swasan and Raglak true love story (Episode 3)


Hello guys I am back with third episode of my ff . I am Sriya. Guys I want to tell u a thing that soon love will blossom between swasan and raglak and raglak misunderstanding will be cleared in this leap. Guys I am taking leap of two months. Thanks for ur comments keep commenting.
Recap: swara and sanskar to become more close frnds.
So here is the second episode:

Swasan eyelock is disturbed by all clapping sound. They feel awkward between them.
All praise them for their dance. Then they all go to their respective homes.
Two months leap
Swasan become close day by day and raglak come to know about that and feel happy for their bro and sis. (Guys actually laksh doesn’t know that sanskar is ragini’s bro and same with ragini).

@swara College
Swara gets happy seeing sanskar’s call that that time only mohit proposes swara sanskar listens this. Sanskar is fuming in anger.
Swara: Mohit I never thought u as my better half. I have only seen u as my frnd. So it is better u leave me.
Mohit: okay swara I am really sorry I think I should forget u. I am going bye don’t feel bad for me.
Swara (guilty face): don’t feel sad please.
Mohit: don’t worry I am not sad I have now only know that it was just attraction.
Swara: now I have to leave home.
Sanskar listens this and swara talks with him .

sanskar house
Swara and Sanskar are talking with each other.
Sanskar: what the hell swara how can he propose u should have slapped him na.
Swara: why u are feeling angry he has proposed me then what is ur problem?
Sanskar: sorry swara I am ur frnd so that is why I was saying don’t take me wrong.
Swara: its okay sanskar I have not taken ur words seriously by the way its midnight. I will call u tomorrow.

Ragini gets a call from her frnd Sindhu. She tells ragini to meet her at xyz hotel room no 6.
Laksh gets a call from his frnd raj and he also tells him the same place.
They both reach there and are shocked to see each other. They remember their moments with each other.
There they see there frnds and they clear their misunderstanding and they get to know that it was a plan to separate them and they show video to them when the misunderstanding happened between them. They hug each other in happiness and laksh kissed ragini’s forehead.
Precap: ragini and laksh to tell this to their siblings.
Guys so how was this episode I know it is short but next chappy will be long and today maybe I will be not be able to post my first ff a big sorry from side but tomorrow I will post definitely. Please tell me am I a bad writer because I am not able to post regularly my first ff and I have not started swasan love story in both the ffs.

Credit to: sriya

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  2. Hi Sreya!! You were not at all a bad writer. Who will say you as a bad writer as you were posting late. But don’t be so late dear as they are n number of ffs and people can’t get connected to the story as there are many and I would be difficult if the gap is more.
    You have mentioned about another ff right. May I know the name of that ff. If you are not having time, try to complete one ff and then continue the other dear. Its just only my opinion. It’s your choice dear how you want to proceed.

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