SwaSan realization few shots shot 2

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@ office,
The words when stiked her ears she felt utter shocked she tried to free her self from his clutch but his grip is too strong to free
Sanskar (after silence):I am sorry if I hurt you Swara but….
Sankar released her
Swara slapped Sankar : (angry) What you think of yourself ha?? What are you trying to prove….
Sanskar:(cut her) Swara I really just love you so much that I can’t even think to live without you..
every time I saw you I have falling for you more and more”
Swara:(in utter disappointment) Sanskar..It is not love …Sanskar I can’t even imagine it I can’t let it go
saying so she left running from there Sanskar felt sad and displeased but he never let it over power his feelings.He called her many times but she did not attend any of them He then began to come her house daily to talk to her but she never spoke to him.
Like this,these two months passed and the day of her marriage came.
@ Swara house ,
marriage preparation were on swing.Sanskar came to her house and went to meet Swara in her room by the permission of her elders .

@ Swara’s room:
Swara was sitting in front of the mirror wearing beautiful bridal dress looking gorgeous.

Swara POV:
“I am getting married with someone I don’t know.I don’t have any feelings for him.and Sanskar What about him??
her mind says he is just your friend nothing else.
her heart says he is not just a friend he is more than that…but what about him what he will think of you ??…
her mind says Sanskar will forget you after sometime he is now taking it serious but here is nothing to worry about just relax your self you are thinking too much about it just leave it and by the way its your marriage day so think positive”
Swara was engrossed in her thoughts when the door knocked and broked her thoughts..
Swara:come in

Sanskar came in the room Swara stood up in shock as she thought that he will not come in her marriage and he was looking hell like angry .Sanskar was lost in her beauty.
Swara:(in a shocked state) Sanskar…you…you here
Sanskar:(coming out of his world) ha Swara me oh! now I understand you were expecting that bastard
Swara: (gulped her saliva) Sanskar behave…behave your self till now I was quit just because you are my friend and I don’t want to lose such a beautiful friendship …but now I can’t keep quit .
Sanskar came close to her and she kept pacing backward till she reached nearby wall. Sanskar caged her in between his both arms.Swara was hell scared as she never watch him like this much angry.
Sanskar: why are you doing this Swara why??
Swara: (controlling her tears) Sanskar….I… I am not doing any thing to you.
Sanskar pulled her arm drawing her more closer
Sanskar: why are you marrying that blo*dy cheaper.
Swara: ( not able to bear the intimacy but composing herself) he is not any cheaper but Sahil …Sahil Khurrana take his name with full respect as needed as he is my would be husband.

as soon as the words stroke him Sanskar was boiled in anger and by pulling her more closer said
Sanskar: Don’t take his name in front of me or else I will lose my control.
Swara this time can’t bear the pain.the pain was now oozing out from her eyes in the form of fresh hot tears.
Swara in pain: its…. its..its hurting Sanskar
Sanskar felt extreme pain seeing her tears he immediately left her and wiped her tears.
Sanskar ( in a low voice): I am sorry Swara I really don’t want to hurt you but I can’t see you getting married to someone I can’t see…
he made his way out but he came to her and said: “I know you love me Swara I know but you aren’t realizing it….but one day I am sure you will realize it .I am afraid that it would be too late Swara.”

Precap: Swara realization

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