SwaSan-RagLak’s Incomplete Love Story Part 3


Hlw guys thnx for liking my story this is the next part of my fan fiction 🙂

SwaSan-RagLak’s Incomplete Love Story Part 3

Scene 1

Being disgusted by Laksh’s behaviour, Ragini decides to go the library of the college nd calm down her mind by reading books in a peaceful environment.Ragini goes to the library nd asks the librarian about the books she needs.The librarian says that the books are rarely read by the students nd hence the books are kept in the highest corner of the shelves.He asks Ragini to get the books herself by standing in the tool which is kept there.Ragini goes near the tool,stands in it nd tries to get the books as they are too high to reach.As she tries nd struggles more to get the books,she slips nd falls.Ragini is so scared that she closes her eyes in fear.When she opens her eyes,she finds herself in Laksh’s arms.They both share an intense eyelock that lasts for few minutes.Yeh mooh mooh ke dhage plays….Laksh thinks “why i feel that i know u from a long time?why i am feeling like to wish that time just stops right now nd this moment never ends?” nd Ragini thinks “u have taunted nd insulted me nd my sister then why i am feeling so restless that i behaved rudely with u?” Then their eyelock breaks nd they compose themselves.Ragini begins to leave when her dupatta (stole) gets stuck in Laksh’s watch.Laksh tries to release her dupatta (stole) bt is unable to do so.Ragini comes near Laksh.She releases her dupatta (stole) nd runs in a hurry.Laksh looks on surprisingly.

Scene 2

Swara talks to her friend in the corridor of the college that how Sanskar insulted nd made fun of her in the road nd how bcz of him she came late in college,missed Prof. Adhikari’s lecture nd was taunted by Prof. Adhikari.Swara says that she just hates him.Bt her friend says “whatever u say Sanskar is damn handsome,dashing nd hot.In his first day of college he has become every girl’s crush.u must admit it,Swara” Swara says “whatever” nd gives a cold look to her friend.Swara begins to leave when she collides with Sanskar nd falls bt Sanskar holds her in right time.Swara’s friend is amused at seeing the scene.Swara nd Sanskar both have an eyelock nd they get lost in each other’s eyes deeply.Aay mere humsafar plays….Sanskar thinks “why i am feeling so happy to stay with u?why i feel like getting lost in ur eyes for the whole life though i don’t know u?” nd Swara thinks “u behaved so badly with me that none would do with a girl then why i’m feeling like i’m becoming attached to u?” Their eyelock breaks nd Swara asks Sanskar “will u leave me now or not?” Hearing this,Sanskar drops Swara in the ground nd says “now i have left u. Are u happy now?” Swara fumes nd says “when u wanted me to fall down nd get hurt then why did u hold me?” Sanskar says “first u decide whether u want me to hold u or to leave u then tell me what should i do.okay?” Swara becomes annoyed nd leaves.Sanskar smilingly looks at her leaving.

Promo:While walking in the road,some goons attack Swara.Ragini gets stuck in the common room of the college.

Credit to: Faiza

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