SwaSan! The Reason I Breath Is You!! {EPILOGUE}


Sanskar will be sitting in the car waiting for swara and Sara

swara and Sara comes there hand in hand smiling happily … they looks at sanskar and smiles walking towards the car

“Sara come sit here” said sanskar opening the front door of car gesturing her to sit beside him avoiding swara

Sara looks at him and transfers her gaze on swara … swara smiles

” sweety u sit here … i will sit at the back seat”said swara with a smile

“No mumma u sit here… I will sit at the back seat ” replied Sara

“arrey …sweety ..” said swara as Sara pushes her inside the car making her sit in front seat … in thz process swara keeps her hand on sanskar’s hand … feeling her touch angry sanskar looks at her … she also looks back … their eyes meet …. they keeps staring each other …lost in each other … they had a eye lock filled with the mixture of love and pain

Sara giggles seeing them lost

“hehehe ..mumma ..Dada …hehehe ” Sara shakes swara

Swasan comes to sense hearing her giggle …. they looks at Sara and again looks at each other … sanskar looks at their hands … he remincies her words to him “Love happens again” he clenched his eyes tightly as those words was lingering in his mind and jerks his hand in anger … swara looks at him sadly … he avoids her and looks away in anger .. Swara feels sad seeing his anger

“Sara take ur seat” said sanskar still in anger looking straight avoiding swara

“Okay Dada” replied Sara with a smile
opens the back door of the car … and sit at back seat

sanskar takes a sigh and starts the car …..soon they leaves from there


S&S Mansion

Swasan’s Room

Sanskar will be sitting on the bed … staring his laptop.. busy in work

“mumma come here ..mumma I will show u a thing ” said Sara dragging swara inside the room …

“aww my sweety … wats the thing show me fast” replied swara with a smile as they stands before the wardrobe

“mumma open thz wardrobe na … I’m soo short na I can’t open na”said Sara cutely

“hehehe as u say my cutie pie ” said swara … & giggles seeing Sara’s cuteness and pulls her cheeks .. sara smiles seeing swara’s happy face

swara opens the wardrobe and finds it the same as she left … all the clothes .. everything was kept in the same way same place as she used to keep … she turns and looks at sanskar who was looking at her from the corner of his eyes …. she smiles with teary eyes seeing his love for her …

“mumma u know … Dada never allowed any servant or anyone to touch ur clothes … he himself used to clean the wardrobe…. bt mumma .. dada didn’t scold me when i used to touch ur clothes heheheh ….Dada loves me so much na hehehe” Sara said b/w her giggle …

“yes sweety .. ur Dada is best he loves us so much ” said swara with a smile looking at sanskar … sanskar avoids her and fixes his eyes on his lappy

swara keeps staring him lovingly

“mumma take out tat packet ” Sara shakes swara making her to come back to her sense …. swara comes to sense and looks at Sara who was pointing a packet kept in the wardrobe …..

“okay sweety”swara nodes with a smile and takes the packet from the wardrobe and gives it to Sara
Sara happily takes the packet

“mumma come….sit here” said Sara
dragging swara towards the bed holding her hand .. making her sit on the bed while swara looks on questionly … Sara smiles and takes out a beautiful Saree from the packet and gives it to swara… while swara gives a confused look

“Saree”swara mumbled in confusion not knowing whoz saree is thz coz she never had a saree of thz design

“u knw mumma once me and Dada had been to shopping there I loved thz saree soo much but I’m small na thz saree won’t fit me na ..so I asked dada to take thz saree for u ..so tat u can wear thz saree when u will u come back to us”said sara happily

swara smiles and caresses her face lovingly she missed her daughter!! she missed a mother-daughter bond !!… which she thought she wouldn’t get in her life !! she thought her daughter never loved her !! will never consider her as her mother but nothing was like tat!! her daughter loved her!! she always consider her as mother … and the reason behind thz is only her love her sanskar !!!

she smiles at her daughter before transferring her gaze on sanskar who was seriously busy in his work By now she smiles and again looks at Sara

“so my sweety wants her mumma to wear thz saree ..hmm” asked swara kissing Sara’s cheeks

“yes mumma” Sara replied instantly and happily ??

“okay .. then let me change sweety ” said swara pulling Sara’s cheeks

“okay mumma” replied Sara kissing her cheeks

she smiles taking the packet in her hand ! and heads towards the washroom !!


After sometime swara come’s out of the washroom ! Sara widens her eyes and mouth cutely ! while sanskar as usual was indulge in his work! swara looks at Sara’s expression and giggles
“hehehe ! wat happen! sweety!!” asked swara sitting beside her on the bed

“awwww mumma Dada is rgt u r soo beautiful and cute like me”said Sara pressing swara’s cute nose …

“hahaha .. u know u r naughty like ur dada” said swara b/w her laugh caressing Sara’s hairs … Sara laughs as well

whereas her statement made him to lifts his head only to have a glance of her ! bt his eyes got struck widen as it falls on his love! who was looking so mesmerizing to him dressed in a peach saree which is hardly covering her milky waist and back ! her wet hairs made him gulp instantly as the water droplets from her hairs made a way to her bulges!!! she was looking so beautiful to him without any make over ! he always admits she is the example for a natural beauty!!

Swara feels his gaze on her ! she turns towards him and stretches her lips in a sweet-cute smile ! he comes to sense as he realises how long he was staring her ! he looks at her smile in which he always wanted to melt but then looks always adamantly not giving up easily !! she feels sad seeing him avoiding her!!

“mumma I want to show u something” said Sara shaking swara making her to come back to her sense ! she comes to her sense and smiles looking at Sara!!

“aww is there something more my sweety wants to show me” asked swara pulling Sara’s cheeks

“hmm o mumma hmmm (thinks) Ahh!! i kept the thing in my room ! wait I will get it from there”! replied sara instantly and runs from there hastily

“arrey sweety ….” swara’s words left incomplete as Sara had already left the room ! she shakes her head with a cute smile just then her eyes caught her mangalsutar and vermilion which was kept on the closet she realises tat she hadn’t wore it still! she smiles walking towards the closet and takes the mangalsutar and vermilion box in her hand ! And transfers her gaze on sanskar who was observing her each and every action through the corner of his eyes and pretending to be busy in his work!

she shakes her head walking towards him ! he notices thz and fixed his eyes on his lappy’s screen!

“Sanskar”she mumbled cutely sitting beside him
he just ignores her and pretends to be busy ! she gets sad

“Sanskar sorry na plzz maaf kardo na” she said cutely playing with his sleeves
which was making him hard to ignore her bt still he avoids her not replying her!

“hmm? accha so u don’t want to forgive me so easily hmm okay bt at least make me wears thz please” mumbled swara pointing mangalsutar and vermilion ! he looked through the corner of his eyes and stared it for sometime but again transfers his gaze on the Lappy’s screen

“wat is the meaning of those things” he asked looking straight with angry tone

“Sanskar thz 2things r symbol of our marriage don’t u know”swara replied happily finally hearing his voice

“Marriage huh!! (looks at her) sometimes before someone didn’t wanted to stay in thz Marriage rgt” he taunts her indirectly looking deep into her eyes

“Sanskar I’m sorry I know I was wrong but…” her words left incomplete as Sanskar interrupts

“u were wrong u shld be sorry for tat and I have the rgt not to forgive u” said sanskar looking away in anger

“Sanskar I’m sorry na plzzz itna gussa mat karo”said swara trying to palm his face but he jerks her hand

“Leave me alone like u wanted to do sometime before ” ?? taunts sanskar angrily ! she pouts seeing his anger

“Sanskar … ” her words left incomplete as sanskar interrupts her

“?just leave me alone “he literally shouts pushing her a lil she stumbles and was abt to fall from the bed

“Swaraaa” he mumbled loudly with widen eyes and caught her wrist and pulls her on his chest saving her from falling down

“Aahhhh” she closed her eyes tightly

“Swara” he whispered softly ! she opens her eyes hearing his soft voice and instantly pulls back feeling herself on his chest ! he was abt to say something but his words strucked in his throth as she kept her palms on her face and started crying loudly making sounds like a baby

he squinted his eyes shaking his head
“Ahh! tantrums”he murmurs irritatingly he looks at her wanting to ignore her bt he can’t ignore her he knows ! he shakes his head accepting his defeat and moved closer to her

“Swara … don’t cry look at me” said sanskar making her to look at him by cupping her face ! she looked at him and cried more loudly!

“Aahhhhahh!!! u r bad sanskar u r very bad u pushed me wat if I would’ve fallen and got hurt how can u push me u r bad”said swara cutely rubbing her red nose ! his lips curved into a cute smile seeing her cute antiques which like always didn’t let him to stay angry with her for a long time!

she looks at his smile and smiles back happily but he looks away ignorning her ! she pouts but thinks something and smiles brightly! she looks at him moving closer to him !

“make me wear thz BABY ” swara whispers in his ears pointing to mangalsutar and vermilion ! he smiles registering her words ! he feels so loved and happy when she address him by that word! he shakes his head with a cute smile and looks at her!! she winks at her! he pulls her closer to him and nuzzles his nose with hers caressing her soft cheeks ! he smiles

“I’m sorry I will never say those words again which hurts u ” she apologies cutely ! he smiles and bites her cheeks

“aouch..Sanskar yeh kya tha” swara said rubbing her cheeks in pain

“Ahh!! tat wasn’t even a trailer”he whispered huskily against her ears

“?wat do u mean” she asked instantly “I mean the flim shouldn’t be short rgt instead it should be leennnnnnggghtty rgt”?he stretches the word winking at her she windens her eyes in shock ?

“?sanskar leave me ” she said with widen eyes ! he chuckles
“this is. the only thing I can’t do JAAN” he replied nuzzling his nose against her soft cheeks which turned into red due to her blush ! he caresses his beared cheeks against her soft cheeks holding her closer to him by her waist while she fists his collar closer to her and closes her eyes feeling his touch

“mumma” they hears Sara’s voice making them to come back to their sense! they widens their eyes looking at each other ! they were sitting so close to each other !

“mumma dekho I got it ” they again hears Sara’s voice ! swara immediately left his collar and moves lil backwards

“Aaaa Sweety”she said turning towards Sara who just entered the room and looks confused seeing swara’s tensed face while sanskar chuckles

“wat happen u r looking tensed” asked Sara innocently walking towards her

“Aaa…no-thi-ng s-we-ety I’m not tens-ed” she fumbles ! Sanskar chuckles more seeing her cute tensed face while she glares at him and turns only to see Sara’s confused face

“Sara u wanted to show something rgt” swara diverts the topic while Sara smiles brightly as she realises wat she wanted to show her mom

“haan yes mumma … take thz” she said giving her a paper ! swara looks at the paper in which a seketch of family was drawn which looks a kind of their family cute and sweet

“wat is thz Sara”asked swara questionly yet with her cute smile

“mumma this is me , this is u and this is dada” Sara replied happily pointing the characters respectively ! swara smiles seeing the sketch it looked so cute to her!

“awww did my sweety sketched thz ” asked Swara smiling cutely

“yup mumma mene hi kiya did u liked it”asked sara in a happy tone

“it is so beautiful I loved it so much my sweety ” replied swara hugging Sara ! Sara hugs back with a smile ! sanskar who was viewing their bond smiles

“Aaah! Sweety so bad since ur mumma came u completly frgt abt ur Dada ..hmm” sanskar said with a fake anger

“nah nah dada I’m a good girl I didn’t frgt u wait I will show u as well” replied Sara jumping on the bed! sits in sanskar’s lap ! swasan smiles seeing her cute antiques ! Sara cutely explains showing the paper to sanskar while sanskar listens to her cute talks carefully ! whereas swara keeps on admiring them their bond with a smile ! Sanskar feels her gaze on them thus, he lifts his head and looks at her raising his eyebrows ! she shakes her head and smiles he smiles back !

“Ahhhhh!! I’m feeling sleepy….. mumma make me sleep ” Sara yawns falling on sanskar’s chest

“hahaha.. okay my sweety”replies swara with a smiles and takes Sara from sanskar and makes her sleep on the bed and caresses her hairs lovingly while Sanskar keeps admiring his lovely wife with a cute smile

“mumma u also sleep beside me” said Sara holding swara’s hand ! swara nodes with a smile and sleep beside her ! pecks her forehead and keeps caressing her hairs lovingly soon Sara dozes off ! Sanskar who was still admiring them with a cute smiles ! Sleeps beside swara her back was facing him ! he smiles looking at her long hairs which was still wet and moves closer to her

“Aah! She slept ..hmm”he asked hugging her from back ! placing his chin on her shoulder

“Haan!!” she replies with a smile

“Make me sleep as well Jaan” he said huskily kissing her nape

“Sanskar … u r still the same shameless like before.. have some shame sweety is sleeping here only and tum ho ki huh!” she replied in a fake angry tone

“If u r still the same tempting and irresistible like before .. than how can I change my shamelessness”he whisphers huskily against her ears and kisses her earlobes ! a shiver runs down her spin when his lips came in contact with her skin after so long time

“Sanskar please … Sara is sleeping” swara whispers in low tone trying to free herself from his grip

“Swara get up ” he instantly pulls her up making her to fall on his chest ! she looks on shocked and suprised by his sudden reaction

“wat happen sanskar”she said sitting properly on the bed
“Nothing come with me ” he replied holding her hand and dragging her out of the bed
“Arrey …arrey wat happen to u all of a sudden” she said as he takes the mangalsutar and vermilion box before dragging her from there


he drags her towards the temple in the mansion while she was looking at him confusedly

“Jaan u wanted me to make u wear this rgt ” he asked pointing towards the mangalsutar and vermilion box ! Standing in front of the idol ! she realized for wat he dragged her here and smiles with a node

“yes sanskar” she mumbles
“then let me full fill ur wish jaan” he said pulling her closer to him by her waist

“haan do it who stopped u huh!” she replied encircling her hands around his neck ! he smiles and frees her from his hold and takes the mangalsutar closer to her neck before taking a glance of it he ties it around her neck while she keeps smiling staring him lovingly ! he takes a pinch of vermilion and fills her hairline ! She closes her eyes to feel his act of marking her as his!

“Jaan (she opens her eyes hearing his soft voice & looks at him) standing in front of them (he points idol) ur fav friend (chuckles) ! tieing thz holy thread to u and filling ur hairline by my name (points mangalsutar & vermilion respectively) ! Marking u once again as mine which u was , is,and will always remain ! I want to promise u the thing which I always used to promise u tat I will never leave u no matter wat the situations will be I will always be ur side holding u proctecting u cause ! THE REASON I BREATH IS YOU ! the years , months , days , hours , minutes, seconds I spend without u in ur absense was like I was living my life but in the absence of my breath ! I know I was breathing all thz days is only cause u were breathing! …… hmm I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU till a word exist after infinity” he confessed cupping her face looking deep into her eyes with all his rights and love towards her !

while her eyes welled up in tears seeing the love of the Man standing in front her who loves her more than his world who is her man only hers !!

“Love u more baby ” she replied placing her head on his chest

“No I love u moreee…do u want to see how much I love u “he asked winking at her she realises his intentions and pushes him a lil controlling her blush! she was abt to leave but he holds her wrist not letting her to do so

“Sanskar … sara is sleeping alone” she almost whispers ! he chuckles keeping his other hand in his pocket ! he pulls her closer to him such tat her back crushes his hard tone chest

“don’t worry Lincy (maid) will take care of sweety” he husked
“but sanskar …. ” her words left incomplete as he frees her from his hold ! she turns and looks at him questionly

“u r changed swara ….u r soo changed u r not my swara …my swara who knows me very well who knows wat I wanted to be called by u ! and tum ho ki…. huh!okay u can leave ” he said in a upset tone and leaves from there

“arrey rukho …” her words left incomplete as he already left from there ! she hits her head and shakes his head with a smile

“My cute pagal” she smiles


* A Room *

sanskar will be standing near the window busy checking some mails in his Mobile just then he felt a soft hand on his chest ! he realises the person who was hugging him from back and jerks of the hands from his chest

“Swara … wat r u doing here” asked sanskar in upset tone

(yes it is swara ?)

“awww my baby is angry on me ” she moving in front of him ! encircling her hands around his neck ! he closed his eyes in anger not wanting to see her ! he jersk her and was abt to walk away but she holds his wrist and moves closer to him with a smile yet again stands in front of him

“Swara….” his words left incomplete as she immediately grabs him fisting his collar and smashes her soft lips on his rough lips he widens his eyes in shock cause of her sudden action but then smiles while she keeps on smooching he sneaks his hand around her waist and pulls her closer to him ….and was abt to reciprocats the kiss but she pulls back before he can do so

“u will never change before I can say anything u left huh! I wanted tell u tat I will infrom maid to take care of Sara but tum ho ki …. uff bahut bolte ho tum” she said huskily rubbing his lower lips seductively while he smile

“ohh is tat so” he asked pulling her closer to him by her waist raising his eyebrows

“yes baby” she replied nuzzling her nose against his ! he smiles and kisses her cheeks

“u don’t know how much i missed u Jaan u don’t know” he said kissing at corner of her lips she smiles fisting his collar

“how much baby? show me” said swara huskily against his ears ! he smiles

“Ahh! sure jaan” he replied huskily

pulls her more closer to him before placing his rough lips on her soft rosey lips ! he palms her face she fists his collar and gets guled to each other ! he suckles her soft lips and drinks the water of her lips ! she smiles b/w the kiss enjoying and feeling the touch of her love after so long time ! she missed him like he missed her ! he was pouring all his desire for her in tat one kiss the desire which he always had only for his love his swara ! which he controlled all thz years!she opens her mouth inviting him he smiles and enters his tongue into her mouth ! their tongues interwinds with each other tasting the sweet essence of each others mouth they keeps kissing
each other until they was out of breath ! they broke the kiss and looks at each other with desire filled eyes


******* MATURE CONTENT ********

{my kiddo friends plzz don’t read it }

“I Love you”she whisper leaving her soft breath on his lips

he smiles caressing her face sensuously yet romantically
and takes her in his arms before walking towards the bed while she just keeps admiring him with a cute smile

He gently places her on the bed and comes on the top of her

“I Love u more”he confessed placing his rough lips on her forehead while she closes her eyes he pecks her forehead like a real Man before kissing her on her eyes ! he kisses at the either side of her cheeks which turned red cause of her blush her eyes was still closed ! he dugs his face in her neck placing soft kisses over there drinking the wetness on her neck ! he bites her neck making her to moan in pleasure clutching his shirt

her hands reached inside his shirt ! she keeps caressing his hard tone bare chest sensuously yet passionately while moaning in pleasure as he bites and suckes her soft skin all over her neck ! she arches her head giving him more access ! his hands reached to her saree pallu he unpins it making it fall from her upper part ! her cuvers was slightly visible to him from above her blouse ! he looks at her with his desired full eyes and leans more towards her who’s eyes was still closed ! she was breathing heavily still caressing his bare chest ! he smiles and places his lips on her bulges kissing it while she hissed tightening her grip on him pressing him more on her ! he places a soft kisses on her bosom abover her blouse tracing his lips down to her belly ! he kisses her soft milky belly nibbling her soft skin ! he suckles her Naval ! she moans in pleasure her hands reached to his hairs ! she fist his hairs and press him more on her ! he moves upwards

his hands reached to her back he pulls her up closer to him she instantly opens her eyes only to find him staring her … there eyes met leading to a romantic eyelock b/w them ! she bends a lil places her lips on her neck !
she kisses , sucks and bites his skin
all over his neck and hard tone bare chest …playing with his shirts button she removes her shirt while he removes the string of her blouse ! she instantly hugs him tightly ! he smiles
and slids the sleeves from her shoulder and places his lips on her bare skin ! he kisses her bare shoulders still hugging her ! he removes her blouse and breaks the hug before dugging his face in her bare curves ! he kneads her one bare bosom while sucking and biting her other bosom ! she closes her eyes and moans in pleasure clutching his hairs pressing him more on her ! while he keeps sucking and biting her skin soon both were fully naked still kissing and biting each other

“umm…Baby … plzz stop it I want u ” she whisper breathing heavily
“okay My Jaan” he whisphers huskily

before placing his lips on her soft pink lips ! he enter into her she moans in pleasure ! they made love still kissing each other passionately


“Having a rough time !
Being away from your love for a long time !
Place ur hand on ur heart, Feel tat!
its called purpose!
Don’t give up”


The End


Hey guys Tanu here hope u all liked thz Epilogue thank u all????

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