swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-12

vampires forever
part 12
(in uttra’s birthday party there are oly family memebers laksh,sanskar,uttra,­sujata….ap is with ragini in room bcz ragini can’t come in front of swara)(uttra and sujata conversation before swara comes)uttra:mom i am so happy i am celebrating my birthday in human style all this decoration in blue color my name on the wall this laten up swara did this for me i am so excited to meet hersujata:ya beta she is very pure from heart she did this all decoration before goinguttra:ya mom and this black dress which i have wore is so beautiful and that pendant gift i am eagerly waiting for her i didn’t knew humans are so nycsujata:ya they will reachlaksh:u know what she was watching vampire movies she said she love vampiresuttra:but that was movie so she must have said but she will get scared if she sees sanskar bhai in vampire formsujata:i don’t think so(swara rings the bell)laksh:she came i think i will open and bring sans and swara here(laksh opens the door)swara:hey lucky where is the birthday girl?laksh:ya she is inside in the room i decorated for her(all of them go inside the decorated room)

swara:happy birthday uttrauttra:thnx dear…nyc to meet u and this dress and pendant i loved it so much must say ur selection is awesomeswara:haha..thnxuttra:seriously!!and­ this decoration no words to say i guess blue is ur favourite color?swara:haha..yeah!!so­ i decorated ur room with all blue stuffsuttra:its really amazing!!swara:oh yeah i forgot about the cake come on lets cut it(laksh,sujata and uttra shocked howwill they eat cake and see sanskar laughing from behind swara)swara:cut the cake fast uttra!!(uttra cuts the cake everyn sings song,swara cuts one piece and is about to put in uttra’s mouth sanskar goes from there doing acting that he got call as he does not want to eat cake)uttra:no swara actually i am allergic to chocolate and the cake is chocolate oneswara:oh sry i didn’t knewsujata:swara this is for u dear u helped me so much in shopping i don’t know whether u will like it(it was a keychain with swara’s name on it)swara:wow aunty it’s so nicesujata:i am happy u liked itswara:aunty take cake u didn’t eatsujata(gives excuse since she also can’t eat human food):no beta i have diabetesswara:oh laksh i eat thanlaksh:no yaar i will eat tomorrow since i am not used to eat heavy at ngt sryswara:no problem eat tommrowlaksh:thnxswara:aunty i will take one piece for sanskar(laksh laughs loudlythinking about how sanskar will eathuman food everyone there sujata,uttra and swara look at him)swara:what happened lucky y are u laughing?

laksh:nothing just remembered a jokeswara:which tell me alsolaksh:actually..that­ i forgotswara(gives him a glare):ok finelaksh: i have some work so i’ll be back soon.(laksh goes to ragini’s room)ap: laksh beta now that you’re here, you can give her company and i can go down and meet swara properly.laksh: ya mum you in down i’ll be with her so that she doesn’t get bored.(ap goes down)ragini: lucky i’m extremely bored since couldn’t go out since past two days. so let’s go out for a drive? i need fresh air.laksh: yes ragini let’s go out that seems like a good idea.(they sneak out of the house and go for a long drive.)(laksh takes the car towards the jungle. ragini is looking at the starty ngt)(laksh starts singing )party sharty karenge,party sharty karengeparty sharty karenge karenge aaj tere naaldynamite teri-meri jodi soniyeho… party-sharty karenge, karenge aaj terenaaldynamite teri-meri jodi soniyelong drive pe chal chal challong drive pe chal chal challong drive pe chal mere naal soniyeragini (giving him a playful glare):are u trying to flirt with me but whatever it is pls stop u might turn me deaf todaylaksh :even if i am trying to flirt how does itmatter and i won’t stop singing(and he starts singing again)laksh:long drive pe chl…(ragini cuts him short my covering ismouth with her hand)ragini:laksh if u start again i swear i will throw u out of the car(laksh kisses her hand and ragani immediately removes her hand)ragini: eww! laksh what the hell?laksh: if you wanted me to kiss you all you had to do was ask me you don’t have to putyour fingers on my lips*winks at her*ragini: oh shut up you i did that because i didn’t want to listen to you’re so called melodious voice.

laksh : oh please you simply love my voiceaccept it already loveragini: whatever now let’s go she must have left till now.laksh : awww okay girl let’s go home(he takes a u turn and they go home)(at the same time in the house)(swara goes to sanskar room)swara:sanskar what happened y are u ignoring mesanskar:nthgswara:i am sry yaar i was getting late sosanskar:hmmswara(catching ears with a cute innocent face):sanskar i won’t go without telling u againsanskar(in mind :feels pity i am reacting too much)sanskar:its ok np by the way what are u hiding behind uswara:oh that cake for u nobody ate u will ate na i brought for u takesanskar(in mind:oh so all of them gave some or other excuse now i willhave to tolerate this human food torture)sanskar:no no let it be no need of thisswara:what no need than i will feel u didn’tforgive me(swara puts the cake in sanskar’s mouth)swara: actually i’m thirsty so i’ll go down and get some water, do you some too?sanskar (thinking to himself): my god if thisgirl goes down god knows what more i’ll have to eat and go through.sanskar: no no no swara don’t go down, i’llgo and get some water for.swara: awww thank you sanskar.(sanskar goes down and throws cake into the dustbin )

sanskar (in mind):what all this girl is making me do first she fed me the breakfast and now the cake god knows what all she is going to make me eat and now i have to give her services like water which first i will have to boil water bcz we don’t have drinking water at home as we are vampires duh!!)(sanskar goes up to the room)sanskar :here’s ur water drink itswara :oh and i thought u had gone to incident time to get me some watersanskar (in mind):ya i had to do something very similar to thatsanskar:ya i am sry(sanskar thrust the glass towards with too much force bcz of which the water splasheson her face)swara:all i asked was just for water u were so angry with that sarcastic comment that uthrew the water on my face (making a dramatic pose keeping her hand on her forehead says…..nahii yeh nahi ho sakta)

sanskar :enough that’s enough drama queen even u know that was by mistakeswara:ya i know it’s ok i was just trying to make u smile since u were angry on mesanskar :ya rgt that was not funny at all do u thing i am laughing rgt nowswara:accha sry na all i was trying to makeur mood a bit goodsanskar: ha! see i trolled you backswara: now that wasn’t funnysanskar:ok i won’t behave like uswara:haha. ..i am thirstysanskar :ok wait i will bring waterswara:no no if i send u i won’t get a glass of water today i will oly go down and get some water for myself(she snatches the glass from his hand)sanskar: wait even i’ll come with you downsince u don’t know where the kitchen isswara:ok as u wish come(they both go down)(swara and sanskar are passing by the living room and at the same time laksh and ragini lock the car and walk in through the door in the living room)

(precap- swara and ragini face to face)

by nikita

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