SwaSan! The Reason I Breath Is You!! {Part-1}

Hi guys tanu here ..and thz a ts I.e (Three Shots) … Coz of my exams I’m taking a break … So thought to write a TS for my lovely frnds …hope u all like it ??


It is a beautiful morning filled with love for the lovely couple sleeping in each other embrace peacefully with a sweet and cute smile playing on their lips

The boy was sleeping on the girl hugging her tightly nuzzling his face in her neck holding her tightly …while the girl’s hands was placed on the boy’s back both were naked covered in a single duvet clearing stating their love making

The sun rays falls on the girl .. Disturbing her sleep she opens her eyes and looks at the boy sleeping like cute baby …. She smiles caressing his hairs

Girl: baby wake up it’s already 9… U have to leave for firm na
Boy:Jaan …let me sleep .. I’m feeling sleepy

He said hugging her tightly

Girl: Accha okay u sleep for sometime ….and let me leave
Boy: …u also sleep with me … Y should I leave u huh!
Girl: arrey I want to make breakfast for my baby na
Boy:but ur baby doesn’t need breakfast ..he needs his jaan

He said biting her cheeks

Girl: aouch ….SANSKAR .. Get up

She said irritatingly … Sanskar gets angry as he registers her words in his mind and gets up from her …throws himself on the other side of bed angrily … The girl bites her tounge realising wat she just said … She looks at Sanskar who’s back was facing her …she goes closer to him and back hugs him

Girl: baby ..
Sanskar’: SWARA ..u go I’m not any baby ..I’m Sanskar rgt leave me

Swara:arrey sorry na … Last time maaf kardo after thz I won’t call u Sanskar

She said hugging him tightly

Sanskar: pakka na ..
Swara: haan baba pakka

Sanskar’ smiles and hugs her back with

Sanskar: but punishment tho banta Hai ?

He winks at her ..swara blushes while he covers them with the duvet

Suddenly a boy gets up from the sleep …he was sweating badly .. His hands was shivering in some fear….

~~ baby , jaan, jaanu, Swara , Sanskar ~~ all thz was playing in his mind yup the above thing was his dream …which he dreamt ..or he was remincing some past … All the words started spinning in his mind .. He wasn’t able to hold thz …he clutched his ears tightly and screamed out

Boy: swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Just then he hears a soft voice of a small girl standing at the door

Girl: ?Dad …wat happen

He looks at the small girl .. And gets relax …

Dad:nothing Sara (?)
Sara:but…y did u screamed
Dad:hmm u leave all thz ..go get ready …u have to leave for school na
Sara; haan Dad … mumma made me ready look I’m Wearing uniform

Dad looks at her and slightly smiles

Dad;Accha ..tho let me get ready
Sara:(smiles) hmm okay

Sara leaves from there ..while dad gets ready …dressed in a black tuxedo ..he comes out of the room and finds a girl setting the breakfast on the table … And Sara sitting on the chair having the breakfast

Sara:umm mumma it’s awesome ..umm yummy yummy
Girl: (smiles) thank u my Sara muuhhh

She kisses Sara’s cheeks ..Sara smiles while dad who was looking at them … Walks towards them and sits on the chair beside Sara … The girl looks at him and smiles

Girl: SANSKAR ji ur breakfast

Said the girl..keeping the bitter gourd fry in sanskar’s plate .. As soon as sanskar’s eyes falls on it … He losts into deep thoughts


Sanskar was abt to eat bitter gourd fry ..but just then swara comes and holds his hand not Letting him to eat

Swara:baby wat r u eating .. Don’t have thz ..eww ..u know it will taste so bitter …so don’t have thz .. I will make alo parata u have tat okay

Sanskar smiles seeing her care and pulls her closer to him

Sanskar: but I already had a lil .. It’s really a bitter … I want sweet now ..so let me take my sweet from u ?

He caressing her lips romantically …swara blushes .. Soon both shares a sweet kiss


Sanskar comes to sense as Sara shakes him

Sara:dad …dad…wat happen

Sanskar looks at her

Sanskar; nothing ..u eat ur breakfast ..I have to leave now
Girl;but ur breakfast …
Sanskar: I don’t want RAGINI

He said maintaining his angry young man face …ragini feels sad but keeps quite …while Sanskar leaves from there … Sara looks at ragini and hugs her

Sara:don’t me sad mumma ..
Ragini: (nodes & smiles) hmm okay


A huge room is shown where there r many people dressed in a white clothes and there r many beds kept around the room as well …

A girl dressed in a white chudidar was sitting on a bed emotionalessly…. Her face was looking pale and tiered … Tears marks on her cheeks a perfect example for lifeless alive body

Some other women were sitting on the other side of the bed …was laughing …giggling and talking … Suddenly their eyes falls on the girl sitting emotionalessly

Women’s:hey …Hahaha … Wat is ur…name ….Hahaha wat is her name chino… Mino…tino

She said to other woman ..they laughs like mad …a woman interrupts

Woman:Hahaha look at her baatch …
Woman 2:Haan something is written

She said looking at the batch ..on the girl’s dupatta

Woman 1: haha wait I will read .. I’m intelligent na … (She reads) S…W….A…R…A

All womens laughs loudly … While swara was still sitting emotionalessly


Guys don’t beat me for ragini and all ? …u know ..I know ..bro-sis they r …??

Thank u all
Love u all ???

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  1. Tanu dear so nice yaar but why ragini? Tanu u remember me I am the one who waiting for ur fb friend request very long yaar means azra anin schehrazade remember? All the best for ur exams and after exam come with my favourite ff I love u and love u too dear

    1. Feriha_Tanu

      Hey ..dear …I remember u .. I tried to snd u request as well but wasn’t able to do so Yaar … If u can u snd me .. If u didn’t find my I’d ..u check in Goldie di or neha di ki frnds list …u might their frnd rgt

  2. sad but nice epi dr n thank u 4 writing

  3. Raina_Riz

    Interesting…nd amazing

  4. Rj12

    Wow amazing as usual??
    I knew it was u by the title? Loved all ur ffs ?

  5. Interesting

  6. Yuppp Tanuuu !! i was about to leave after reading word Ragini but when at last u said BRO-SIS.. hahahh m feeling nice now.. ! RAG——–SAN r always BRO-SIS.. (wish to see them celebrating Raksha Bandhan)..
    it’s interesting.continue soon dear..
    Thnk u. ;-*

    1. Kakali I m with u I also want to see them celebrating raksha bandhan ????? kitna acca hoga dekhne mai

      1. Exactly Tanuuuuuja !!. They r born BRO-SIS.. hahah i dun care if anyone bash me for this.. Rag——————————————-San best bro-sis ever..

      2. Feriha_Tanu

        Oh hello rahi …more than u both I’m waiting u knw rgt ??

  7. di what is this
    swara in mental asylum
    sanskar and ragini!!!!!!!!!!
    and why so sad sad but i am loving it

    take care di
    all the best for exams

  8. Rachna

    Awsm ….oved it

  9. Soujanya

    Awesome… Interesting

  10. Simi

    Its good u already said that rag_san r bro_sis…
    Awesome dear

  11. Anurta

    Interesting and…..Amazing
    Post next part soon
    Best of luck for ur exams

  12. interesting?and thanku for clarifying about rag___________________san?

  13. Tanu di it was awesome
    And why ragini??
    Ragsan look like bro and sis
    They should celebrate rakshabandhan?
    Plz give me link of ur ff yaar…

  14. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Awesome n interesting
    Update soon
    All best fr ur xam ??

  15. awesome .nice concept .plzz unite swasan soon.can’t bear ragsan even for a minute

  16. Amazing ??????

  17. Mumpi

    amazing!!! bt where is swara is dat mental asylem?

  18. Interesting dear..
    But me too was to drop the idea of reading this after that ragini word.. I’m happy, u already said that they r like bro & sis..
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt part dear.

  19. Abirsha

    Awesome dr…. I think swara is jail…. May be ragini is her sister and she told her to marry Sanskar for the sake of their child…. Continue soon….

  20. Shibil

    Amazing !!!….thanx for rag-san relationship sis – bro….wt happen to swara…..unite swasan soon ….

  21. Interesting..continue soon..tc..

  22. Scooby


  23. SNY

    Amazing dr…
    Nxt one soon..

  24. Arshaanya

    Wat u made rag____san married ????
    Can’t bear dem for sec yr
    Swara in mental asylum ?? wat hpnd to her??
    Post nxt part ASAP


  26. Mind blowing

  27. Vyshu10

    nice….bring swara out fast…rag san ewww

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