swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-11



Sujata:I am Sanskar’s Mom..Swara beta how are u feeling now?

Swara:Alot better Aunty

Sujata:Sanskar didn’t trouble u na?

Sanskar:Mom pls I don’t trouble anyone

Swara:Ya aunty he helped me yesterday… I would be thankful to him always

Sanskar:No need of that

Sujata:I am going for shopping to choose some gift for Uttra sans sister’s birthday So will have to go

Swara:Aunty would u mind if I come with u?

Sujata:Aare nyc beta I will get ur suggestion

Sanskar:Now u both will go for shopping and not come back today

Swara:Don’t tell say that otherwise we will even take u for shopping to catch all bags

Sanskar:Nooo sry baba


Sujata:Sans what happened u want to join us

Sanskar:No not at all I was telling I am going out for work for few hours

Sujata:Ok so u called to tell me that?

Sanskar:No mom I wanted to tell Swara something important

Sujata:oh…Swara sans wants to talk with u

Swara:ok…hello Sanskar what happened

Sanskar:I am going out for sometime for an important work so I will come at home and than drop u back to hostel ok till than don’t go anywhere wait for me and stay at my home ok?


(Suddenly swara points at a jewellery shop)

Swara: Aunty how about we go to that store? I think you’ll get great stuff over there for her?

Sujata: Yes beta let’s go there I too have a good feeling about that store.

(They go inside the store and look around for something nice)

(Both of them go to different different sections and look for something nice for her)

Swara: Aunty,look at this.
(Shows her a pearl pendant which is delicate and elegant at the same time)

Sujata: Oh my! That’s such a beautiful pendant, I think she’ll love it.

(She asks the sales man to pack it)

Sujata: Swara beta, do you mind coming with me to that shop as well? It’s Uttara’s her favourite place to shop and you have a lovely choice so can you help me select something lovely for her so that she can wear it for her birthday?

Swara: Yes of course aunty I’ll love too.

(They go to the shop on the second floor)

(They enter the shop and there were varieties of dresses)

Swara (Totally starstruck looking at those gorgeous dresses): There are such lovely dresses over here. My God look at these lovely black dresses and those latest collection are drool worthy It’s going to be a bit difficult searching for a dress for her but we’ll get the best for her. Oh and I totally for got what her dress size?
Sujata: Awww yes beta they are indeed beautiful and her dress size is somewhere between Medium and Large.

Swara: So firstly we’ll choose a dress for her and then you can choose the dress size how about that?

Sujata: Yes that seems like a plan.But beta find something in black color

(After hours of searching and digging into dresses Swara finally finds a perfect dress)

Swara: Aunty look at this?

(It was a black dress with delicate lace at the back and the sleeves)

Sujata: Oh my goodness that’s one lovely dress, Swara you have such a lovely choice, from now on you have to come with me for shopping always

Swara: Haha, yes aunty I promise I will come and thank you so much.

Sujata: You’re most welcome dear now come on let’s get the billing done.

Swara: Yes aunty let’s go

(They go to the parking lot and get in the car and then drive back home)

Swara: Aunty can I ask you something?

Sujata: Yes beta sure

Swara: Aunty why do you all mostly wear the colour black?

Sujata: Actually we kind of have a thing for black colour so I guess we mostly wear that colour.

Swara: Oh okay aunty.

(They reach home)

Sujata: Beta you must be exhausted why don’t you take some rest.

Swara: Yes aunty I will.

(Swara sits at the same place all alone for 20 minutes and then decides to explore the house)

Swara: Oh my God these paintings are so old yet beautiful. They’re simply marvelous.

(While exploring the house she comes to Ragini’s room and was about to enter the room but Laksh immediately stops her.)

Laksh: No no no Swara don’t go in there.

Swara: Uhh why?

Laksh: Because there are very very big lizards in there

Swara: Ahh! are you serious?

Laksh: When it comes to lizards, I never joke about them.

Swara:Ya thanks for telling they’re simply creepy

Laksh: Hey how about this let’s go down and watch a good movie?

Swara: Yes definitely, by the way what kind of movies do you like?

Laksh: I’m a big fan of horror movie, I simply love them.

Swara: You won’t believe but even I love horror movies

Laksh: Really? Which is your favourite horror movie?

Swara: Conjuring is the best and my favourite movie

Laksh: I know right that movie so good

Swara: You know what? We have such a lot of things in common, I’ve a feeling we’ll be great friends. (Smiles at him)

Laksh: Yes definitely Swara now come on let’s go.

(They go down to the living room and surf channels and there’s Vampires Diaries going on.)

Swara: Hey go back to the previous channel.

Laksh: Why Swara?

Swara: There’s Vampires Diaries going on that channel, please let’s watch Vampire Diaries. It’s my one of my favourite

Laksh: You like vampires?

Swara: I love vampires. They’re simply amazing

Sanskar (Smiles and thinks to himself): Good then she’ll happily accept Sanskar the way he is

(After hours of watching movies and getting to know each other)

Swara: I think it’s getting late I should go back now.

Laksh: Oh okay, I’ll drop you back to your hostel.

Swara:But Sanskar told he will come to drop me

Laksh:Hey may get late I will tell him no problem

(LAKSH Screams from the living room) Ma, I’m dropping Swara home so I’ll be back in sometime.
Sujata: Swara beta, I need to talk to you for a minute and laksh why don’t you get the car out till then?

Laksh: Yes sure, but please don’t take a lot of time okay?

Swara and Sujata at the same time: Yes now go.

(After 10 minutes Swara comes out smiling)

Laksh: Let’s go Swara?

Swara: Yes lucky.

Laksh: Swara what did she tell that you’re smiling so much?

Swara: That’s a secret between us you’re not suppose to know about it

Laksh: So bad but that’s okay I’ll get my hands on that secret

Swara:haha…lets see


(They listen to songs on their way back and they reach hostel soon)

Swara: Thank you lucky for dropping me here, bye bye.

Laksh: That’s all right Swara bye bye take care

Swara: You too.
(Goes inside the hostel to her room)

(What she didn’t expect was an anxious Navya waiting for her to arrive so that she can tell Navya what all exactly happened)

(As soon as Swara enters the room Navya jumps up to greet her)

Navya: Swara! Finally you decide to come, what all happened? Tell me everything right now

Swara: Yes yes yes Navya I’ll explain everything at least let me drink water first

Navya: Ya drink water and by then tell me everything.

Swara: Haha yes I will.
(Picks up her bottle and drinks water)

Swara: Ya I’ll tell you what all happened but you have to promise me that you’ll tell me what exactly happened last night because I remember nothing at all

Navya: Awww yes I promise I’ll tell you everything now start with the story already

Swara: So I don’t really remember what happened last night but in the morning when I woke up Sanskar was there right next to and then immediately Laksh got me some juice and medicines and trust me that was so needed.

Navya: Awww poor you but that’s okay whatever happens, happens for a reason.

Swara: Awww yes Navya, so after that Sujata aunty called me down for breakfast and…

Navya: Whose Sujata aunty?

Swara: Oh yes she’s Sanskar’s mum.

Navya: Oh okay continue.

Swara: After the breakfast Sanskar had to go out for some work so he asked me to stay at home only and at that time Sujata aunty was going for shopping for Sanskar’s sister so I asked her if I can accompany her and she said yes. I helped her choose gifts for her and by the way she loved my choice and once it all was done we went back home.

Navya: That’s so cute you’re already her favorite

Swara: Yeah right anyways after that she asked me to rest for sometime since the shopping was exhausting and after sitting at the same place I got bored so I decide to explore the house and then Laksh appeared out of no where and the best part is Laksh and I have such a lot of stuff in common. We both love the same movie and songs and stuff. After that he suggested that we should watch a movie and guess what was playing on the TV?

Navya: I don’t know?

Swara: Vampire Diaries and I was so happy when he agreed to watch that movie with me and then after that since it was getting late I told him I should go so he offered to drop me to the hostel and I said yes.

Swara: And now I’m here so now that you know what happened today, it’s your turn to tell me about yesterday.

Navya: Haha okay, so last night when Abhi asked me to dance with him you and Sanskar went and sat on one of the couches and Sanskar went outside to attend a phone call and by that time you nearly drank 3 glasses of rum and it was obvious that you were bound to get drunk after that, so I noticed you acting weird and stuff so I came to see if everything was alright so I asked him what happened and he told me everything. After that I couldn’t take you back to the hostel so I told him he’ll have to take you to his home and in the mean time you were all over him anyways so I helped him to carry you till the car and then he drove off.

Swara (Totally stunned by the information): Oh My God, did I really do all that?

Navya:Yes sweetie that’s what you did.

Swara: That’s so embarrassing.

(Meanwhile Sanskar reaches back home and starts searching for Swara)

Sanskar: Ma where is Swara?

Sujata: Oh she? She went home since she was getting late.

Sanskar (In a angry tone): But I asked her to wait. How did she go?

Sujata: Oh that you don’t worry Laksh had gone to from her.

Sanskar: Whatever (Storms out of the place)

(Around 11pm Sujata goes to Sanskar’s room)

Sujata: Sanskar beta are you okay?

Sanskar: Yes Ma. What happened?

Sujata: Will you go and pick Swara up? Actually she’s coming for your uttara’s birthday to wish her.

Sanskar (Beyond Pissed): Wait! What? Why would you invite her here?she is a human And why didn’t you tell me about it earlier?

Sujata: I thought it would be a good idea and I was about to tell you but you got angry and stormed away now go and pick her up.

Sanskar: Fine I’ll go.

(He reaches her hostel and she immediately gets in puts something in the cab and asks him to speed up)

(Sanskar is not ready to talk to her)

Swara: What happened to you? Are you okay?

Sanskar: Yes I’m okay and what did you keep in the backside?

Swara (Gets all excited): That’s the cake, I thought I should get a cake for her so I got one

Sanskar (Has a horrid expression): Oh My God this girl is going to force cake down our throats and uttara has to eat it first…haha I am eager for her expression


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