swasan raglak : will love win two shot (Part 1)


Hello guyz i am back with an ts for swasan and raglak fans hope youll remember me i am the one who wrote swasan raglak a unique love story this os is for all my readers especially thisva my reader so plz everyone read it and enjoy

This story take place when swara misunderstood sanskaar nd sanskaar now was deeply hurt the girl he loved wholeheartedly without any expectation that girl is doubting her for her sisters kidnapping his trust was broken he was a broken from inside. And swara was havong so much guilt that she doubted sanskaar but she was left with no other option but the day she realised it was not sanskaar she felt very bad for not trusting his friend the day she realised she loves him truly. And for raglak ragini got to know that laksh kidnapped her she was left alone because of laksh she has thrown her sister swara from cliff she has kidnapped her own mother and told numerous lies that guy wanted her to kill but then she realised something
Raginis pov : i always did wrong to them who loved me immensely first my swara whom laksh use to love but she only loved him because of me and i was the one who wanted to destroy her life but i cant atlast i was left with no option i have thrown her from cliff but she came not to take revenge but to unite our parents which were seperated only because of my one sided love she always helped me but ialways did wrong to her because of laksh and after that i kidnapped my own mother how can i go to suchn extent but my i was exposed my laksh was gone and now he hates me this much that he wanted to kill me this is what should happen to me i am deserving
She cried out loud her dadi took her to maheshwari mansion because she cant see her lado like this

In maheshwari mansion all were present and laksh too was there he was not in jail ragini refused to do any complain and dp and ap were very sad at his son deeds
Dadi : dp ji your son wants to kill my daughter nd youll have didnt took any action against him i agreed ragini did all wrong from marraige to now but your son also falls on the same category he should be jail
Dp : kakiji i can understand that laksh has done mistake and whatever punishment you wanted to give you can give
Dadi : ok then i will not give any punishment laddo will give
All were looking at ragini and laksh too raises his eyes towards ragini
Ragini : i dont want to give any punishment
Dadi : shocked what are you saying ragini
Ragini : i am saying write dadi laksh has not done wrong it is all my deeds which have came infront of me i have try to destroy my sisters life my swaras life then i seperated my mom and dad i was wrong in each stage and laksh has only tried to kill me if i was in his place i would have done the same but laksh plz trust me i have done everything wrong but that all because of you i really loved you thats it
All were sad hearing ragini and first time laksh felt for ragini something he wanted to stop her but couldnt stop her
Ap : ragini you cant go you will get a chance you will stay her
All were shocked
Dadi : how can she stay her if this laksh again tries to harm her
Ap : no kaki ji trust me he will never try to harm her and its fair enough for both the children to look after their life let them stay for 5 months if they dont wanted to stay they can seperate after that
Aksh was happy but didnt show all gf members understood and left ragini went to the room

In swasan room sanskaar was standing swara came
Swara : sanskaar listen to me
Sanskaar : what swara i know you have came here to say that you are going back to your house yes you can go whom am i to you
Swara : no sanskaar you are getting me wrong
Sanskaar : now also i m getting you wrong oh sorry you do always right na how can you be wrong am i correct na
Swara : sanskaar i know that you are angry but trust me my intentions dont wanted to hurt you plz
Sanskaar holds her by shoulders : really swara but you know what you have hurted me alot by your wordings i have loved you so much but you dont have trust on me this is what friendship plz swara go from my life plz
Swara was hving tears : no sanskaar i cant go i want to sty with you
Sanskaar : oh so you want to be mahaan again by not leaving dont worry i will make you mahan i will leave you ok
Swara : no sanskaar plz at least give me some time to prove myself plz
Sanskaar : 10 days you are having 10 days to prove yourself
Swara : thanks
Swara in her mind : i love you sanskaar but i cant tell you you will not believe me i really love you but i know i have hurt you alot i will heal all your wounds sanskaar i promise that
Sanskaar came out of room he was feeling bad to hurt her but she has hurt him more he remembers how she doubted on him and he became angry again and left

In raglak room ragini entered laksh sees her and goes to her
Laksh : ragini woh i
Ragini : its ok laksh dont be sorry i have forgiven you
Laksh : imsorry ragini i didnt realise that because of me you have done wrong if i would have not play with your life you wouldnt have gone wrong its my mistke
Ragini : its ok laksh i am now old ragini and i will try my best whatever i have done wrong i will try to heal it
Laksh : thanks ragini and i promise i wont hurt you again
Ragini leaves from and collides with swara
Swara : ragini slowly
Ragini : swara i have asked for forgiveness from everyone but not from you
Swara :you dont need to i have forgiven you from when
Ragini : you were always there for me butstill i didnt understand i have done everything wrong to you plz forgive your small sister na
Swara : ragini i ahve forgiven you
Both hug eachother
Ragini : can we be old swaragini agai
Swara : we are swaragini and now be a good raginiand stop crying ok
Ragini : hmm
Episode ends

Preacp : will swara be able to win sanskaars love?? Will love blossom between ragini and laksh ?? Or more have to come in last part

So guyz 1 part of my ts hope you will like dont bash me guyz it was my first try towards ts combing swasan and raglak and mostof all i am writing with of spelling mistake occours plz forgive me it is really difficult to wrire with mobile plz leave your valuable comments and i will try to post next part today or tomorrow bye see youll soon take care

Credit to: kaynat khan

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