swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-4


part 4
sanskar:ragini go fast inside before swara see you

(runs inside and enters her business class lecture fast)
laksh: hey i am also coming runs fast like a vampire without being noticed(he also enters class)

sanskar:i am also coming just let me lock the car

(oh my god! sanskar enters college with black denims,navy black t-shirt and a s*xy black leather jacket with his infamous blue raybans)
navya:shona see fast he is so handsome..dashing..cute…

swara:enough yaar ur complementing him so much by the way who is he?

navya:u don’t know! he is senior in our college all girls die over him but he doesn’t talk with any of them and the most important he and his brother laksh are the son’s of the gr8 businessmen the maheshwari


navya:ya but they don’t talk with anyone much oly attend classes and go the group of those 3 people and u know sanskar is always full in black clothes

swara:who is the third one

navya:she is a girl she is also beautiful like u she is mostly found with laksh

swara:oh come on we are getting late for lecture

navya:ya fast

(in class)

(laksh comes :hey navya we have to go for movie forgot?

navya:yeah i forgot

laksh:so lets go in my car ur favourite mercedes

navya:yeah i know u will book it for me..thanku so much

(after movie finished in car)

navya:movie was awesome!!

laksh:and even the sweet company i got for the movie

(both catching each other’s hand and looking into each other’s eye’s romantically)

someone calls navya loudly…navyaaaaaaaaa

navya comes into her sense she was dreaming?and teacher was shouting her for not paying attention in class

(after lecture)

navya:yaar lectures were so boring

swara:ya i would have fallen asleep if i would stay one minute
more in that class and by the way what u were dreaming in the class?

navya:bushes that l…was

(as they were going fast swara was going to fall from the step but sanskar holds her)

(they have an eyelock)

(song plays in sanskar’s mind)

bahon mein chale aao
bahon mein chale aao ho,
humse sanam kya parda ho,
humse sanam kya parda
yeh aaj ka nahin milan
yeh sang hain umar bhar ka
sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh

bahon mein chale aao ho,
humse sanam kya parda ho, humse sanam kya parda

navya:guys hello!i am alive

(sanskar and swara both some back to their senses)

after their brief encounter

(swara thinks my god this guy is so dreamy, this is impossible that this guy is so good, he’s so mysterious yet he’s so handsome. i need to get a hold of myself, since when did get so affected by a guy whom i’ve met only once)


sanskar:keep ur eyes open when u walk and learn to talk first(in mind omg the fragrance of her blood made me tempting…nyc became ragini didn’t met her bcz she is changed oly few months ago and doesn’t hv control over herself she would bite swara)

(and goes from there omg this girl is going to make me mad i am a vampire and my reflex action are fast so she was saved…my god girls nowadays walk dreaming)

navya: so miss lucky girl *winks at swara* on the first day itself you landed in sanskar arms ha?

swara:that…he…..l mean

navya:what happened swara can’t talk?something happened what yaar first day romance, thume tho bohot poche hui khiladi nikle..haha

swara:no yaar i was going to slip and…he…l mean

navya:ya tell-tell someone is becoming red like tomato

swara blushes

navya:i didn’t know u were so gud in this..come on give me some tips also

swara:anything navya u also known it was unintentionally
navya:i was just joking..chill

swara:lets go back to hostel fast
navya:ya of course

precap:ragini,laksh&sanskar having lunch laksh teasing sanskar…sankar gets angry and thinks about kavita his past)

Credit to: nikita

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