swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-18


1 Weak later on engagement Day

The maheshwari Mansion was beautifully decorated with ballons ,flowers all over .The seats next to the aisle were decorated with red ribbon tied around each of them.Chandeliers were hung blinking different colors of light repetitively.Swara had planned all the decorations and Sanskar,Navya and Ace with help of other servants were helping her in the entire decoration

Swara:Shamu Uncle please place those flowers properly and Navya pls stand near the door to welcome the guests they can arrive at anytime and Ace u…


Sanskar:Ace u go and stand with Navya to welcome the guests


Swara:Wht did u send him there I had to give him other work

Sanskar:If ur not interested in spending time with ur love at least let him spend time with her

Swara:I am so sorry janu u know na I am so busy with the arrangements of my k lovely sister

Sanskar:Thats ok but u have to promise me something

Swara:Wht promise

Sanskar:U have to promise me that whenever I want to spend time with u no matter what it doing u have to listen me and do as I say and I won’t stop

Swara:Yes darling I will do as u say but can I go now as I have a lots to look at

Sanskar:Don’t take tension sweetheart u have done a commendable job.Raglak are going to love ur decoration and arrangements

Swara:I hope so (gives peek on his cheek)

Sanskar:If u want u can give me one more kiss

Swara:Pls let me go now I have to get ready Ragini di has choosen dress for me Navya and all of us So I have to wear it

Sanskar:Oh what she has got for u?tell me

Swara:(winks):for that u will have to wait and wait

Sanskar:Aww even Laksh has given me clothes bye will change and come and even u come fast I want to see u in traditional outfit

Swara:Yes of course now bye

(both went to change their clothes)


Ace(in mind):Omg she looks dam beautiful in that yellow saree gifted by Ragini

Ace:Hi beautiful

Navya(blushes):Hey Ace u here

Ace:Let me tell u one thing u looking ravishing today

Navya:Thanku so much ur looking dashing ur self

Ace(winks at her):I always look gud….just kidding I am nothing compared to u

Navya:U know we both are wearing matching-matching yellow color today

Ace:No matter what color u wear Red,blue,Pink,Green,orange etc u will always look beautiful to me

Navya(hits him in stomach):liar

Ace steps towards her So much that there is hardly some space left and he is about to sneak his hand around her waist and suddenly a guest arrives and Navya immediately takes a step back and both of them immediately attain the guest

After somethime Sanskar is waiting for Swara near stairs with pink sherwani with silver design and than he sees Swara walking down the stairs dressed in hot pink chiffon Saree with silver border and silver net designer blouse she had worn a hot pink lipstick which complemented in all ways with the saree she had worn silver bangles with silver anklets

Sanskar(mesmerized by her beauty):Omg Swara I am simply hypothesized by ur beauty ur the perfect example of beauty with brains

(Swara in a flirting manner pulls Sanskar by his collar towards her and says)

Swara(winking at him):Ur simply looking dashing and hot
(With those words she tries to leave but Sanskar immediately recovers from her sudden boldness and pulls her towards him. But she tries to escape him but then suddenly Laksh speaks out of no where)

Laksh (He puts his hand on sanskar’s shoulder): Sanskar Bro please leave her it’s my engagement and not a place where you can romance with your girlfriend and if my fiance sees this then she’s surely going to kick you out probably kill you.

Ragini (Intervenes in between): Laksh baby why are you taking my name and making him scared?

(She looks at Swara)

Thank God shona I finally found you, I’ve have to tell you that this decoration is marvelous. Me and laksh love it. Especially the place where you kept those rings on the rose petals on the top of the wine glass.

Swara (With a bright smile on her face): Di I’m so happy that you both loved it.

Sanskar (Looks at Swara): See sweetie I told you that you have done a commendable job and they’re surely going to love it.

(Gives her a side hug)

(Suddenly there’s a loud blaring of the speaker where the host announces “The first dance is by the couple Ragini and Laksh’s relatives Navya and Ace )

Raglak and Swasan all go to see Navya and Ace dance and all guest and family members are seeing the dance

The song plays and both of them are dancing

Tum bhee ho, mai bhee hu, pas aao,
toh keh du Aakhir kyun pal yu diwana mai ho gaya Tumhe Jo maine dekha,
tumhe jo maine jana

Jo hosh tha, woh toh gaya Badan kee yeh khushbu,
jatane lagee jadu Toh hoke bekabu,
dil kho gaya Tumhe jo maine socha,

tumhe jo maine mana Tumhe jo maine dekha, tumhe jo maine jana Jo hosh tha,
woh toh gaya Itni kyun tum khubsurat ho,

ke sab ko hairat ho Duneeya me sach much hee rehatee hai Pariyo se bhee jyada pyaree see ladki koi Han itanee kyun, bolo hasin tum ho,

jo dekhe gum sum ho Dekho na mai bhee hu khoya sa Behka sa mujhpe bhee chhayi hai diwangee Tumhee ko maine puja,

tumhee ko chaha pana Tumhe jo maine dekha, tumhe jo maine jana Jo hosh tha,
woh toh gaya Badan kee yeh khushbu,

jatane lagee jadu Toh hoke bekabu, dil kho gaya Tumhe jo maine dekha,
tumhe jo maine jana
Jo hosh tha,
woh toh gaya Tum bhee ho,

mai bhee hu,
pas aao,
toh keh du Tumne jo dekha toh kya jane kya ho gaya Jane kyun,
rehti hu khoyi see,
jagee na soyee see Abb dil me arman hai saanso me tufan hai Aankho me khwabo kee hai

chandni Aa…jane kyun,
behka sa yeh mann hai,
mehka sa yeh tan hai Chalti hu itrake,
sharmake Balkhake jaise koi raginee Tumhe jo maine samjha,

tumhe jo pehchana Tumhe jo maine dekha, tumhe jo maine jana Jo hosh tha,
woh toh gaya Badan kee yeh khushbu,
jatane lagee jadu Toh ho hoke bekabu,
dil kho gaya Tumhe jo maine dekha,
tumhe jo maine jana




(churaake dil mera, goriya chali)
Udaake nindiyaan, kahaan tu chali
(paagal hua, deewaana hua)
Kaisi yeh dil ki lagi

Ho, churaake dil tera, chali main chali
Mujhe kya pata, kahaan main chali
(manzil meri bas tu hi tu)
Teri gali main chali

Oh, churaake dil mera, goriya chali
Churaake dil tera, chali main chali

Abhi to lage hain chaahaton ke mele
Abhi dil mera dhadakanon se khele
Kisi mod par main tum ko pukaaroon
Bahaana koi bana to na loge

Agar main bata doon, mere dil men kya hai
To mujh se nigaahen chura to na loge
Agar badh gayi hai betaabiyaan
Kahin mujh se daaman chhuda to na loge

Kehata hai dil, dhadakate hue
Tum sanam hamaare, ham tumhaare hue
(manzil meri bas tu hi tu) (Repeat once)
Teri gali main chali

Oh, churaake dil mera, goriya chali
Churaake dil tera, chali main chali

Nahin bewafa tum, yeh mujh ko khabar hai
Badalati rutton se magar mujh ko dar hai
Nayi hasaraton ki nayi sej par tum
Naya phool koi saja to na loge

Vafaayen to mujh se bahut tumane ki hai
Magar is jahaan men haseen aur bhi hai
Qasam meri khaakar itana bata do
Kisi aur se dil laga to na loge
Dheere-dheere chori-chori, chupake-chupake aake mil
Toot na jaaye pyaar bhara yeh dil

(manzil meri bas tu hi tu) (Repeat once)
Teri gali main chali
Kumaar saanu:
Churaake dil mera, goriya chali


Raglak:Wow what a suprise u’ll gave us Awesome dance NavAce and swasan

SwaSan & NavAce:Thanks

Ragini:Now we are going to start the ring ceremony so Swara and Sanskar bring the rings pls

Swara:di we know ur in hurry for the ring

Sanskar:Ya I have selected for u and Swara had selected for Laksh as we are ur both’s siblings

Laksh:Ya we know lets see what Swara has selected I hope its not a human but a Vampire ring*winks at her

Swara:Ya u will go flat after looking at the ring

Ragini:And evn lets see what this Sanskar choosed for me

Sanskar:Ya of course


Sanskar (Smirks at her and walls towards her): Baby do you remember what you promised me in the morning?

Swara (Realises what he’s upto and subconsciously takes a step back and her back hits the wall): Sanskar me…I mean it’s not the right time for promises and…

Sanskar (He’s so close to her that he can hear her breathing getting rapid): No no no sweetie, a promise is a promise and I don’t believe in breaking them.

Swara (Gets a bit nervous and excited with their closeness): I promise I’ll make it up to you no matter what but let me go now?

Sanskar (Still smirking): Ummm let me think…. no. I kind of started liking our position right now.

Swara (Sighs): And what if they come in looking for us?
(A lock of Swara’s hair falls on her face)

Sanskar (Tucks that piece of hair behind her ear and looks deep into her eyes): You know what? Since the time I saw you in the morning I’ve been going crazy thinking about you. You simply drive me crazy. I want you right next to me 24/7. As much as you look amazing God I so wanted you change immediately because I didn’t want anyone else even looking at you but we can’t do that unfortunately. Anyways I so want to spend time with you and no excuses then okay?
*Gives her a kiss on her cheek*

Swara (Red as a tomato): You simply know how make me blush but now we need to get the rings.
(Swara goes towards where the rings are kept but Sanskar immediately pulls her back to him)

Sanskar (Gives her a look): Babe you’re forgetting something.

Swara (Totally confused): What am I forgetting?

Sanskar (Smirks): There three magical words.

Swara: Really? We’re doing this now?

Sanskar: The magical words or you stay here with me.

Swara (Blushing and smiling at the same time): Fine I love you now can we go?

Sanskar (Entirely happy now): Yes of course

Swara: Thank God finally now let’s go *Gives him a quick hug*

(At the sametime Navya walks in looking for them thinking what is taking them so long)

Navya: Shona, what was going on ha? I get it you can’t stay away from each other but at least try. *Starts laughing*

Swara: Nothing like that, we’re about to come out.

Sanskar (Trying to control his laugh): Yes exactly!

Navya: Yes you both were about to come out without taking the wine glass in which the rings are kept, that just proves you both were so distracted by each other.

Swara (Trying to change the subject): Whatever let’s go now otherwise everyone will keep wondering if we went inside to get the rings or make them

(Navya & Sanskar laugh saying yes and all three of them get the glass in which the rings are kept and walk out)

host:here they are with the glass on top of the rose petals were the ring is kept

Swara:before u’ll start let me make a small announcement about the special ring for the special couple

Laksh:Noo no not interested in ur rubbish talks

Swara:No no u have to listen to me

Ragini(glaring at Laksh):Laksh don’t trouble my sister


Swara:Ok guys now let me start that he is not going to interrupt us again.This ruby ring justifies their relationship which is filled with love,passion,fire,power as well as determination,strength and energy…..I hope they stay happy like this always

(Everyone claps)

Raglak:Thnx Swara and Sanskar for this beautiful ruby ring

Ragini wearing a purple beautiful lenhega and Laksh in purple sherwani take the ruby ring from the rose petal from the glass and put into each others finger the one which reaches their heart

(Evryn claps happily)

host:So now as this sweet couple have exchanged their rings now there is going to be game in which the will be partners in which The girl will be blindfolded and boy will tell her directions I mean guide her to reach the watermelon where it is placed in the room and she has to hit the melon with the stick


Host:Now the first couple Abhi and Reva are going to start so now Reva is blindfolded and Abvi will guide her but abhi u have to oly give directions not touch her


(Both try but end up screaming at each other..haha)

Host:So next is preeti and rahul

(Both are trying their best but fail)

(Many other couples try but don’t reach the watermelon)

Host:Now it’s Navya and Ace turns lets see if they are able to reach the watermelon and hit it

(Navya is blindfolded and Ace is busy seeing her)

Navya:Ace I can’t see anything tell me the directions

(Ace comes back to his senses)

Ace:Ok Navya go little left now right we are nearly reached

(Navya hears we reached and hits ACE with the stick)

(Evryn laughs)

Sanskar & Laksh:Ya Navya come on hit him

Ace:Ouch!!why are u hitting me

Navya:Oops sorry I thought we reached

Ace:never mind now go left again


Ace:Ahead and then right than left that little back and than right



Swara:Navya u didn’t get hurt na

(Ace comes back to his senses)



Ace:She fell on me I got hurt and Swara ur tensed about her and not me

Sanskar:Ya we are least bothered about donkeys


Ragini:Sry Ace don’t mind Laksh u keep quiet

Host:So now next is Swara and Sanskar

(Swara is blindfolded)

Swara:Sans guide me properly

Sanskar:I am there here Sweetheart

Swara:So let’s start

(Sanskar is giving instructions and Swara is listening silently and both are doing the task calmly)

Sanskar:go ahead little right now front

Swara:Yeah now where

Sanskar:Take 120° right now slightly left now hit

(Swara hits with full force and the melon is into pieces and is splashed on Sanskar’s face)

(Evryn laughs seeing melon on Sanskar’s face Swara is confused why evryn is laughing as she is still blindfolded )

The ribbon is now removed and evryn is clapping for Swasan

Swara(laughing seeing Sanskar’ face:Sans ur face

Sanskar:Ya what was the need to hit so badly

Host:So the winner are Swasan

Sanskar(near Swara’s ears):See I told u

Swara:Yeah!!we won

Host:So the price is a heart locket which Sanskar will put to Swara as a mark of their partnership and coordination

(sanskar puts locket in swara’s neck dp,ap and other family members are shocked bcz they don’t know about swasan love,they think its just for game)

precap:is something going to happen to sanskar or swara ?or they will save each other?

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