SwaSan-RagLak’s Incomplete Love Story Part 2

Hey guys i’m back with my story’s next part as my exams have finished plz pray for my good results

SwaSan-RagLak’s Incomplete Love Story Part 2

Scene 1

Swaragini reach their college bt get tensed thinking about punishment for coming late bt Ragini asks Swara not to get tensed.They go to their respective classes as they are not in same class nd Swara is senior to Ragini.Swara sees that Prof. Adhikari was writing the concept of democracy in the board.Swara tries to enter in the classroom secretly bt Prof. Adhikari catches her from behind.After much insistence nd pleadings he allows Swara in the class as Swara blackmails him not having any daughter nd she is like his daughter.Then instantly Prof. Adhikari asks her to say something about the concept of democracy in English bt Swara is boggled nd confused as she hasn’t listened or noted down his lectures for coming late in college.

Scene 2

On the other hand ,Ragini gets permission to enter in her classroom by much difficulty nd by promising that she would never come late again.She notices the 2nd boy who had called her nd her sister senseless people is sitting behind her.She shockingly asks him “you?u came here by following us?how dare u to insult me nd my sister?” nd the 2nd boy named Laksh also asks her “you?why r u blaming me?u nd ur sister are the culprits” by their arguement the whole class becomes quiet.Prof.Gupta asks them to be quiet nd asks Ragini “u have come late nd also disturbing class” he also tells Laksh that “Laksh Maheshwari since u r new in the college i’m not telling u anything bt i won’t spare u next time nd this is my last warning for both of u” Ragini nd Laksh both apologize to Prof.Gupta nd say that “this won’t happen again,sir” they both look at each other angrily.

Scene 3

Prof. Adhikari says “as Miss Swara doesn’t know the answer let’s ask our new student from Kolkata Sanskar Maheshwari about the concept of democracy in English.Tell us Sanskar” Sanskar tells very fluently about democracy in English as he has attended the lecture.Swara fumes nd thinks that “firstly bcz of him i came late in college nd missed lecture ,secondly he insulted me in public place nd now over that again bcz of him i’m embarrased infront of the whole class. I need to teach him a lesson” Prof. Adhikari asks Swara to learn something from him as he is new still he is so sincere about studies.After the ending of the class,Swara goes to Sanskar nd asks him why he has come to her college?to insult her or for what?Didn’t he get peace by insulting her in public place that he has also come in her college?Sanskar asks her if she has owned the whole college that he can’t get admission in this college?nd why u do those works for which u will get insults? So it’s better that u mend ur ways nd learn some manners.They both look at each other angrily nd leave the classroom separately.

Promo:While searching books in library Ragini falls from height in Laksh’s arms,they have an eyelock nd at the same time while walking in the corridor of college Swara collides with Sanskar nd he holds her,they have an eyelock nd lost in each other’s eyes deeply.

Sorry it was very long nd also sorry for the mistakes 🙁

Credit to: Faiza

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