swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-21 happy ending

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Part 21

(Swara is thinking about the discussion that happened in morning it’s afternoon she is still thinking confused and scared,Sanskar sees her like this and comes near her in the room and sits beside her)

Sanskar:Swara Swara

(no reply since she is in her own thoughts thinking about her turning into vampire)

Swara:Ha vampire

Sanskar:Wht I know I am vampire

Swara:Oh ho I am sorry I was thinking about today what will happen at 12

Sanskar:If u don’t want to change no one will force u dear I promise u

Swara:No sanky it is needed for my safety

Sanskar:I know I am there with u rgt don’t take tension my shona

Swara:Aww!!I know sanky

(There were 5 minutes left to 12)

Sanskar (With a worried expression): Sweetie are sure you want to do this?

Swara (Gives him a reassuring smile): Sanky I am more than sure about it trust me. *Pulls him into a hug*

Swara (Pulls back): It is time let’s go

*They go to their bedroom where she is going to be turned into a Vampire*

DP: Sanskar you know what to do right? You first have just suck the right amount of blood but not too much or the consequences won’t be good. Anyways once that is done you’ll have to feed her your blood and once she has had the right amount let her rest. And then the transformation is done.

Sanskar (A bit worried): Yes I know don’t worry.

DP: Swara beta I am happy you’re listen to us. Be careful both of you’ll okay.

(With that he leaves them alone and goes down to wait with everyone)

(Swara kids down on the bed and sanskar sits next to her.)

Swara: Sanskar don’t worry and just do it. It’s for our good future. *Gives him a peck on his cheek* I love you.

Sanskar (Smiles slightly at her): I love you a lot more shona. Lets do it.

(Sanskar transforms into his vampire form)

(Sanskar leans down towards her neck and at that time Swara closes her eyes)

Sanskar: I am sorry shona but this might hurt.

(With those words he bites down on her neck. At the sudden contact Swara’s eyes shot open with tears forming in her eyes. She tries not to let that scream out. Sanskar sucks some blood from her but tires to move away as he is worried he might lose control and suck more blood than necessary. Finally Swara Screams out loud which pulls him out of the trance and he immediately pulls away from her neck at the right time before it would have been too late. He immediately takes Swara on his lap and makes a cut on his hand and places it near her mouth and Swara immediately latches towards his wrist and starts sucking his blood. When she had enough Sanskar pulls her away and puts her down on the bed and tells her to rest. She soon falls in blissful sleep.)

(Sanskar patiently waits for two hours for her to wake up. Swara finally stirs a little. And finally opens her eyes wide.)

Swara (to herself): God, my eyes feel so heavy. I can feel someone sitting and with the sniff I am sure it is Sanskar. Wait, I smelled him? OH MY GOD!
*She opens her eyes and she’s shocked* everything seems so much clear and better. I feel so much better.

(She gets up from the bed but stumbles a bit and Sanskar immediately runs to hold her.)

(Swara slightly puts her hand on his face with a big smile on her face and pulls him in a bone crushing hug)

Sanskar: Shona I was so worried.

Swara: Don’t be baby. From now on things are simply going to be amazing. Now come on let’s go down I can’t wait to see everyone.

Sanskar: Haha yes baby let’s go down.

*And pulls her in his arms*

Swara: Hey I can walk?

Sanskar (With a smirk): Nah! I love having you near me now shush up.

(He walks down but at the end of the steps he puts her down.)

Sanskar: Happy?

Swara (Sticks her tongue out at him): Very now let’s go.

(They are in hall now evryn is happy seeing Swara fine)

Ragini:Swara ur fine na?is it paining?

Swara:I am fine Ya painning a bit

Shomi:beta me happy ur fine now take rest

Sanskar:Ya after sometime we have to go as u need food

Swara:blood food?

Sanskar:Ya dear I think there is some blood Coke in frigde u can have that

Swara:U also come with me

Sanskar:Ok so now ur going to have it

Swara:which flavour it is

Sanskar:lol I don’t know

(both go in kitchen Sanskar removes the cup and gives to Swara she drinks little and spits it out)

Sanskar(shocked):Swara what happened u should have drunk it ur not thirsty?

Swara:Sry Sanky I can’t have it I feel dizzy taking the smell

(in that moment suddenly ACE enters)

Ace:Sorry Swara I was not there since yesterday morning and u got changed into vampire I didn’t even know if I knew I would have told this donkey that Swara is not oly a Vampire but also purity queen so u can have food like normal people Even my mom didn’t drink blood

Swara(on the 7th cloud):what really I feel like having panner tikka

Sanskar:Ya Ya have panner tikka,butter chicken u were asking me na about flavour now have ur human food

Swara:Thnx Ace for telling otherwise Sanskar would have given me blood cups to drink everyday

Ace:My pleasure sweetie and u know rgt my work is to put some sense in this donkey

Sanskar:Hey shutup

Swara:Enough now Ace u go Navya maybe waiting for u mom was calling u and ragini

Ace:kk by the way ur mom was calling u in the room down

Swara:Oh bye u both fight

Ace:It’s our love for each other

Sanskar:Ace my dear Ace

(Both are hugging each other)

Swara:Am I dreaming

(Ace pinches her)

Swara:Ouch!!are u mad Ace

Sanskar:U oly asked na whether ur dreaming

Swara:Ok I will see u both afterwards now u both have made one team to irritate me mom is calling bye

(Sanskar and Ace laugh after Swara goes)

Sanskar:Now enough monkey I hugged u only in front of her to irritate her

Ace:What did u think donkey Our love for each other dialogue was only in front of her love and for u my foot!!

Sanskar hits on Ace head


(Ace hits Sanskar hand with heels)

Sanskar(shocked):Ur roaming with a heels in ur hand?

Ace(blushes):That actually Navya likes heels so I had bought for her

Sanskar(angry):And ur hitting it on me wait I will tell Navya ur spoiling the heels

Ace:hey no ur so Sweet

(meantime Swara goes down and sees ragini and her Mom in the room and ragini is getting scoldings)

Ragini(smiles evily):U came now I can go byeeee

Swara:Y but what happened

Shomi angry:ur not going anywhere ragini learn what I am teaching u

Ragini:But mom this is very hard and boring

Swara:What ur teaching her mom?

Shomi:I am wizard and it sell half wizards so I will give u both training

Swara:What I know rgt I am a purity Queen,wizard and vampire also noo is anything else left

Ragini:U shut up mom is oly teaching and torturing me now ur time to learn

Shomi:No I will teach u both together

Swaragini:Ok mom

Ragini(whispering to Swara):All bcz of u Swara who told u to call mom here now she will starting her wizard training

Swara(whispering back to rags):Oh Ya who was crying few days back I miss mom and Dad

Ragini:That I missed them so I that

Swara:What ha that I

Shomi:What u both are talking instead of learning no speaking i am teaching u so pay attention

Swaragini:Ok mom

Shomi:Take this book u can refer it for spells and learn more about wizards

Ragini:omg mom this book is more than 1000 pages I can’t read it

Shomi:But u have to learn at least little about wizards since I am ur mom I will teach u the flying technique I now it is hard I didn’t teach u’ll other basic spells bcz u can refer the book and do it but this is a bit more hard

Ragini:Than u teach us the easy one I don’t want to fly with a broom in the sky

Shomi:I am telling u listen the rules first and see Swara she is listening quietly

Ragini:Ya Ya obedient girl too much she is(ragini pinches Swara slowly)

Swara(shouts loudly):Ouch!!!

Shomi:Now u also started Swara

Swara(angry on ragini):Mom that..leave

(Swara pinches Ragini back)


(Swara whispers to ragini…Tit for Tat)

Shomi:What wrong with u both?


Shomi:So what I was telling is now u don’t need to use broom or carpet or any other vechile to fly u can fly by the magic of it hands and u don’t need the magic wand also when I went to the recent wizard workshop than told us more and so I brought this latest book of wizards which u both have to read


Ragini:So now u will teach us flying without vechicles using the magic of our hands interesting

Shomi:But its not easy so u both should have patience while learning it

Swara:Ya we understand

Shomi: Flying spells are one of a group of very powerful spells. The general idea behind all flying spells is that they allow you defy gravity in one way or another.
These spells must be used with extreme caution did u both get it?


Shomi:So now I am going to tell u how to do it

Swaragini:Ya will try

Shomi:So I will tell u a spell u have to think about it in mind understand the meaning and concentrate on it than u will be able to do the flying spell


Shomi: Fire beats ice and ice beats fire, hire thy world in the sky

Swaragini:what is the meaning of it we didn’t understand

Shomi:ok I know I am telling what it means is fire means desire and ice means hatred when both of them beat each other thy means your so hire your world in the sky so that we can fly understood?

Swaragini:Oh understood

Shomi:So think in ur mind and try it if u do it properly glitters will come from ur first finger and u can fly as the glitter goes under ur feet

Swaragini:Wow!!we will try

Ragini(in mind):fire beat ice and what I forgot

Swara(in mind):fire beat ice and ice beat fire than thy?

Swaragini:we forgot the spell

Shomi:Ok listen properly Fire beats ice and ice beats fire, hire thy world in the sky

(both said the spell but it did not happen bcz they didn’t concentrate on it and till than Sanskar comes there)

Sanskar:Aunty shekar uncle is calling u for marriage preparation

Shomi:oh I forgot oly have to go for doing shopping and all till that u both try the spell ok

Swaragini:Ok mom

(shomi goes from there and Swaragini give each other hifi and laugh)

Sanskar:Ok so miss wizards vampire and all that ur how was ur training section

Ragini:very boring yaar this spell and allow instead I would like to be a Vampire only just remove ur fangs and drink blood


Swara:Now that mom is not there we can have some rest since tomm ngt wedding I am so excited and nervous

Sanskar:Excited I can understood ur getting a handsome hubby but nervous Why when sanky is with u

Swara:Oh pls don’t go on the 7th sky tomorrow wedding in vampire style Yeah!!

Laksh:Ya so Swara and rags why don’t u’ll try ur spell in wedding so that with u both we can also fly in sky

Swara:As if we don’t have any work that we will take u’ll also in sky with us so much power it will take

Sanskar:kk now everyone take rest tomm we are going to have fun

(next day evening on the wedding day)

(The wedding is conducted in A very Posh vampire hotel with Golden walls and Ocher color marble flooring and huge golden pillars at corners with red and blue curtains all over and red and blue ribbions tied to chairs with Golden Sandler in middle of the hall and red and blue lighting all over the hotel from the stairs till the flower pots Evryn are pleased seeing the decorations)

(Laksh comes down in black jacket and black shirt and black pant and Ragini in a sultry red dress both of them in black velvet cloaks and And Swara in a inky blue ball gown with frills from her waist and sanky in black overall as usual looking dashing in black both of them again in black velvet cloaks)

They both come down hand in hand from the stairs and for the marriage ceremony where evryn is waiting for them.

To go near a small 10 inch pond and Laksh puts his hand in it and remove a ruby locket and puts around rags neck and they marry according to the vampire tradition and evryn claps

Now it’s Swasan turn
Sanskar removes a blue Sapphire locket and puts around Swara’s neck and they marry and evryn claps for them also

As soon as evryn is done with the clapping the host announces

Host:Now it’s is time for the bride and the groom’s first dance
And evryn starts hooting for them
shouting Raglak Swasan!!

And than they both come for their first dance as a married couple

They both start dancing on a slow song and the lights suddenly goes and the host announces

host: it’s just for the effect so continue dancing

(Sanskar pulls Swara very close to him by her waist)

Swara (Shocked): Sanskar what are you doing?

Sanskar (Smirks): Ssshhh now you’re officially my wife and now no one can stop me not even you.

Swara (With a shy smile): But everyone’s there around what will they think?

Sanskar: It is all dark and I don’t think they’re interested in spying on us.

*Swara looks down to hide her blush but he puts a finger on her chin and forces her to face him. He looks deep in her eyes and with such passion and intensity that simply makes her go weak in knees but she still manages to hold herself. Unknowingly Swara bites her lip and that simple gesture was so sensual so that was all it took for him to lean down and capture her lips. The moment their lips meet sparks start to fly. That kiss simply displayed the amount of love they had for each other*

As their lips met, she sank into the warmth of the kiss with a sigh.”

Again song starts

Soch Na Sake Song Lyrics

Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ik pal vich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan

Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi

Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi
Ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan
Ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri

Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
Na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
Main tujhko kitna chahti hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Aankhon ki hai yeh khwahishein
Ki chehre se teri na hatein
Neendon mein bas tere
khwabon ne li hai karwatein

Ki teri ore mujhko leke chalein
Ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Swara puts her one hand on Sanskar’ shoulder and one hand in his hand and Sanskar keeps his hand on her waist and another in her hand and both see each other looking into each others eyes having an intense eyelock Swara remembers her mother’s spell for flying and in that moment her sapphire locket is filled with glitters and it changes into a SS locket and the glitter goes from the hand which she and Sanskar are catching and the glitter goes from her hand below her feet and go up in the hotels hall near the celing and are dancing and the glitter goes from their feet to raglak and they also go up with them dancing and the glitter goes below all couples and evryn are dancing up the full big hotel is filled with glitters 4 of the vampires are together ever and forever Vampires Forever

With that jessica turns the last page and closes the book and laughs with jeansen how dramatic is their family history and than Suddenly they hear Swara calling them to come inside for the 100th anniversary of Swasan and Raglak as both Jessica and Jeansen walks towards the entrance and sees the book in jeansen’s hand and she shocked looking at it and than she turns towards them with a raised eyebrow and ask them

Swara:Where did u find this book

Jeansen and Jessica:Yeah we found it in the library while exploring

Swara:Now that u have read the my book can I have it back please

Jeansen:Yes Mom Its all urs take it back

Jessica:By the way can I tell u something?

Swara:Yes sweetie tell me

Jessica:U love is still as pure as it was 100 years ago and u look same beautiful Swara how u were on the wedding Day

Jeansen:Bcz she is still stuck on her twenties since past 100 years so she will look young Oly same as our age 20

Swara:Thank u so much jessica and ur such a darling and jeansen even if I am same as ur age 20 but I am have experience of past 100 years

Jessica:where is ragini Mom?

Swara:Ya she is waiting for u inside

Sanskar:Swara where are u evryn are waiting

(And with that they both go together inside the function hand in hand and meet Raglak who are also dancing there hand in hand Vampires together forever)

Thank you so much for your precious time and support. This Fan Fiction wouldn’t have been possible without your precious comments, support and love. Thanks to this I’ve made some amazing friends. Thanks once again guys.

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