Swasan & raglak – After the Strom(ss)episode 5

Hi friends sorry for late update.Due to health issues I couldn’t update on time.sorrrrrryyyy…thanks a lot for ur support.

Link of previous epi :
Episode 4

Episode 5 :

Sanskar driving towards to his home…but stopped seeing music instrument shop…his eyes focus on the guitar which is on show case..he get an idea…
He bought the guitar and drove to his home with the hope of making everything right..
He rushed to his room.on the way he asked uttara to send swara to his room…

Uttara did what her brother told..she is happy for her bhaiya and bhabhi…
Sanskar is in washroom..hearing the sound of someone playing guitar…he is happy ..she is there…he got fresh up and open the door and shock to see the scene…

Kavitha is playing guitar.. By hearing the door opening sound she stopped.and hugged him tightly.

Kavitha: sanskar..thank you so much.I know you will surprise me for my birthday .this is wonderful gift.I loved it.

By saying this she smiles widely..
Sanskar remember today is kavitha’s birthday .and he don’t want to spoil her this day.by take back this guitar.
So he covered it.

Sanskar: Happy birthday kavitha.

Kavitha hugged him and he just smile.

Swara who entered witnessed the whole scene & ran to her room.

Sanskar see this and made execuses and ran after her.

Sans: oh..shit not again.
He followed her and she tried to close the door.but before that sanskar enter and close the door.

San: swaraa..listen .you are misunderstood the situation..

Swara: no sanskar.everything is clear now.now I get what to do.

Sanskar: (tense)whatt

Swara: yes..I meant it..
I understood my place in your life..
You came for revenge,I became victim.and you understood your mistake and helped me in proving my innocence…
In this process ,you thought you love me…and I misunderstood that we are mean for each other….and reciprocate the love..
(Sans stood there with teary eyes by listening her)

Now your love is back..you people mean for each other.. Now I am the up struggle
In your life …

Tomorrow I will leave from here…by saying this she open the door and ran from there…leaving shattered sanskar behind…

Sans: why? Swara ..why?How could you said those things to me…you never understand me…..you are my life ..damn it..

Uttara got sad by seeing his brother state..she decided to do something..and move to pari room..

Next day..

In Banaras:

Dadaji and dadi decided to stay in dadi sister house for some days…shemish and ragini returning to Calcutta..

In MM..

All r in hall..except kavitha…
Park signals and uttara starts her plan..

Uttara: badi papa…I feel very bore..today is Sunday…but there is no entertainment… Shall we go for outing..

Dp: no ma.we have to attend Mr.mehra ‘s function..

Uttara: its ok…badepapa..

She became sad…by seeing her Dp suggest an idea…

Dp: but uttara..don’t worry ..you youngsters will go…myself,ram,sujatha and annupurna will attend the function..

Uttara: thank you ..bade papa..will go for picnic…and hug pari..

There comes swara with her bags..all set to leave..

Swara: Bade papa..mom informed me today they r returning..so its time for me to leave…

Sanskar who watching her every move didn’t say anything…he is just staring her..

Uttara: but bhabhi..we are planning for picnic…you should join us…if not I will not go…

Kavitha who came there listening uttara words felt uncomfortable… Bcz uttara is calling swara as bhabhi even now..but calling her as di..

Kavitha: leave it uttara…may be she has important work..
We will go…

This irks all..its clearly shows she don’t want swara to stay here…

Swara: nothing like that kavitha…uttara I am coming for you…

Uttara hugged her and smile..
Uttara wink at parish and show thumps up to sanskar who is smiling at his little sister..kavitha felt sad bcz of swara’s importance in this house..

Youngsters get ready for picnic..
Laksh is heading towards Calcutta to start new journey with hopes.

Laksh(monologue):ragini.i am sorry.i create a mess in ur life..Now i will set everything right.i want to give chance to our relation, i hope our new start will be good for us and all.
I am desperate to see your reaction,when i am going to tell u my decision..
I am coming ragini..to u..

He bought gift for her..

On other side.ragini ,shemish heading towards Calcutta in car..whereas ragini has a file which contains divorce paper and property papers.

All ur sadness,problems are come to end,laksh.I know you will be very happy to see this divorce papers.
Now u r free laksh..
She saw the mangalsutra in her hand which she got by tricks not by love..she hold it tightly, she knows this is the last day she is holding it..a lonely tear roll down on his cheek but not bcz of pain but bcz of satisfaction to make everything right..

Screen freezes with excited face of laksh and emotionless face of ragini.

Precap: ragini in Simla,swara in baadi.

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