Swasan & raglak – After the Strom(ss)episode 6(B)

Hello friends ..seeba here.I am glad you are liking both couples track..

Episode 6 B:
Laksh was shocked and confused to see the person in front of him..
Laksh: ma..you here..

Sharmista:ya laksh..I want to give you this
By saying this she gave him papers.

Laksh who was confused..kept the gift box in his pant pocket and read the papers..
By seeing the paper ,he lose his grip on the punch of roses which he holded delicately till now was land on the ground..

Sharmista couldn’t get his state.. Bcz he should be happy now,finally he got what he wished..but he is not..

Shar: what happened laksh?

Laksh: (in choked voice)m..maa this

Shar: ragini asked me to gave you ..I was heading towards MM..but by seeing your message,I came here..

Laksh: message..but

Shar: ragini’s mobile is with me..

Laksh: but ragini

Shar: she is not here laksh..

Laksh: but..maa

Shar: i know laksh..what she did was unforgivable..but she is repending for her mistakes and ready to set everything right..
Already we sent property papers to your lawyer..
Everthing is fine laksh..

Laksh:no ma..no ..everything is not fine..

Shar: y beta..this is want you wanted..

Laksh: I wish to give a chance for my marriage life with ragini..

Shar:(smile faintly)..but this is sympathy laksh..pls..don’t do this..your hatredness is better than sympathy..
She recovered from her obsession,we don’t want her to enter in to the dark world again..

Laksh: no ma..no..this is not sympathy..I really want to live with her..

Shar: but its too late beta..she is not here..

Laksh: I will go wherever she is..pls tell ..where is she..

Shar: ..

Laksh: ma..pls..


Laksh: pls…i promise you..i won’t force her..i can’t miss her who loves me madly..
I will get back her as my wife..

Shar: she is going to shimla..joined as music teacher in little flowers residential school..

Laksh: thank you ma..

Shar: think once again laksh..she needs love not chance..

By saying this she went from there leaving laksh confuse..

Omi: now..what are you going to do bhai??

Laksh: I don’t know bhai…but one thing i understood,i should not miss her..

Omi:(smiles)..decide soon..what you have to do?ball is in your court..but time is not a statue..

Laksh: (remains silent for minutes and smile)book flight tickets for shimla…

Omi smiles and did funny steps ..they pull each others leg and moved to house for packing..

Park restaurant

Everyone settled to have their dinner..
Sanskar make sure to have seat next to swara..

Like sanskar is sitting in between swara and kavitha..

Opposite to them..parish and uttara .

Swara silently have her dinner..while sans is holding her left hand under table with his left hand..
And caressing it..swara tried hard to remove her hand from his grip..but he is adamant..
Uttara who bend down to take fallen fork was saw this and giggles..

Kavitha notice the way sanskar eyeing swara by his corner of his eyes with smirk..
Without saying anything..she complete her dinner..and went to hand wash..

Others completed too.. While Crossing the wash room,two men teased her..

Sanskar,who came after her notice this..signalled her to not consider them..
She knows sanskar never like to argue or fight with rogues that too in public..

Swara was admiring the aquarium which is two pleasant to see in the light of latents and in the centre of garden..

The same two men who teased kavitha is now ogling swara with lustful eyes and passes nasty comments..swara didn’t notice but sanskar and kavitha listened them..
Without saying anything sanskar went…
They are settled in car..
But sanskar excuse and went inside the restaurant..

Sans:bhai..I forgot my wallet..I think it will be on the table..I will get it..

Without waiting for reply ,he rushed leaving others confused..aft ten minutes he came back..

He started the car when kavitha saw the two men who teased her was struggling to walk or to say they are crawling to their car..
She didn’t say anything and remains silent.
They headed towards MM..
Swara closed her eyes and recall the scene which made her felt guilty..
Before coming to restaurant,they went to temple..they were buzy in praying,as usual sans buzy in staring her..
To attend a call ,sans went away..at that time ,swara notice kavitha is not there for past 10 mins..

She went to search her and notice that she is praying whole hearted by standing in front of durga ma idol…in front of tree..

She went near her,but stopped by listening her words which is quite audible to her…

Kav: Ma..thank you giving me second chance to live my life..I will be greatful for swara to give me this…ma..pls bless sanskar with all the prosperities and he should be happy always..we both missed happiness in our life for last five years..pls bless us to stay together forever..now, only he is my reason for existence..no one is there for me…he is my only hope..my reason to live..

Swara couldn’t hear anymore and move from there immediately ..
Flashback ends..

They reached MM ..its too late, so all went to sleep..
But sanskar is restless to speak with swara..

At midnight ,he went to her room..it is unlocked as he expected ,there she is standing near the window..
He slowly move towards her and back hug her,making swara startled..
Precap: ragini in shimla and new entry..

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