SwaSan! The Reason I Breath Is You!! {Part-2}

********* PART-2********

Sanskar will be driving the car … A old man came across his car .. He puts a break ..Thus, a earing falls down from his pocket … He looks at the earing .. It was fully covered with dried blood and he gets lost in deep thoughts

Swasan will be going in the car

” jaanu look at me na .. I’m growing so fat day by day ” said swara pouting her lips

Sanskar smiles and kisses her pouts …

” jaan ..u r looking more s*xy to me sweetheart ” he whispered huskily against her ears

“Don’t lie” she said pouting ..

He smiles and goes closer to her face staring her romantically…just then Swara eyes falls on a small boy crossing the road ..

Swara:Sanskarrr ….look front (shock)

Sanskar looks front ..he tries to put the break ..but wasn’t able to so …

Sanskar:? Swara break…I thnk break is failed

Swara looks on shock ..he turns the accelerate ..both looks on shock as the car moves towards the tree and hits it ..

Swara: Sanskarrrrrrrr

She screams

Swaraaaaaaaa” screams Sanskar .. He was sweating badly in fear …he looks at the earing again….A drop of tear escapes his eyes


S&S Mansion

Ragini goes inside a room … She looks around and closes the door .. It is sanskar’s room ..

She slowly goes towards wardrobe …takes a key and opens it … Her jaw dropped down seeing beautiful saree’s filled in the wardrobe …. Her eyes filled with happiness …she touches each and every saree with happiness .. She also keeps on her and looks into mirror …she also looks at the jewellery of all kinds diamond, gold,platinum … With happiness filled eyes …she tries the Jewellery as well ….. But Soon something strikes her mind and her happiness turned Into sad …


Sanskar was still staring the earing with teary eyes …. Just then there was a call on his mobile … He looks at the caller I’d .. It was showing “Mike” .. He shakes his head and lifts the car

*on call*

Mike:good morning Sanskar sir ..
Sanskar: Morning Mike … Any prblm ..??
Mike:o actually sir .. Sunshine mental asylum where we used give charity…. Invited u to the opening ceremony of new building
Sanskar: hmm when it is …
Mike: today sir …if u can …
Sanskar: (cuts off) hmm okay I will leave for there

* call ends*

Hanging up the call ….he puts back the earing in his pocket … Starts the car and drives from there

Soon he stops his car near the …
Sunshine Mental asylum
As soon as he reached there …his heart started beating fastly

“Tere sang yaara” BG plays

He stepped inside the Asylum .. His heart started beating more fastly …he felt so familiar like someone close him is around him now .. So good

Sanskar: (mind) y I’m feeling so good ..so relax coming here

He askd confusedly to himself walking … He looks around and finds many mental or mad people’s playing , giggling , laughing …

He shakes his head and walks forward but stop in the track hearing avyell from his back

“Hey stop …stop running ” he hears a lady shouting at his back

He looks confused and turns only to see a lady is running behind a girl with a stick in her hand … While the girl is also running … Her face is covered with hairs
He was trying to see her face as he feels some connection and attraction towards the girl

The girl was coming towards him … While he was just lost in a deep thoughts staring the girl tat he doesn’t realises tat the girl would collied with him in any moment …… Whereas the girl fastly runs towards him … He stands still staring her in confusion ….Thus, the girl collides with him …she stumbles and was abt to fall … But at the rgt moment shocking Sanskar holds her by waist saving her from falling

As soon as her skin came into contact with his touch … He looks on shock realising the touch …he immediately looks at girl and takes of the fringes from her face ….he gets thunderstruck … Shock

Swara!!!! He whispers in shock


So guys …tanu here ..hope u all liked the epi

Thank u all
Love u all ??

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