swasan and Raglak true love story (Episode 4)


Hello guys I am back with my ff. Sriya is back with her ff. thanks for ur comments keep commenting.
So here is the 4th episode:-
Recap: – ragini and laksh to tell this to their siblings.
Laksh kissed ragini’s forehead in happiness. They both decided tell this to their siblings.
Their siblings were happy for ragini and laksh.
@ Sanskar house
Sanskar told the incident to ragini when he was angry with Mohit for proposing swara.
Ragini (thinking):- I think sanskar started liking swara but I think I should not tell this to sanskar right now because first I should know whether swara is perfect for my bro or not. So I will tell sanskar that I want to meet swara’s family. I will ask him now only.
Ragini: – sanskar I want to meet swara’s family.

Sanskar: – why sis u wants to meet swara’s family???
Ragini: – I was just asking like this only she is Ur best frnd and ya in starting u only didn’t pay attention to girls now ur having a girl as ur best frnd. That’s why I was asking u.
Sanskar: – okay di but she have only her bro her parents died at a small age. I will tell this to her and ask her bro to come to meet u. ( guys I have told before only na that ragini doesn’t know that swara is laksh sis and same with laksh).

Then sanskar tells this to swara and tells to her bro to meet his sis at xyz hotel.
@ Xyz hotel:-
Raglak reach the place. And they both see each other they hug each other. And ragini tells to laksh that I came here to meet swara‘s bro who is sanskar’s best frnd.
Laksh:- what is ur relationship with sanskar and I am bro of swara who is sanskar’s best frnd. Why u came to meet me? You have met me so many times Na.
ragini:- laksh actually I am sanskar ‘ sis and I came to meet u becuz I don’t know that u are swara’s bro. I came to meet u becuz I think my bro started liking ur sis. Then she tells the whole incident to laksh. Laksh laughs listening whole incident .
ragini sis fuming in anger laksh notices this and kisses and ragini’s cheek. Ragini leaves from there angrily leaving laksh alone laksh thinks girls are impossible we don’t know that one they become happy or when they become angry.
@ night Swara house

Swara stays awake thinking that sanskar will call her she wait for so many hours and slept peacefully . at morning she gets a call it was of sanskar. She gets angry and picks up the call.
Swara starts scolding sanskar badly you idiot u stupid u brainless creature. Cant u call me yesterday night I was waiting for ur call for so many hours and after that I slept.
Sanskar:- sorry swara I am really sorry and ya who the hell said u to wait for me without sleeping cant u take care of ur health first u only mistake without taking care of ur health and scolding me only. Answer me damn it answer.

Swara(crying):- sorry sanskar . I only did mistake u were right. Please don’t speak like that to me u are my best frnd na.
Sanskar (sad face):- sorry swara I shouldn’t have shouted u like that. Swara u are crying please don’t cry swara. I can’t see tears in Ur eyes. Now wipe Ur tears and smile.
Ragini listened this whole conversation and smiled. She leaves from there.
Swasan decided to go out and enjoy with each other. First they go to panipuri shop and they do competition with each other. Sanskar wins the game. After that swasan go to ice-cream parlour. They both same time say choco -chip ice cream. And they both laugh telling same thing at the same time. After that they go for a long drive. They both enjoy with each other a lot. Then sanskar drops swara to her home.

Swasan chat with each other whole night and slept thinking about each other.
Next morning:-
@swalak house:-
Laksh makes a plan to convince ragini and smiles. He tells his plan to swara and swara also likes the plan. She thinks to tease laksh.
Swara:- I don’t know that u are so romantic bro when u will bring my bhabhi to this home.
Laksh: – stop teasing me and do ur own work. By the way u know for whom I am making plan is ur best frnd sanskar sis.
Swara: – I don’t know that any way thanks for telling me yesterday whole day I spent and enjoyed with him. But he didn’t bother to tell me I will teach him a lesson for sure. Saying this she smirks.

Precap: – sanskar to bear the punishment given by swara. Laksh to take ragini on a romantic date.

Guys so tell me how was the episode. Tell me through ur comments. See u at next episode. Till then bye.
Love u all
Keep smiling.

Credit to: Sriya

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