swasan raglak : will love win two shot (Part 2)


Hello everyone sorry for late posting as my post got deleted i have wrote so big part but it got deleted so i have to write again plz do readand comment it have taken lits of efforts and yaa before i forget i am sorry tvisha for wrong spelling i was confused so lets start
5 days went like this swara was trying her best to woo sanskaar but sanskaar was not ready to listen to her he has closed all his heart doors for her and at raglak side laksh was falling for ragini he has started to notice her and all the family members have forgiven raglak
It was night at swasan side sanskaar was late from his office so he directly went to his room and what he saw was surprising swara has arrnged dinner in the room and slept on the table waiting for him sanskaar felt bad he was about to go to her but due to his ego he backoff swara heard his footsteps and woke up
Swara : are sanskaar you came come sit will have dinner
Sanskaar goes to her : why are you making my life nore difficult swara why plz just go away from my life why are you deztroying yours and mine life plz just go
Swara felt very bad
Swara : sanskaar plz listen to me first
Sanskaar : no you are not going fine i will only go from here
Sanskaar went from there swara was behind and was calling him continuosly

At raglak side
Ragini came out wearing her nity laksh was mesmerised to see her in nity and thought “she is so preety why didnt i notice her before” but by mistakenly his hand falls on glaas and glaas broke
Ragini : laksh what are you doing now dont come near it i will clean it
Laksh : no ragini its fine you will get hurt
Ragini : laksh plz stay there i will clean it
Ragini cleaned the glass pieces but she didnt notice one small piece and after coming towards laksh the piece get into her leg and she shouted
Ragini : aaahh laksh
Laksh goes to her and sees that her leg is full of blood
Laksh took her in his arms and put her on bed
Laksh : i have told you dont do it but you never listen to me now see how it is hurt ragini when will you listen to me
Ragini was just staring athim she forgot her pain and was lost in laksh she understood that he is also feeling pain
Ragini : laksh i have got hurt but you are in pain
Laksh heard it and kept quite and after bandaging it he goes to window
Ragini : i know laksh that you are too feeling for me but this time i will not force you will only realise your love but till then i will wait for you and your love
Laksh : hmm i think its late we should sleep ok
And both sleeps

There swara was running behind sanskaar
Swara : sanskaar plz listen to me atleast
Sanskaar : what swara wht you want ok you want to sy na i am goving you 10 minutes say what you want fast
Swara : sanskaar i know the reason behind your anger is me and i agree with that but plz trust me that day i was so confused about you when i get to know that you have gone to that spot i once thought that you might have kidnapped her because you love me and for that love you might have done this but my heart alqays oppose to me thats the reason i have asked you but you ave goven me indirectly answers you tell me if you would have been in my place what would you have done say me i know you are smart than me but i was unable to make decisions but you should beat me shout at me but why are you goingaway from me i cant live without you sanskaar you are my life i love you when you left i felt for the first time that i lost something precious you are the most precious thing sanskaar i dont want to leave you plz look at me
Sanskaar back was showing to swara
Swara : ok you want me to go i will leave you but my love is true i really love you and wven if i die i will wait for you if your hppiness lies without me then i am going sanskaar i am going
Sanskaar recalled every moment of hers and tears were rolling drom his eyes but again he remember her confession and was happy that she also loves him he runs to her to atop her
Swara was waling all alone on the road when sanskaar come but he saw atruck was coming towards swara and she was not noticibg it sanskaar then push swara and that truck hitted sanskaar swara then goes to see the scene and was shocked to see sanskaar his life lying in blood pool she shouted and was crying and took him to the hospital
All the way she was crying after reaching there she called all the members and filled the formalities she was sitting all alone there and only thinking of sanskaar then all the members came
Dp :swara beta where is sanksaar

Suddenly doctor came
Doctor : mrs. Sanskaar your husband stage is very critical we have to do the operation but the chances of his survival is very less so just pray to god ok keep hope
All were shattered with the news swara has totally broken she goes to window and saw sanskaar with oxygen mask andall nd she started crying as if her world has snacthed from her
There laksh ran out of hospital ragini followed him
Ragini : laksh what happened
Laksh just hugged her and cryed ragini doesnt stopped him and huuged her after some time ragini asked
Ragini : laksh say what hppened
Laksh : why always sanksaar ragini he always did good to everyone i always hurted him but he stands with me all the time anad i didnt get the importance of him i am feeling bad ragini to hurt him if he is suffering there am also the reason behind it
Ragini just hugged him to calm him down it was passionate hug after that she cubbed his face
Ragini : listen to me its not your fault laksh we all are there nothing is gonna happen to him if you will loose hope who will took care of everybody plz be strong for sanskaar only ok
Laksh listen to her and goes unside with her there sujata ap and swara was praying ragini too joined them
Swara in her mind : god you where always there when i needed you today alsobi need you for snskaar plz make him well becauase of me he is suffering so much today i shouldnt get hurt he himself got infront of rhat truck i promise that i will never come infront of him and he will be happy plz let him nothing happen he is my life my everything plz make him fine plz
Suddenly doctor came all have gone expect swara she was only praying for him
Doctor : its just a miracle he saved thank god it was very difficult but he saved only your prayers have made h fine youll can meet him but dont give any stress
All goes inside swara too wanted to go but she backoff she reminds of her promise and goes away
In sanskaar room all hugged him laksh too hugged him
Sanskaar : are laksh where is swara is she fine
Laksh : ya bhai she is fine she was here only ragini
Eagini : are she was here wait i will search

After sometime ragini came
Ragini : laksh i searched whole hospital but she is nowhere
All were tensed for her even sanskaar but he was not so well to go and find her
Days went all were searching of swara sanskaar too got diacaharged and he too was searching for swara after 8 days sanskaar finally got to know that she is in mumbai living in hostel and doing social work he goes there with laksh and ragini
It was new yer night swara after doing her work she was returning back home
But a car stopped infront of her and the person dragged her into the corner before she could realise who is he she saw his fc he was sanskaar his sanskaar
Swara : sanskaar you are you fine how are you now
Sanskaar : how could you swara how could you left me when i need you you have came to mumbai without informing anyone and left your sanskaar there alone where is your love now
Swara : i dont love you sanskaar i dont
Sanskaar : you are teeling there is a reason for which you are saying this wht happened swara say
Swara : nothing sanskaar just leave
Sanskaar : i will leave swara just look into my eyes and say you dont love me you dont bother if somethings happens to me your heart doesnt beat fast when i am near you and now you dont wanna hug me say it
Swara was just broken all she can do is hugged gim tightly and cried out sanskaar too reciprocates it
Swara ; i love you sanskaar but i dont deserve you because of me your accident took place that day i was so worried for you you were suffering only because of me so i left you that you will be happywithour me

Sanksaar : have you lost it swara that day not because of but because of me you have gone hurt by my wordings and that truck was gonna hit you i cant see swara you suffering from that i cnt leave you and if i have to lost everything i would have sacrificed for you because you are my everything and that day you were leaving your sanskaar i am sorry swara i have hurted you alot but z dont leave me i will die
Swara puts her hand on gis mouth
Swara : plz sanskaar dont say that i cant see youagin like that i lromise i will never leave you but you will too necer shout on me
Sanskaar then pecked his lips
Sanskaar : never
Swar huggd him tightly sanskar too hugged her
And aftee that swara cubbed his face and kissed him tightly sanskaar too reciprocate it was a pasionate kiss both were lost in the kiss after sometime they hugged eachother
Swara : i love you sanskaar
Sanskaar : i love you too swara
There raglak was seeing from far away and were happy for them
Laksh : i amso happy that they gotechother
Ragini : i am too happy that finally both got their loves
Laksh then took her hand
Laksh : ragini i wanted to say this from when but i was waiting for right tome and i wanted to say that i love tou ragini yes i loved you i know i have hurted you alot by always betraying you but this time i am saying truly that i love you whenever you got hurt it pains me whenever you get happy my heart is happy whenever you cry i just wanted to hug you i want to spend my life with you i want to make you as mine forever i promise that i will never ever leave you just be mine
Ragini was having tears in her eyes
Ragini : funally my wait is over i got you yes idiot i will be yours
And she hugged him tightly and laksh too hugged her after sometime she broke the hug and pecked his lips laksh grabbed her and kissed her ragini too joined both sgares passionate kiss and after some time both hugs eachother
Ragini : i love you
Laksh : i love you too
After that both of them goes to swasan sanlak hugged eachother and swaragini hugged eachother
Laksh : ok guyz stop all our dramas and only 6 seconds are there for new year so 4
Ragini : 3
Swara : 2
Sanskaar : 1
All : happy new year

Sanskaar : this new year starts with a new journey of ours
Swara : i promise i will be with you in this journey forever
And both hug eachother
Laksh : our journey of happiness starts with this new year
Ragini : i pro.ise iwill never leave tou hand in this journey
Both hug eachother
And thwy all lived appily ever after
So guyz finished atlast dont bash for spelling errors i ave wrote it too fast so that youll can read it agin i have tried hard to adjust both of them so z do comment i will try to post os on both the couple soon till then bye guyz keep loving see youll soon

Credit to: kaynat khan

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