she won’t listen to me until she gets beating from me

Sanskar’s eyes turned red shot as he registered her words …. She beats his swara ..his love was the thing he thought and looked at her

Sanskar:? How dare u to even touch Her …do u know who is she … She is My wife … SANSKAR MAHESWARI’s wife …

Shouts Sanskar in anger … Lady gets shock and scared as well seeing his anger …

Lady:(fear) but …she is a mental…
Sanskar: (cuts off) ? just shut ur hell mouth and get the hell out from my sight …and haan ask Mr sharma to come here immediately

Shouts Sanskar in anger ..lady nodes in fear and runs from there

Sanskar turns and looks at swara …he feels so happy seeing his love his life his breath alive in front of him ….he cups her face …she looks at him in teary eyes holding his hands

” Sa…n…skar ” she said in a choked voice

His heart stared beating fastly hearing her sweet soft voice which he missed soo Much

“JAAN!!” He said with teary eyes and immediately hugs her .. She hugs him back … He hugs her so tightly literally crushing her against his chest ….while she rubs her nose against her shirt

Swara: BABY

She said lovingly … He feels so happy hearing tat word from her mouth. ..he releases the hug and looks at her

Sanskar: (tears) wat did u say??

He asked her to repeat it again as his heart was so desperate .. Perching hear tat word from her


She said so innocently obeying him. .. He feels so happy and hugs her tightly

Sanskar:where …were u ..jaan. . u know how much …I searched u .. Every where every night and day … I…thought …u ..r ..

His voice chocked not having courage to say further …. He tightens his grip more and more on her …

Swara:? I was lost …tat day after my accident …I found myself in the hospital Sanskar .. . after. . tat…I….

Sanskar releases the hugs as her voice chocked ….

Sanskar: (tears) wat happen jaan?? Tell me??

He said cupping her face lovingly

Swara:?Sanskar …they took me here in thz mental asylum … I was shouting …screaming tat I doesn’t belong to here … I’m not .. Any mental ….. I even asked them to…….to….to…call…u. .. Sanskar…. But no..one …listened to…me … They …..treated….me…badly .. Sanskar….they always beat me …

She said innocently with teary eyes …his heart pained as he registered her words ….his love his swara ..has gone through so much pain .. He feels ..his pain was nothing in front of her pain …

Sanskar?:I’m sorry jaan … U were suffering from soo much but I wasn’t there with u beside u … I’m so sorry …I’m soo bad

He apologises wiping her tearing …. She nodes her head in no wiping off his tears

Swara:?I know u would’ve suffered more than me … Coz u love me soo much na
Sanskar:(tears) haan jaan .. I love u ..I love u soo much

He confessed kissing all over her face …she smiles feeling his touch

Just then Mr Sharma comes there and gets surprised seeing them together

Mr Sharma:?Sanskar sir….

Hearing his voice Sanskar clears his tears and turns towards him
With his angry young man look

Sanskar: u know who is she ..

He asked pointing swara … Sharma looks on

Mr Sharma: she is a patient mentally unstable
Sanskar:? She is my wife …I’m taking her from here and most imp thing don’t think it’s a end. . . be careful … I will talk u latter .. Now I have to take my wife

He said in a dangerous tone .. Mr Sharma gupls in fear while Sanskar holds Swara holds

Sanskar: let’s leave jaan

Swara nodes with a smile. ..both leaves from there proudly


Precap: “thz lady shldnt stay in our house”

Hii guys tanu here .hope u all liked thz epi

Thank u all
Love u all???

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  1. Amazing

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    Update soon

  3. omg,,,,,,,,,,, Swara is normal ? huh! who sent her there ? tell Tanuuu.. tell meeeeeee

  4. nice epi dr

  5. awesome loved it.
    i think the precap is said by swasan’s daughter to swara or swara to ragini.
    anyways update soon eagerly waiting

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    Loved it..
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    N plz throw ragini out from swasanz life

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    Wow so nyc bt wat abt ragini. Ragini is nyc bt swara is the best.

  23. amazing…!! loved it…!! soo interesting…!!

  24. the first part i read by hearing the song
    my god it brought tears in my eyes

    but i think a part is still missing bz swara said she was lost after the accident and she was pregnant then what happened to that baby
    how was swara lost when she was inside the car
    who is sara
    how many years have passed after the accident
    why was ragini seeing sarees and jewelleries and then got sad
    why does she call sanskar as sanskar ji
    so many questions and no answer

    post soon if u are not busy
    i am surely loving this

    even my 10th exams are gonna start from march

    all the best di
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