swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-1


SwaSan & RagLak
Vampires Forever
PART 1 Swara(packing her bag and looking at her sisters photo frame):Ragini di where are u this house is so silent without u 6 months has passed but feels like yesterday oly u were there with me..those days were so colourful I miss each and every moment I spend with uMom,Dad and Dida miss u soo much they regret the day they send u alone by flight

Shomi:Swara beta where are u finished packing u have to leave tomm by train to Kolkata and still ur dreaming here

Swara:No mom was just thinking about rag di
Shomi(thinking about that day of the past which changed their life’s took her daughter away from her) :Ragini u took everything did ur packing properly? all important files?
Ragini:Mom how many times ur going to ask me the same question I took everything all files,clothes,sweater happy now?

Shomi:Kk I was just remembering u I know how careless ur

Ragini:Mom don’t start ur lecture againI am grown up now ur daughter is going for a business trip from Mumbai to Kolkata by flight and ur scared of such small things packing and all instead of telling me goodbye with a happy faceand see that swara who is still sleeping go and give her lecture y oly me?
Shomi:let her sleep she is tired she came late yesterday from office


Shomi:Ok now take Dad’s and Dida’s blessing

Ragini:yeah!I know how can I forget that
Shomi:hmm (Ragini takes blessings) Dida and shekar :beta always be happy we now u will do the best
Ragini:thanks Dida and Dad atleast someone trust’s me
Shomi:Kk understood..swara get up see ragini is going wish her happy journey
(Swara gets up and hugs her sisters tightly) Swara:bye di happy journey will miss u
Ragini:Miss u too shona (shekar leaves ragini at airport)
shekar:beta happy journey be careful and call after u reach
Ragini:Yeah! sure (Ragini does security checking and airport takes her boarding passes and sits in Airplane the flight was going smoothly but suddenly the climate changed huge clouds like black mountains were coming on the way of the plane the plane started jumping and twisting and suddenly crashed near a jungle
(Swara watching news started screaming)

Shomi: what happened y are u screaming like mad

Swara crying:Mom the flight on which di was suppose to reach Kolkata crashed
Shomi:No this can’t happen my rag…(And faints)(they go there but couldn’t find ragini police tells them many people are not found maybe they got crushed)
now in present

Swara: what are u dreaming now mom?

Shomi:nothing beta was thinking
about…leave u finished ur packing
Swara:Mom how many times should I tell u Ragini di is alive she is somewhere in this world she will meet us one day and police also didn’t found her means she is alive now be happy


Credit to: nikita

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