swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-15



Swara:hey sans & Ace gud mrng why u both are so silent

Ace:for ur kind information we are vampires we don’t make unwanted sound like humans we behave in a very disciplined way

Swara:what do u mean Vampire attitude and by the way u both remember rgt what promise u gave me yesterday u and Sanskar won’t fight for one day at least oh I am going to be lucky today

Sanskar:Ya we remember so it is quite today

Swara:Gud be like this oly always

Ace:Wht…always the deal was oly for one day

Sanskar:Ya onlyyyyy one day no more tolerating him than that


Ace:Yup ans I am so damn excited

Swara:for what


Laksh:bcz today is new moon

Ragini:Ya so u have ur breakfast we will have special dinner at ngt

Swara:Ya Thnx di…New moon I have heard about it

Ace:Ya we drink animal blood till we are satisfied and leave them alive


Sanskar(catching Swara waist):bhoooo



Swara:Sanskaarrrr what is this

Sanskar(in a teasing way):Mummy

Swara:di Sanskar is like that but ur also laughing

Ragini:Accha baba sorry we were have fun

Ace:Ya I was just telling u want we do..haha

Swara:I told u both not to fight so u both are troubling me today

Sanskar:Ya I am tolerating him so u have to also tolerate this

Ace:hey I am tolerating him

Swara:U both remember ur promise rgt


Ace:hey Swara darling I will take u for lunch out today bcz we will have new moon dinner at ngt that time u can’t come

Swara:Ya nyc idea

Ace: Come Swara let’s go

Swara: Yes sure, come on let’s go.


Sanskar : Even I’m coming with you both.

(And at the sametime sanskar’s mum calls him down to help her with stuff.)

Ace(in a teasing way): Oops looks like you can’t come with us anymore.

Sanskar: Thats ok I will join later when I am free

Swara(feels bad for sans): You sure?or we will not go

Sanskar: Yes Swara u go I will join u later don’t worry. (Smiles at her and goes down)

Ace: So Swara let’s go to Pizzeria Palace.

Swara: Yes I love that place.

(They reach the Pizzeria Palace)

(Swara settles down on a couch and Ace sits next to her)

Ace: So Swara what do you want to have?

Swara: I’ll just get a coke and a cheese burst pizza what about?

Ace: I’ll get that for you and you forgot I don’t really eat

Swara: I’m so sorry, I totally forgot.

Ace: That’s totally okay beautiful. I’ll go get that for you now.

Swara: Awww okay.

(Gets her the food)

Swara: Thank you so much Ace I wish Sanskar was here

Ace: That’s all right honey now come on munch up.


Ragini(in mind):Oh he is so restless thinking about Swara with Ace

Ragini:Sanskar u go there with Swara and Ace I will do the rest work

Sanskar(Happy):Thnx Ragini


Sanskar goes there and sees them chatting and laughing he is getting jealous

(Sanskar calls up Swara)

Swara:Sanskar what happened ur coming?

Sanskar:turn back

Swara:Sanskar u came we were missing u

Sanskar:U will be missing me but I am not sure about someone else(indirectly pointing at Ace)

(By the time they go out, Ace was about to sit in the front seat but Sanskar immediately stops him.)

Sanskar: Swara you sit in front okay? (Looks at her sternly)

Swara: Ummm okay. (And sits in front)

(By the time they reach home it nearly the time to go for a hunt)

Sanskar: Swara no matter what don’t go anywhere from here okay?

Swara: Yes definitely.

(The entire family go out for a hunt but they don’t kill the animal. They suck enough blood to keep the animal alive)

(By the time they reach home it’s beyond 12:30 and Swara is anxiously waiting for them)

(As soon as Sanskar and everyone enters the house Swara jumps on them)

Swara: I missed you people so much you know? Anyways now tell me everything okay come Sanskar tell me.

Sanskar: Yes I’ll tell you now.

Before that Swara winks at Ace to start the plan

(At the same time Ace took Ragini’s hand and took her to the study room. Laksh saw them going towards the study room and follows them.)

Ace (He corners her against a bookshelf and says) : You know beautiful I wanted to tell you something very important.

Ragini (Blushes): Ummm yes Ace?

Ace (Tucks her hair behind her ear): Well, I wanted to say that….

(He couldn’t complete the rest because he was thrown against the other wall)

Laksh: You better stay away form her get it? I swear I’ll rip you apart. (On the verge of killing him)

(With the voices coming from upstairs Sanskar and Swara go up)

Sanskar (Goes to stop Laksh): Bro calm down will you tell me what happened?

Laksh: This jerk had his hands on my Ragini how did he dare do that. (Again jumps towards Ace)

Ragini (Screams LOUDLY at him): It is my life. And anyways you don’t love me so why do you care even if he does anything to me?

Laksh (Looks at her and says in a dangerously low voice): Rags get this thing in you mind, you’re my soul mate and no guy, I repeat, no guy in this world will ever dare to touch you and you won’t allow a single one to do that either am I clear?

(Everyone is still in the room but keep pin drop silent)

Ragini: But why? Who are you to tell me that? Do you love me? NO. You go around flirting with different girls 24/7 and I have to sit and go through the torture. When you feel like it, you come close to me and then immediately distance yourself, why the hell don’t you make up your mind?

Laksh: FINE I LOVE YOU HAPPY? You got the truth from me. I loved you since day one but I was too much of a coward to say anything but now I told you so get it in your brains that you’re ONLY MINE that’s it.

Ragini (IN a sad tone) : Why didn’t you ever tell me this?

Laksh (He pulls her in a tight hug): I’m extremely sorry Rags I swear I wanted to tell you so many times but I just didn’t have the dam guts to and today after looking at him being so close to you made me lose it and I’m again so sorry for that.

Laksh (Gets on his knees): I don’t want to take anymore chance I can’t afford to lose you so, Ragini I love you a lot. I want you to be with me for ever and ever and I promise I’ll never let you go in my life. Will you be my girlfriend?

Ragini (Totally shocked): Oh my God yes I love you too. (PULLS HIM INTO BIG TIGHT HUG)

(Suddenly Sanskar, Swara and Ace start laughing loudly)

Laksh (With an annoyed expression): You all are laughing at such an important situation?

(Laksh looks at Ace and again get get angry but this time Ragini holds his hand pulls him towards her)

Ragini: Well, sweetie before you again start trying to kill him let me tell you one thing that this entire thing was a plan so that you’ll confess your love for me.

(They again start laughing except Laksh who had an annoyed expression)

Laksh (Looks at Ragini): Baby, whose idea was this?

Ragini: That’s for me to know and for you to find out.

*Sticks her tongue out at him*

Laksh (Smirks at her): Please tell me? *Gives her the puppy face*

Ragini: God! You know I can’t resit that look. It was Swara’s idea.

Swara (Hides behind Sanskar): Not \entirely my idea, even Sanskar was involved.

Laksh: Oh wait you two I’ll teach you both a lesson. (Playfully says this)

Ragini (Pulls him back): No no you won’t do anything like that, they’re the reason we are here together.

Ace: In fact you owe me an apology.

Laksh: Yeah right in your dreams *With that he hugs Ragini again.*



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