swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-19



(In the last 1month Navya and Ace have become close and Swasan and Raglak are also happy together)

In morning Swara is having her breakfast and Navya and Ace are practising dance for function ahead they are trying the fast romantic dance with lot of aggressiveness but they are not able to do it properly, So Swara is eating and guiding them and Sanskar is watching tv Ace and Navya practicing

Navya:It’s not happening properly how will we do

Ace:Why ur taking tension when Swara is there here to teach us and this Sanskar is watching tv not helping us also donkey

Sanskar:hey why are u taking my name u donkey Swara:Kk now Navya and Ace u both concentrate Sanky tells anything

Ace:But y no song in background

Swara:bcz ur practicing the steps so no song now ok now come ok start 1,2…34..1,2…34 and take round lift her fast now down now again round fast….come on

Navya stamped on Ace by mistake



Swara:oh ho Navya I had told u don’t do dance practice with heels directly first learn than with heels

Navya:But u know na Swara I like heels so much and sorry Ace I will remove the heels

Ace:Thanks at last u removed the heels now let’s continue and this Sanskar is least bothered I got hurt here he has gone inside TV he knows how to dance but he is not showing

(Swara finished eating her breakfast)

(Now Swara stands up and gives them instruction like a dance teacher)

Swara:So come on start again 1,2.==3,4 turn round lift now slowly down and back again both of them lose balance

Navya:Swara it’s not happening

Ace:Have patience my Vampire sweetie (Ace gets an idea so that Sanskar comes to help them in dance)

Ace:Swara I want to tell something to Navya 1 minute ok?

Swara:Ya sure till that I will keep the plate inside (Swara goes in kitchen)

Navya:What happened Ace?

Ace:I got a plan so that Sanskar with Swara will teach us the dance

Navya:But how?Sanskar is bored he is watching TV how will he teach us

Ace:So listen

Navya:Ya tell

Ace:Now when Swara will come from kitchen I will tell her to dance with me to teach me and Sanskar will see this get jealous and will come to dance with Swara than he will have to teach us

Navya:Wow!!nyc idea u both can’t stay without each other first u both fight and u will make him jealous

(Swara comes back from kitchen)

Swara:So guys ready?

Ace:Swara how if u teach me dance by becoming my partner now while practicing so Navya and I both of us will understand

Swara:Ya come on let’s start Ace winks at Navya and Navya is giving a big smile since she is controlling her laugh by thinking what will happen further

(Swara and Ace start Ace holds Swara’s waist and they both start)

Swara:See like this 1,2

(Swara is turning round quickly than Ace lifts her up and Sanskar is seeing this and getting jealous)

Sanskar(in mind):This Ace with my Swara wait I will teach him

(Sanskar goes there)

Sans:Navya Swara is teaching Ace so I will teach u

Navya(feels like laughing bcz Ace wanted to make sans jealous and now sans is trying to make him jealous and Swara is unaware about both of them doing this for making each other jealous)

Navya:Ya let’s start Swara:Yeah!Sanky u also came to teach

(Sanskar also starts dance with Navya 1,2 Navya takes round he was about to lift her when he saw Ace started the dance more fast he is spinning Swara 2 times fast and lifting to make Sanskar more jealous)

Swara:Ace ur doing well suddenly u started in fast mode good improvement

(Sanskar couldn’t control so he went near them a snatched Swara from Ace)

Swara(unware about this all):What happened Sanky?

Sanskar:Nothing dear I thought we both will become partner and teach them

Swara:Ya nyc idea (Ace and Navya are laughing in mind bcz their plan got successful)

Ace & Navya:So lets start Swara:first we both will do observe us and than u both start Ace&Navya:Yeah!! (Swara and Sanskar start)

1,2 sanskar twirls her around him and lifts her by her waist up in the air turnning her in clockwise dirtection bringing her down on the ground and then he bends her down and they have an intense eyelock seeing and their perfection in dance navya and Ace clap happily

Swara;now its ur turn sans:I am sure u both will do it after all its me the great who thought u’ll

(ace and navya start the dance step which swasan thought them) 1,2 Ace twirls Navya around him and lifts her by her waist up in the air turnning her in clockwise dirtection bringing her down on the ground and then he bends her down and swasan are happy bcz they learned very fast

like that oly they teach them all the steps and raglak are seeing them and they also observe and learn few steps the entire afternoon passes by as they learn the steps properly and practice they by the time it is past 6 in the evening

sanskar:ok guys now that we are finished with it we can have some rest and Swara also can have some rest as she is human

swara:oh ya i will freashen up and than we will go out and explore dark circle as u wanted to show me the jungle properly

sans:yup (swara goes to freshen up and come back in a dark blue dress sanskar is memerised by seeing and raglak and navace are giggling in mind looking at sanskar’s face sanskar:ok sweetheart lets go to explore the dark circle jungle

both of them leave for jungle

(sanskar takes swara mostly to each and every beautiful place in the jungle)

Sanskar catches swara by her waist and she also cathes his waist and he takes her with whole speed to a beautiful lake

Swara:wow!!sans its so awesome blue color in layers blue and transparent what is the name of this lake?

Sanskar:The lake name is freshblue

Swara:Ya name it self justifies the lake(hugs sans)thanks for bringing me here I am very happy to have u in my life I love u

Sanskar:I am the luckiest person to have u in my life love u more


Sanskar:brand,raven,asten and jovil u all came here to meet ur friend Ace and me also?

Brand:Ya we came to see u and ace since he didn’t come back from so many days we were worried for him and what are u doing with a human don’t tell me ur in love with a human?u broke the night world rule?i know she is preety but breaking the rule for this we will have to kill her so that u don’t follow this mistake again

Sans:don’t dare touch her I wont spare u’ll

Raven:oh so now for this human girl u will fight with us

ASTEN AND JOVIL:for this so called human u will go against the night world rule and fight with us answer us?

Swara:see guys listen us first I am purity q…

Raven:shutup u girl we don’t listen to humans we are talking with sanskar

Sanskar:Ya I love her and don’t call her human girl she has a name swara

Brand:guys we don’t have any option but we will have to kill her

Swara:ur ace’s friends he is so gud and u’ll are…..

Jovil:keep quiet and be ready for ur death and sanskar u better don’t interrupt us in our work

Raven:even I am thinking when ace knew about this why didn’t he kill this human maybe sanskar even fought with ace and he is injured we need to find our friend

Swara:no we didn’t do anything like that listen us first

Sanskar: They won’t listen us Swara run from here fast I will see the

Swara: No I can leave u alone with this people they are 4

Sanskar: pls Swara go from here your human they will kill u they won’t harm me much bcz I am their friend and a vampire u go home

Asten:oh so now we will have to fight u sanskar before we kill her sounds quite interesting

Sanskar puts swara on side and than suddenly asten comes with great force towards sanskar and hits him towards a tree sanskar gets little hurt bcz wood is dangerous for vampires


Raven comes ahead and keeps hand on sanskar’s shoukder

Raven:this is oly trailer if u don’t let us kill this human we will injure u badly

Sanskar(giving a cunning smile and pushes raven to the tree and shouts loudly):I wont let u’ll harm her

Asten:how dare u hit raven he is ur friend

Sanskar:he also pushed me and u’ll don’t dare harm my swara

Asten:brand go catch that girl

Asten goes to catch swara so swara purposely puts her leg in middle to make him fall but sanskar comes inmiddle so he gets hit by swara’s leg and falls

Sanskar:swara ur on whose side?

Swara;sorry sanskar that..

Brand:u human keep quite

This time brand hits sanskar to the tree

(sanskar even though he gets hurt badly he throws brand towards the tree with)

(sanskar gets hurt again swara sees this and runs towards him)

Brand:jovil go catch the girl

Sanskar:swara run from here and go to home fast

Swara:how can I leave u alone with them

Jovil comes near swara she gets scared but as she is even a courageous girl(and even a purity queen so she is powerful than humans but not vampires than too she is strong than usual humans) she hits him with force of her legs and he falls and she runs in the jungle to call raglak and acenav for help

Raven:jovil ur a vampire and she hit u and went catch her fast

Sanskar:swara run fast

(they again hit sanskar badly and he hits them back but all in vain since they are 4)

Swara runs and runs her legs are paining but then finally she finds signal and calls laksh

Laksh:hello swara

Swara:laksh fastttt we are in trouble come near freshblue lake with navace and ragini fast we don’t have much time we are in danger

Laksh:omg navace,rags we have to hurry the call got cut come on fast freashblue lake

By the time jovil catches swara and takes her back to the place where sanskar and other 3 vampires are

Sanskar:pls leave her

Brand:we cant leave a human alive according to nightworld rule if she is vampire

(sanskar in moment of seconds comes in full speed and throws brand back)

(raglak and navace are running in full speed like a vampire to reach the spot)

Sanskar tries to go near swara but all in vain vampires dont touch wood since they will get hurt so they put him near wood he gets hurt seeing this Swara gets more angry and in anger she removes jovil’s hand and hits on brands head with wood

Everyone are shocked seeing a human like this

Raven:u mad how dare u do that

Swara:keep quite one more time u hurt sans I will kill all of u do u get it

Asten comes to hold swara but she is already angry and hit him with wood on his shoulder

Swara:one more step and than ur dead

Swara goes near raven and hits him 2times with wood he falls

Swara runs near sanskar and tells if anyone of u’ll come ahead I will not spare anyone

Till than raglak and navace reach there and they are shocked to see this all

Laksh:Swara cool down ragini pls catch Swara I will check whether sanskar is fine

Ace(is very angry bcz his friends did this);how could u’ll do this?sanskar is wounded so badly I am the vampire commissioner without by permission and orders how dare u guys do this to swasan

Raven:we thought they hurted u so..

Ace:couldn’t u’ll ask me if anything happens to sanskar I wont spare u’ll

Asten:but Swara is human don’t u know night world rule

Ace:damn!!enough she is purity queen u’ll should have listened her

Raven,brand,asten and jovil(all shocked):omg!we ares sorry she is our guider th leader of night world people sanskar we are sorry for hurting u and Swara

Swara:laksh ragini see na sanskar is injured I cant see him like this

Laksh:even thought urn not vampire u fought them for sanskar I am happy urn in my brothers life…sanskar open urn eyes

(blood was gushing)

Swara:sanskar open urn eyes pls don’t do like this with me talk something pls

Ace:hey sanky donkey open now too much of acting urn doing u know na I can’t leave without fighting with u

Swara:I know what to do know we have oly one option

Ragini:but how Swara?

Navya:no u cant do that there is risk

Ace:don’t tell us urn going to use urn healing power to heal sanskar

Ragini:ya if u use that power u will become weak and u don’t know even how to use it

Navya:ya don’t do that u don’t know to use the powers

Swara:I know I will become weak but I cant leave sanskar in pain also and laksh can teach me how to heal

Laksh:Ya I can teach but u must be patient and ur I know u will be able to do it so I will show u now

Swara:fast I cant see him like this

(blood was flowing from his head,hands and neck)

Swara has kept sanskar on her lap and crying

Ace:be strong Swara

Navya:ya urn a brave girl laksh will tel u instruction listen carefully

Laksh:ok guys so round around sanskar so that the power Swara uses does go out due to its extensiveness and Swara and I will be inside the circle as I have to give her instruction and she has to heal him bcz I can’t do that I can oly help with minor scars that


Laksh:so listen carefully swar be calm first very silent and calm

Swara:ok now tell ahead I will just listen u

Laksh:now think about urn favourite color blue the color of the blue sky and pleasant sea

Swara was doing what laksh was telling silently and all others were seeing quietly

Laksh:now concentrate more on ur pendant and think and bring the energy from the sky and sea

Swara was trying hard but it was not happening since she was trying for first time

Swara:its not happening laksh I feel like something we are forgetting while concentrating…I cant see sanskar like this (tears were rolling down her eyes)

Laksh:I had told Swara be calm first and ya I think we are forgetting something to concentrate on

Ace shouted from the circle around them

Ace:my mom used to even think about the pendant which has a gold chain with diamond heart pendant but I forgot to mention that while healing she used to think about the blue heart inside the diamond heart inside it

Laksh:thanks ace so Swara now start concentrating on blue sea,the blue sky and the blue heart and be calm and concentrate come on u can do it

All the members in the circle tell together”Swara come on u can do it”

Swara:thanku everyone for supporting I will do it surely

Swara starts she concentrates on the power of sea,sky and blue heart and brings them together in mind and than her pendant starts shinning she puts her hand on sanskar’s neck but the power doesn’t start flowing

Laksh:guys don’t break the circle pls otherwise the spell will break

Navya:ya we know but why is the power not working

Laksh:ace do u rememeber something else?i guess we have again forgetten something

Ace:oh ya my mom used to also do the healing in this at night time in dark jungle and that to like this oly people in round around her while healing means there is some spell connected to this jungle

Ragini:but what can it be

Swara:guys the name of the jungle what is it?

Raven:dark circle oh ya we are standing in the night dark jungle in a round means circle omg the spell word is “dark circle” the name of the jungle

swara keeps her hand on skanska’s neck and speaks out loudly dark circle and than the healing power starts she touches his neck caringly and the injury marks vanish than she touches his head lovigly and the marks vanish from there too than she catches his both hands with affection and skanska opens his eyes slowly evryone is happy and mark on his hand also vanishes

Swara(tears rolling down her eyes):sansky I am happy I did it I saved u

Everyone claps and hugs sanskar as he is full fit and fine like before bcz of Swara’s powers

Sanskar:Swara!! I had told don’t use urn powers than too u used

Swara:but I couldn’t see u like this

Ace & laksh:yeah we did it

Swara goes to hus them both but faints suddenly and laksh catches her waist and ace her shoulder for support


Sanskar comes and takes her in his arms and all of them asten,jovil,brand,raven,ragini,laksh,navya and ace all go home with them in fast speed

Sanskar places Swara on bed and raglak calls the vampire doctor since they cant call human doctor bcz they cant explain about the purity queen healing powers to human doctor

Doctoe checks her

Sanskar:what happened to her?

Doctor:don’t take tension it is weakness after using the powers she will be fine in an hour

Laksh:thanku dr

Laksh goes to leave the doctor

In meantime asten,jovil,brand and raven ask for forgivness from sanskar
Sanskar:I will forgive u’ll but if u people promise me 2 things

Brand and others:what promise tell pls

Sanskar:next time u will listen to others before reacting

Raven,brand,asten and jovil:ya but what about the 2nd promise

Sanskar:u’ll have to wait till our marriage and engagement

Raven and others:that even if u don’t call us we will come like uninvited members for urn and ace enagagment and wedding

All of them laugh together

Raven:ok sanskar all of us are going in hall u stay with Swara she needs rest

Sankar:yup bye

All of them are in hall and swasan are alone in room sanskar is sitting and looking at Swara and thinking about her he keeps his hands on her tightly and kisses on her forehead

Swara wakes up after sometime and sees sanskar in front of her tears fall down from the edge of her eye and tumble down her face sanskar looks deeply into her eyes and brushes the tears off her face

Swara:sans I love u

Sanskar:shone love u more if today u fought for me with them

Swara: ya bcz.

Sanskar:shh!take rest I know I will call ragini so she brings some food for u

Ragini knocks:here I came already how are u shone

Swara:gud di

Everyone comes and are happy seeing Swara fine

(Precap:they call shomi and shekar another secret will come out and than engagement)

guys i know many of think swara is human but she is also the purity queen thks for liking my ff this is going to end in 3 parts keep commenting.

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