swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-20


(after 2 days both of them are fit and fine)

(both of them are sitting in the bedroom and Swara turns towards him)

Swara:umm?sanskar I want to tell u something

Sanskar:Yes sweetie tell me what happened

Swara:actually the think is ahh

Sanskar:dont hesitate tell me what happened

Swara:sanky this is the 2nd time ur interrupting me let me finish my sentence

Sanskar:sorry na continue

Swara:the thing is I have actually called my parents as I had promised ragini that during her wedding I will make sure that mom and dad are there for the ceremony

Sanskar:shona why did u take such a lot of tension about such a petty thing so when are they coming over here

Swara(gives a cunning smile):that the thing they are coming over here today

Sanskar(shocked):what ur joking rgt but u were going to call them for the marriage

Swara:I don’t wont them to be shocked it will be like they will come to see us and they will suddenly find out that both of their daughters are going to get married in few hours I don’t want them to have a heart attack so I called them today before marriage

Sans:but listen to me atleast

Swara:no first u listen to me I am just confused about when they arrive what will we tell them about how ragini is alive

Sanskar:I was going to tell u that thing oly but don’t worry I will figure that out u don’t stress over it I don’t wont u to take any tension now ur my responsibility now

Swara(winks):even ur my responsibility so I saved u from 4 vampires

Sanskar:ya I know sweetheart

(he pulls her into a big hug and due to the sudden movement they both fall on the bed and sanskar hovers over Swara and sneaks his hand around Swara’s waist and pulls her more close to him and there is hardly some space left between them and they both lean in their nose was nearly touching but at the same moment ace burges through the door in the room and soon as he looks at them he smirks at them and says

Ace:I didn’t knew u’ll were having a lovely moment as specially by keeping the door wide open

(at the same time Swara tries to wiggle out of sanskar’s tight grip around her waist but fails miserably bcz sanskar tightens his grip more on her waist and at the same time throws a pillow on ace face and asks him to get out ace pls! for vampires sake go out don’t disturb us)

Ace:ya but all I came for was to tell u Swara that ur parents just messaged on ur phone which was down that they are on their way and will be reaching in sometime

Sanskar:Ya ok fine now go out

Swara slightly hits sanskar on his arm and says

Swara:sanskar don’t me so mean to him he came up to oly tell me that my parents are on the way

Ace:don’t Swara don’t try to put any sense in his head it is usless finally donkeys never understand a thing

(he throws the pillow back at them and tells them)

Ace:have fun lovebirds before ur parents come and see u both like this

(with that he winks and runs out before either of them would try and kill him)

Swara:sanskar let me go before mom and dad are going to come

Sanskar:no sweetie I am not letting u go not today

Swara:sansky what do u want so that u will let me go

Sanskar:figure out what I wont

Swara:accha I think u want me to hit u with a wood like I did to them(giggles)

Sanskar:ok fine give me a kiss and I will let u go

Swara:sanky u always do this

Sanky(smirks):that’s ok I will ask some other girl for a kiss

Swara:ok as u wish I will spend time with ace instead

Sansky:nooooo ur not going to do anything like that

Swara:u can go around and flirt with other girls but I cannot?

Sansky:I was just joking sweetheart

Swara:even I was joking

(and she pulls him closer by his t-shirt and gives him a peck and than he puts both his hand on the bed to support himself due to the sudden moment and in that moment Swara runs out saying loudly bye sansky and winks at him and runs towards the hall with sanskar on her trail but they both hear the door bell ring and they immediately rush towards the door to welcome her parents

(Swara opens the door and squeals omg mom dad I missed u’ll so much and she engulfs them in a big bear hug)

They both come inside and they see everyone the entire family in hall and than suddenly dp exclaims

Dp:shekar what are u doing here?swaragini were ur daughters I didn’t knew that

(evryn shocked how dp knows shekar)

Shekar and shomi:ragini ur alive

(both of them hug ragini)

Swara:but how u’ll know eachother

Shekar:I hid something from u’ll

Swaragini(shocked):what did u hide from us dad?

Shekar(holds shomi’s hand and says): ur mother and I are wizards

Dp:and that is why we know eachother

Evryone is shocked after knowing the truth

Ragini:those that mean u know that I am a vampire dad?

Shomi:yes the moment we hugged u we came to knoiw that ur a vampire

Dp:do u’ll know that Swara is a purity queen?

Shomi:yes we were waiting for the right moment to tell her that she is the purity queen

Swara:what is this my parents are wizards I didn’t know my sister is vampire I came to know recently and even I am purity queen I didn’t know is something else left that ragini is also a werewolf

Ragini:hey shut up I am not a werewolf ok ur the purity queen I never told me

Swara:I myself didn’t knew that how will I tell u

Ragini(with attitude):So shut up and listen to ur elder sister I am so caring,loving I am giving u food since 2 months so u have to listen me ok

Laksh:Swara now u came to know don’t mess with ragini otherwise she will make ur sandwich like how she makes mine

Swara(with attitude):Oh pls ragini di whose idea it was to make laksh realize ur love for him I executed the plan so u should be thankfully ok so better listen to ur younger sister they are so sweet and obedient

Sanskar:Saw ragini never mess with Swara otherwise she will slice u

Ace:Laksh and Sanskar what u both are doing the work to put fire in their fight

(evryn laughs)


Sanlak:So now we are the target

Ragini:mom dad this is laksh whom I am engaged 1 month ago

Shekar:what are u serious this monkey?

(evryn’s laughs except laksh who is sulking like a kid)

Ragini:dad no jokes here pls he is my fiancé

Shomi:u know ur dad rgt ur he has a bad habbit of always joking

Sanskar:aunty I hope u don’t mind we are going to get engaged tommrow

Sheker:no I will not let this vampire marry my daughter

Swara:dad again no jokes pls

Shekar:what joke who is joking here

Swara:I can see u smiling

Shekar:kk this was the last one hopefully, I was just kidding sanskar

Dp:now evryn take rest bcz tomm is going to be engagement

(next day evening the engagement day)

(Swara is in a beautiful orange lengha with golden border overall and sanskar also in a orange sherwani both are looking amazing)

Host:so friends now it time for the grand engagement ceremony and we are so very excited to see the rings as it is a secret

Sanskar:Swara show me the ring fast I can’t wait to see ur choice the ring which u selected for me

Ragini:Ya even I want to see she didn’t show me also naughty girl

Swara:no first u show me the ring Sanskar the one u chooses for me

Sanskar:as u wish

Laksh:At last u will have to listen to her oly as I listen to ragini

(he removes the ring from the box it’s a blue heart sapphire ring for Swara)

Swara:wow!!same choice

(Swara also removes the ring from the box it’s also a blue sappire vampire ring)

Sanskar:its amazing!!

Swara:we both selected the same ring for each other blue the color The sapphire is the gemstone of truth, purity, blessings, and knowledge it symbolizes our relationship based on faithfulness and sincerity and even it is my favourite color I am so happy

Sanskar:Ur happy than I am also happy

(both exchange the rings and everyone claps)

Host:now it is time for the engagement cake

(swasan cut the cake and sansky feeds the cake to Swara and Swara puts on his face)

Sanskar:what is this

Swara:u cannot have the cake so I fed it to ur face one and the came thing

Sanskar:what am I going to do with u and ur sarcasam

Swara:probably marry me

Sanskar:yes I actually might

Swara:stop making me blush today

Ace:U will have to blush today and shout also (saying this he and Laksh put cake on Swara’s face )

Swara(shouts):U both spoiled my whole makeup Navya and Ragini teach them

Ragini & Navya:do we know u Swara?

Swara(fuming):U both ditched me for Laksh and Ace so bad of u’ll

Laksh and Ace are laughing and Sanskar catches and brings them

Sanskar:Take my sweetheart do whatever u want to do with them

Swara:So sweet of u sanky my janu

Laksh & Ace:hey this is cheating

Swara:Oh Ya is it(she designs their face beautifully by cake)

Laksh & Ace:what is this

Sanskar:Tit for that

Swara:Ragini di,Navya I wanted to tell ur something

Ragini and Navya both came ahead and Swara put cake on their face

Ragini & Navya:hey this is cheating

Swara:This is ur punishment for ditching me

Host:So guys evryn can have their dinner

Swara puts cake on the host face also

Swara:Ur doing so much bagh-bagh so this is for u

Host:hey Swara I am ur werewolf brother na(realised what he said)

Swara:Sanky I know I didn’t tell u he is werewolf he is my childhood friend like my elder brother so I called him to host

Sanskar:NYC to meet u Abhishek

Abhishek(the host):how do u know my name

Sanskar:what did u think I won’t sense the smell of werewolf so I asked ragini before she told me ur werewolf

Abhishek(Host):haha smart and Swara ur mart

Swara:accha I will see u afterwards
(Next day in the morning)

DP (Calls everyone in the living room): I have an announcement make that Swara should be changed into a vampire as there’s a threat to her life.

Shekar (Shocked): What threat?

DP: The thing is as you all know that she is a Purity Queen and because of that many people will try to take advantage of her power to heal a negative person who can be a threat to everyone and since she’s a human she won’t be able to fight then back so if she is turned in to vampire she’ll be able to handle it much better and she’ll be able to fight the evil back.

Sanskar: No I’ll save her from all the evil powers.

DP: I’m sorry Sanskar but that’s not always possible. For instance yesterday you couldn’t save because you yourself were injured and there are people who came to know about her healing power because of yesterday’s incident. And those people out there are very dangerous and powerful.

Sanskar: No it doesn’t matter I don’t want anyone to change her into a Vampire.

Swara: No Sanskar you have to understand, they are telling for our good. And it is necessary that we listen to them.

Sanskar: I am only agreeing to this because your life is at stake otherwise I would so not accept it.
Swara: I know sweetie.

DP: Today at 12 a clock at night we will turn her into a Vampire. It is important that this ceremony should be done as soon as possible.

Swara (Thinking to herself): So tonight at 12 my life will be changing forever but am I even ready for it?

(Precap:The last part )

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