SwaSan-RagLak’s Incomplete Love Story Part 1 (continued)


I’m posting my story’s other part because of mumina and xox’s request.thnx 4 liking my story 🙂

the truth that appart the two families was unknown to laksh,ragini,swara and sanskar.bcz the families thought that it will not be right to inform the children about this sensitive matter.however the truth is not disclosed as of now.the gadodias moved to delhi to stay away from the maheshwaris and also to keep their two daughters away from the evil maheshwaris (gadodia’s thought) .

15 years later
one day in year 2015
In the delhi city’s road, a sweet,chirpy,bubby, modern nd beautiful girl is shown riding in a skooty.she happens to be swara and another beautiful,tradition, cute girl was sitting behind her in the skooty who happens to be ragini.they were probably going to their college when their skooty collided with a brand new black coloured car.An extremely handsome and dashing boy came out from the car and said,”what the heck?”.”what have u done to my car?u have to pay for this”by saying this he blackened swara’s face with the road’s wet mud.swara is extremely shocked by this event shouts at him nd ragini came forward to defend swara.Just then another hot nd handsome boy also came out from the car nd said to the other boy ,”let’s go vai(brother),don’t waste ur time talking to these senseless people.we’ll get our car repaired.we’re getting late”.then the 1st boy angrily looked at swara and then they both left in the car.swara said to ragini “how mannerless people they are!” ragini said “hmm.we have to do something to teach them a lesson. bt for now leave it.we’re getting late for college.first u need to wash ur face then we’ll go to college bt i must say u are looking damn cute in this state”by saying this ragini teased swara.swara also laughed with her.

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u guys must’ve guessed by now that swasan-raglak’s love-hate relationship has started by this even 🙂

sorry guys since i have exams i won’t be able to write this story for few days.i hope u guys will understand my situation and won’t mind 🙁

Credit to: Faiza

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