Swasan + ragsan os (same story)

Bin roya sorry for late update and haan its os of same story
IThe story revolves around swara Shakher godabia , who is in love with her cousin sanskar . But he treats her like his best friend, not a love interest. Sanskar then leaves for the US for two years, where he meets ragini Shakher godabia , who is his cousin and falls in love with her.ragini is Swara’s elder sister, and she was given to her aunt and uncle as a child. Ragini’s adoptive parents die in a plane crash which was headed to Germany, and sanskar brings her back to india. Upon learning she has an elder sister, Swara is at first overjoyed, but her happiness quickly turns to disdain when she finds out that sanskar and ragini are in love and are to be married. In a moment of shock and despair after witnessing their marriage and realizing sanskar is now ragini’s, Swara wishes that ragini had died along with her adoptive parents in the plane crash. But she manages to get on with life, though a part of her has lost its spark.

Ragini and sanskar live in the US after their marriage. Upon hearing ragini is pregnant, Swara’s parents force her to be by ragini’s side. Being discreet about her love, swara is mad that ragini loves sanskar and vice versa. After ragini and sanskar insisting Swara agrees to attend a friends party, this is where she accidentally breaks sahil’s glass. Sahil develops an infatuation with the reserved Swara. He visits sanskar’s home many times only to see Swara. Sanskar identifies that sahil has the hots for Saba. Sanskar tries to ask Swara if she loves him (sahil) but in the spur of the moment she lashes out at him and tells him her love life shouldn’t concern him. Meanwhile, ragini is having pregnancy problems. Ragini soon delivers a baby boy whom she names rohan. Ragini and sanskar return to india for rohan’s first birthday, ragini, while swara and rohan are playing outside in the rain realises that swara has loved sanskar all along and starts to feel guilt. On the day of rohan’s birthday sanskar, ragini and Swara go to the mall. Sanskar goes inside the mall whereas Swara and ragini stay in the car. Ragini sees flowers that she really like, she goes out to get them despite Swara telling her that sanskar can get them. On the way back to the car ragini collides with a car. Swara and sanskar take ragini to the hospital by ambulance. In the ambulance ragini apologises to Swara and tells her the sanskar and rohan are both hers. Ragini dies in the hospital. Swara starts to feel guilty as she feels ragini dies because she cursed ragini on the day of ragini and sanskar’s wedding.Everything gets normal and Swara marries lucky . On the day of wedding in night lucky tells Swara about her first wedding with sonia and says her to tell it to her family but Swara refuses as she dont want to get divorce . After some days lucky went back to America . Sonia was very angry and lucky also gets angry but when Sonia tells lucky that they are going to have a baby lucky calms down . Time passes and Sonia gives birth to a baby girl . Sanskar was suspicious about lucky’s personality so he visits him in America and finds out about lucky first wife Sonia . When he comes back he tells this to Swara ‘s father and he starts to cry . Everyone get to know about it and lucky gives divorce to Swara to save his and Sonia ‘s relationship . Swara’s life turn out to be hell and she blames sanskar for everything . Sanskar marries Swara but Swara didnt accepted him as her husband . She agreed for this wedding because of her grandmother . She didn’t behave well with sanskar . She acts like an abnormal person . She was always upset and was tired of her life . Sanskar said Swara to pretend to be happy with me and i will be agreed with whatever you say . She agrees . They went to take breakfast and her grandmother says sanskar to take swara along with him to America he agrees and they went to America . Sanskar promises Swara that he will be back from his office soon but unfortunately a road accident occurs in which sanskar gets injured . When Swara gets to know about it she starts to cry and after sometime sanskar comes back to home and he was healed .sanskar gets to know about everything that happened in past and that Swara loves him . At end Swara is happy with sanskar because sanskar proposes her in romantic way and they live happily ever after with rohan……
One sided love also wins

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    Awesome one….loved it!!!!felt sad as rags died…bt u have written it reallly well?…keep rockng n stay blessed dr?????????

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  4. nice dear..poor ragini

  5. One sided love always wins in stories not in real life.
    Nice part

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