Swasan & raglak – After the Strom(ss)episode 6(A)

Hello friends. Seeba here.I am overwhelmed by ur response and love. It means lot to me.
This ss is focus on both couples..sorry for not reply last episode..

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Recap: swasan,kavitha,uttara,parish got ready for picnic..laksh determined to give chance for his marriage life with rags. Other side rags ready with divorce papers ..

Episode 6:
Youngsters leave MM to enjoy the day..
They don’t have any plan about the day,they decided to go along with the way..
Sanskar stop the car by seeing Mela which is specially arranged for durga pooja..

All entered in the mela..swara maintained distance from sanskar..bcz Kavitha is roaming with him by holding his hands..
Which is unbearable for her to see her love with other girl..
Uttara trying all possible way to cheer up swara while she is giving fake smile..

Sanskar signals uttara something..and she shouted seeing gaint wheel..
She forcefully take swara along with them..and pari along with uttara made swasan to sit together.. And take Kavitha with them..
Ie now parish,uttara and Kavitha sitting together..

Swasan are sitting together with strangers ..
Sans: swara if u afaird ,hold my hands..

Swara didn’t react but once they start to operate gaint wheel…she cling to sanskar who is smiling winningly..and hold her tight..

Till it stops,swasan are clinging with each other..
After this ,kavitha who sees them clinging with each other while get down was sad and jealous..she felt insecure..

Swara distance from him after this gaint wheel ride..
Kavitha looks very upset …
All are taking good care for her..but something is missing..
After this,they went to park.
But swara continuously avoiding sanskar..
Kavitha never left sans even for a minute..so it became tough for sans to speak with swara..
They headed towards restarant..
Laksh reached MM by evening..
Only watchman and two servants are there..He knew about youngsters picnic plan and his parents and chacha,chachi went to attend marriage function..
From sanskar he got to know ragini and shemish returning to Calcutta,but he was unaware of ragini’s decision..

He wants to make the day special for him and ragini,as it is their fresh start after huge mess happened in their life…
He is standing in front of mirror and practising how to tell his proposal to ragini..
Whereas Omi who is sitting on couch is teasing him..
Ya,laksh was too nervous and tensed so he called Omi,his best friend after sanskar..

Laksh:hii..ragini..how r u?mmm..mm..shall we go for date??

No..no.lucky..what she will think ..(extend his hand)hello ragini..come back to home..

Omi: bhaiii..ha ha ha..what is this bhai..she is your wife..u r behaving like teenage lover..

Laksh: u idiot ,instead of supporting me..u r laughing at me(and throw the pillow on his face)..

Omi:relax bhai.speak what you feel by heart..sure bhabi will accept you..

Laksh:hope so.. I want to make this day special for her..but I don’t know what to do..

(Suddenly he remember something and jump in excitement)..yaaay..I got it..what to do.. Ragini be ready..

Omi confusingly look at his bestie who became mad..but laksh is in his own world..
Unaware of twist and turns coming in his life..

Laksh and omi are in college ground..(where swaragini studied & laksh came to meet ragini personally at first time)
It is Sunday..only watchmen are there.Lucky bribed them and entered into college ground..

He along with omi decorating the place with white and red rose with colourful latents..
It is simple but elegant..
Laksh is dressed in red shirt and black pant..

It is 6.30 pm.Everything is ready..he messaged ragini to come here to speak important matter..bcz he wants to speak with her face to face..

He is walking to and fro and blaberring to himself whereas omi continuously pulling his leg..

Watchman gave missed call to lucky..indicating arrival of ragini..

Lucky : ok ..omi ..u hide behind tree..she is coming.we speak personal talks….

Omi: sure..sure..bcz I have to be here to take u..if bhabi broke ur bones aft listening your stupid blabbering which u consider as guzzle..

Lucky kick him and he ran from there..to give private time to raglak..

Laksh heared foot steps and turn back with nervousness with excitement ..
He has punch of red roses and gift in his hands…
He is shocked and confused to see the person in front of him…


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    Fabulous update. I loved how Swara held onto Sanskar and Laksh’s excitement to propose Ragini. He was so cute. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

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  5. Raglak scenes are amazing, try to add more

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    Awesome update dear…

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  8. Please add swasan scenes more. Today’s swasan scene was awesome and try to make sanskar talk to Swara soon.

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    awesome…laksh going to propose ragini…interesting

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    .may be shekar….who has come on behalf of ragu. …I hope my guess is right. ..anyways awesome update upload next one asap plzz

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    Loved it… wondering who or what shocked him?! Update soon ❣️❣️

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