Am I Yours???? – A Swasan Fanfic. Chapter 1

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Am I Yours???- A Swasan Fanfic Chapter 1
Swara’s POV
“Hey Kanhaji, Please make my Sanskar win this time also. Otherwise I will not talk with you. I know you never fulfilled my wish but please this time fulfil my wish…Please…” This is the prayer which I am doing from last five days…Guess why? Because on that day only I got to know that my Sanskar has taken part in singing competition. Now you all will be confused why I am praying for him. So I am revealing the suspense…I am praying for him because I love him. Today is the competition. I am very nervous. Don’t be shock as I am nervous…This is called True Love…
Swara, someone called me…I know who will be…Of course, She will be my Ragu…And Guess what?
Swara, come fast that will be her dialogue…
Coming Ragu. I replied to her…Now You all will be thinking that Who is Ragu…So Let me tell about her…Ragini Gadodia, My Best Friend cum My Soul Sister cum my mother cum my father cum my brother…This much Qualities She is having…She is a best friend who will be there when nobody will be there for me…She is my soul sister with whom I can share all my problems…She is my mother who scolds me but loves me also…She is my father who supports me in every decision of my life…She is my brother who protects me from evil eyes…In short she is my family…She is an angel from heaven…God has sent her for making my colourless life colourful…
I love her more than Sanskar…If Sanskar is my heart then Ragini is my soul…No one can take her place in my life not even my Parents…I just want to tell you Ragini Please never leave me and never ever hate me like my Parents…And I Promise that I will love you as I do…
Swara’s Pov ends…


Ragini’s POV
She was praying to God when I saw her…I know what she will be praying…She will be praying for Sanskar…Oh God, I just wonder how she can be this much happy even she gets so much of taunts, hatred from her own so called family…Her Mother calls her bl**dy b***c…Really how can she call her like this even she calls her like this in the front of guests also…But still Swara prays for them also…Really She is an angel….She is my best friend…She knows my all weakness but shows me my strengths ; feels my fears but fortifies my faith; sees my anxieties but frees my spirit; recognizes my disabilities but emphasizes my possibilities. She is she…
She always says that Ragini I am bless to have you in my life but in real I am the one who is blessed to have her in my life…
I opened my bag to take out my phone but I found an envelope…In curiosity, I have opened it…There was a letter and a greeting card and a locket …A beautiful greeting card of Heart shape where pictures of two friends were made holding each other’s hand… Inside it is was written That….
What is Friendship???
The relation between one heart❤ and another heart❤ is called love but relation between heart and heartbeat is called friendship …..
I love my friend neither with my heart nor with my mind.
Just in case heart might stop, Mind can forget. I love them with my soul.
Soul never stops or forgets.
I was spell bound seeing her love towards me…I read next page…

Friendship – A Bond of Love – A Magic
A bond of love,
a medal of trust.
A shoulder in sadness,
a hand in darkness.
A special relation to hold,
an ear where secrets can be told.
An appreciator for encouragement,
something that doesn’t cost.
A jewel never to be lost.
Is the magic called?
My Dear F R I E N D Ragini
I was crying reading these lines…I am really blessed to have a friend like her… Now I don’t have this much strength to read her letter but I opened it…

Hey Ragu,
I know you will be crying…So be a good girl and stop crying…Ragini I hate tears…
Ragini smiled in tears…
That’s like my rags…Listen Pagli, Today is Friendship Day…I know you remembered it…You know what I am very blessed to have a friend like you…We are friends from 14 years…The day when you become my friend was the best day of my life…I have never got love from my parents but you gave me a love of parents…You are an angel, my angel…I am giving you a locket in which SR is written…Don’t think that the meaning of SR Is Shah Rukh…It is Swaragini…I have also the same locket and I am giving you too…So please wear it…Always wear it…Okay…Are Pagli say Okay…At last I only want to say that you are my soul…So never hurt my soul…Otherwise situation will be worse for you…I hope you get it…
One more thing Pagli, We were Swaragini, We are Swaragini and We will be Swaragini….
Bye and Take Care,
Love u loads
Your Mental Friend,
Ragini was just speechless…She kissed the letter and wore the locket…
Thank you so much God for giving me a friend like her…Swara I promise I will never leave you and never ever will hate you like your so called parents But Please Love Me like you Do….
Ragini’ Pov End


So Guys First of all A Friendship Day to you all…I know I am very late at wishing…Sorry for that…And How is chappy??
Tell me through comments…Please Comment…OK…I will post next chappy on Sunday…Till then Bye
Love u all…………………..


  1. Prakriti19


    TU I want to kill you…Why they have changed the title I gave given the title
    Am I yours-A Swasan Fanfic Chapter 1…TU really you are very bad…First of all you have posted late and then you made unnecessary changes in whole Episode…Some lines you have removed…Feeling to kill you

  2. Serena

    |Registered Member

    Omg my doll is such a good writer…I liked swaragini’s bond…n why swara’s parents hate her…

    well yE toh galat baat hai…..😕😕😕
    Sunday take wait karna padega😨😨😨

    Actually m also with u in killing tu as they posted my ss also very late..😡😡

    • Prakriti19


      Thank you so much Di for ur sweet comment…Well Why Swara’s parent hate her…That you will know in coming Episodes…Really I am fed with TU…They take 6 hours to post one ff…Keep Guessing why Swara’s parent hate her…
      Bye and Love u loads Di

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