swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-10


(sanskar rings the bell ragini and laksh are shocked seeing sanskar and swara)

(there are oly 4 people at home rags,lucky ,sans ans swara others have gone out for function)

ragini:what happened sanskar y is swara smiling like a monkey and in ur arms

laksh:ya come inside lets take her in ur room

(after sanskar placing her on bed)

sanskar:aare u people called so i went to pick the phone till that this human…i mean swara drank rum she thought it is juice

ragini:omg!!she never drinks

(swara in druken state sees ragini)

swara:di ur here?i know u were alive….i miss u soooo much

ragini:she is totally drunk

sanskar:u don’t take tension she will be fine till tomm afternoon

laksh:yeah u go ragini if she remembers u tomm it will be a big problem

sanskar:ya ragini and ur new vampire still,if u get tempt by her strawberry smell

ragini:ur rgt u both take care of her ok

laksh:yeah!!u take rest

ragini:thnx…bye call me if any help is needed

swara:no di don’t go leaving me…

sanskar:swara u better sleep there is no didi here

swara:i saw

laksh:bcz ur drunk ur seeing and talking anything

sanskar:ya proper

laksh:u forgot sanskar u have to pick up evryn from function i would have gone but i don’t know the address


laksh:u don’t take tension i am there with her and even ragini is there in other room u go

sanskar:thnx lucky

(laksh in mind haha…now swara is not in her sense i can ask her about sanskar and swara is drunk so she will give all answer truth)


swara:haa wht happened?

laksh:ur sanskar friend and mine also na?

swara:ok friends

laksh:swara is sanskar a gud person

laksh:ya swara tell

swara:he is cute,handsome loving and has a heart of gold but…

laksh:but what swara?

swara:but he hides it i can see in his eyes he cares alot about me but doesn’t want to show i don’t know y he is behaving like this

laksh:oh i see

swara:do u know?

laksh:(in mind)how can i tell her bcz he is vampire and she is human

laksh:noo yaar u sleep now ur not well


(ragini comes to see swara after swara slept)

laksh:come in rags she is in deep sleep

ragini:laksh put blanket over her she is human she maybe feeling cold in this climate i can’t come near her since i am not used to her strawberry blood smell

laksh:yeah!!i know i will put

ragini:after so many months i am seeing my sister innocent face sleeping peacefully

laksh:ya i know ragini even she misses u alot

(bell rings)

laksh:sanskar came i think

ragini:ya i will open door

(everyone comes back from function)

ragini:that swara..

ap:ya beta sanskar told us

sujata:where is she i also want to see her sanskar was talking about her oly all the way in the car

sanskar:mom now don’t start again for searching a bride for me again she is just my friend and a human

sujata:i know sanskar she is human i just wanted to meet her since she is ragini’s sister

ragini:she is sleeping currently

sujata:oh no problem i will meet her in morning

(sanskar goes back to his room)

sanskar:lucky thanks for taking care of her know u can go

laksh: no yaar she is even my friend

sanskar:huh?from when

laksh:when u were not there we did friendship

sanskar:u know she was not in her senses

laksh:kk bye tc

(sanskar and swara are alone in room, sanskar is looking at swara’s innocent face)

(swara turns around in her sleep and few strands of her hair fall on her face.)

sanskar (tucks those few strands of her hair behind her hair): i wish you were a vampire, i’ve never told anyone this and i don’t think i’ll ever tell you this when you’re awake but you are one person who’s in my mind 24/7. but anyways good night swara.
(kisses her forehead)

sanskar (thinks to herself): dam what did i do? i need to keep a distance.

(as he was about to go swara in a dreamy state holds his hand)

swara: hey teddy, please don’t leave me?

sanskar (sighs): yes swara i won’t. (sits next to her)

swara (snuggles next to him): thank you cutie. (holds his hand and falls into deep sleep)

(sanskar stays with her the entire night right next to her, holding her hand.)

(meanwhile at ragini’s room.)

(laksh goes to ragini’s room and sits next to her)

laksh: rags what happened? what are you thinking about?

ragini: nothing lucky. (sounds a bit low)

laksh: you sound very low rags, please tell me what happened?

ragini: i met my sister after such a long time, i don’t know i feel guilty for hiding the truth from her.
laksh: rags, don’t feel guilty okay? it’s not your fault. just remember i’m always there for you no matter what.

ragini: i am trying. (hugs him tight)

laksh(hugs her back): i’m there for you always.

laksh: how about this we’ll watch a romcom movie

ragini: aww okay we will

(swara wakes up in the morning and looks to her left and sees that she has been holding sanskar’s hand all night long)

swara looks down and let’s go of his hand

swara:omg!i am sorry bcz of me u had to be awake the whole night

sanskar:no problem u needed my help and i had to be there
(in mind:i am vampire i didn’t sleep)

swara:ouch!my head feels like some is hammering my head

sanskar:ya i have told laksh to get u some asprin and lemon juice

laksh:here i am with ur
medicines and lemon juice

swara:thanku u laksh

laksh:no-no don’t call me laksh call me lucky


laksh:arre u forgot we became friends last ngt

(sanskar is grinning i had told laksh that she won’t remember what happened last ngt..haha)

swara:i really don’t remember what happened last ngt but still we will be friends

(and moves her hand ahead and smiles at him,and they both shake hands )

sanskar is stunned.. in mind:how does he do this it took me ages to be her friend and he is friends with her in a fraction of second

swara takes those medicine and drinks the lemon juice

swara:i hope i feel better after this

sanskar and laksh at the same time: don’t worry you will feel better

swara:yeah i hope so,and i wanted to talk about one more thing i saw ragini di last night here

sanskar:no u must be dreaming

laksh:ya sans is rgt how can she be here

swara:no u’ll have to believe me i have seen her here last ngt

laksh:it’s not at all possible u were drunk so u must have confused urself between dreams and reality

sanskar:if you want u can freshen up right now so that u feel more refreshed

swara: yes i will do that

(goes to the washroom)

laksh:see i told you she’ll be my friend

sanskar (throws a pillow on his face): go away laksh, trouble someone else.

laksh (throws the pillow back at him): what did i do?i am oly trying to be her friend

sanskar (again throws the pillow at laksh): shut up and go away.

laksh: looks like someone is getting jealous

(throws the pillow at sanskar but sanskar ducts down and at the same time swara comes out and the pillow hits on her face )

swara:ouch!!what are u two upto?
(and throws the pillow on laksh and they start pillow fight)

(ap comes there and calls all of them)

ap:come down for breakfast fast!!

sanskar:swara u go down we are coming in a minute

swara:yeah!but u both don’t start the pillow fight all over again

sanskar:ya-ya we won’t now u go and eat

(swara goes down)

laksh:since when we start having human food?

sanskar:aare stupid…we are doing drama so that she doesn’t know that we are vampires

laksh: but what will we do now?

sanskar: we will tell her that we have already eaten our breakfast.

laksh:yeah u have brains

sanskar:do u have any doubt?

laksh:ya i had

sanskar:so i hope now ur clear stupid always talking nonsense
laksh:ragini is inside the room

sanskar:ya swara is there so

laksh:you know she gave me a heart attack when she said she saw ragini yesterday

sanskar:ya i hope she will never come to know

laksh:i know ur scared for her bcz according to our night world law if a human comes to know that we exist we have to kill them

sanskar(with a sad face):yaa

laksh:why ur taking tension even if she comes to know she won’t tell anyone

sanskar:ya but…

laksh:i know ur scared if she sees u like a vampire she will run away from u but till how much i hv understood her she really loves u and she won’t leave u no matter wht

sanskar(surprised):w­hen did u understand her?

laksh:yesterday ngt when u were not there

sanskar:enough now lets go down


(both reach down)

swara:you both are late i was waiting for u both

laksh:actually i had my breakfast already

(before sanskar was going to give the same reason swara interrupts him )

swara:u didn’t breakfast have na since u were with me oly since yesterday so come sir lets have

sanskar(in mind):how am i going to eat human food save me from this girl

swara:what happened sanskar eat


(puts little in mouth in front of swara till than laksh helps him)

laksh:bhai u forgot u had to download that important file’s from laptop

sanskar:oh ya

(sanskar goes in washroom and throws the food in dustbin)

(swara finished her breakfast and sujata sees her sitting with laksh)

sujata(in mind):oh this girl is swara she so pretty and looks so innocent i wished she was a vampire than my sans&swara

ap:i know sujata what ur thinking but i don’t think we can help it we better leave it on our children let them deal with it

sujata:ya i will meet swara and come


precap:laksh does friendship with swara to know what is there in her heart for sanskar)

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