Swasan & Raglak – After the Storm (SS) Episode 2


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Recap: kavitha entry..ragini go to baadi with her parents.Sanskar told Kavitha swara is his wife

Maheswari mansion
Sanskar: she is not stranger Kavitha.she is my wife
Swara Sanskar Maheswari
Kavitha is shocked
All the guest are left and now only MM people and Kavitha are in MM
In study room
Dp,Ap,Ram,Sujatha,swasan and Kavitha are presented

Kavitha is sobbing continuously.Ap and sujju are consoling her.swasan stealing glances with each other
In the process of consoling,sujatha spit out that swasan are heading towards divorce and their marriage was forced one
Other than kavitha All are giving death glare to sujatha who didn’t even notice this
Kavitha jumped with joy and hugged sanskar immediately
Swara cursed her fate to get such a lovely mother in law.That’s it for swara,she is about to speak but stopped by hearing DP voice
DP: ragini is the one who played games and blackmailed me.I was the one who got swara’s signature in divorce paper without her knowledge
This revealation makes everyone shock.DP assure swara through his eyes.Sanskar was sure swara didn’t sign the papers herself but he didn’t expect his bade papa involvement in this..he looks at his wife who is staring him with painful eyes..
Ap: ji what are you saying?

Dp: this is the truth annupurna
Kavitha is shocked But she is also get to know swasan marriage is forced one
Kavitha:?But their marriage was happened only by force
Sanskar is your marriage with swara was forced one?
I mean it happened without yours and swara’s wish
Kavitha:?In these years,is anything have changed.. (She is now holding his hand)tell me….pls…i can’t able to loose you again pls ?
Sanskar:?nodded his no..
Kavitha is really happy and hug him

All are cursed sujatha in their mind for her idiotic behaviour which made situation worse

Two pair of eyes notices sanskar’s every reaction
They are DP and Swara

Dp understood he needs sometime to come out of this shock which he is facing now he lived his life for five long years with revenge and thought of her death.Now he need sometime to speak out his heart

Swara couldn’t bear what are all happening infront of her eyes their closeness sanskar’s reaction it is making her weak
Tears are making its way?
she turn her face to hide her tears but it is noticed by DP
DP: It is very late now all are tired and shocked by happenings of today incident so it would be better if we speak tommorow

Kavitha was about to speak but DP cut off her by saying
DP: Annupurna show guest room to Kavitha .(and sign her to take her to guest room)

After they left swara by seeing
Swara: Badepapa i think i should take a leave now
(This shocks sanskar,because she is not seeing him)
Dp:No beta,it is too late…you should stay here..
Swara: But
DP: no beta ..you should stay here
Swara: ji badepapa
and left to stay in separate room (not swasan room)without seeing sanskar
All are left to their room..

In Laksh room
Laksh is feeling suffocated and roaming here and there
He remembered sumi words and open cupboard which ragini used and shocked to see sleeping pills he is feeling restless and went out

In garden
Laksh sat on the bench and closed his eyes.
Flashes of his meeting with ragini in her college (Their first private meeting)the way she hesitated to shake her hands her humbleness are haunting him he jerked and look around

In Baadi
Since they reach home,ragini didn’t speak anything.shemish decided to give some time for her
Ragini is her room
Standing near the window and stare the moon blankly she is standing without any emotion
She come out of her trance by listening convo of her neighbours outside which is quite audible to her

Lady 1: I don’t know why they brought her again here?
Lady 2: she is their daughter…so they have the responsibility to correct her
Lady 1: Do u think ,this ragini will change??mark my words…she will again do some drama and spoil her family name
Lady 3: She is curse to this family…we should never let our daughters to speak with her
Lady1: i agree
After this they left
But here ragini who heard all this….weeping silently by closing her mouth she remember how people used to say her as pride of Gadodiya family.she feels she is lonely in this world
She took her mother’s saree and clutch it tightly and crying silently but stopped when she feel touch on her shoulder
Sumi couldn’t bear this and hugged her tightly and make her sleep by placing her head on her lab.ragini holding her sumi hand tightly like her whole world is depend on her…sumi cares her hair with love and care

Shekar who watch this,decide something and move to speak with his father
Maheswari mansion
Sanskar is in complete shock.he was living his life with hatred and vengence towards his own family for death of kavitha for five long years
He came back to destroy his own family for kavitha’s death which they are not at all responsible

In this process of revenge he showed an innocent girl Ragini to darkness,spoiled his lovable brother’s life and his wife what to say..he hurt her in all possible way for the revenge which is now comes to know meaningless and impulsive act
He is also worried about swara’s reaction because she didn’t even look at him in study room he couldn’t bear her ignorance

Sanskar to himself: I am the root cause of all the mess happening now,so I should be the one who take responsibility to set everything at right place

Suddenly someone hugged him from back and whisper sanskar

Sanskar: kavitha

Kavitha: don’t you happy with my return

Sanskar: what are you saying?
I am really happy

Kavitha: then you are not smiling
Sanskar: Five years i hve beleived you are no more it is just i am making myself understand that you are alive now
Kavitha smiled and hugged him tightly which he didn’t expect but wrap his arm around her in concern

This is all seen by swara who came to meet him get disheartened and ran without anyone notice
Locking herself in room, cried her heart out” How could you do this to me,sanskarI couldn’t bear this what is my mistake in this Is it my fault to love you deeply?I couldn’t bear this distance between us more than that your closeness with her is killing me I LOVE YOU Sanskar it is really hurting me.
she is also afaird, it is because sanskar stood against his own family and ready to destroy them for this kavitha she is feeling restless and helpless right now later she slept because of continuous weeping
After sending of kavitha by making excuse, he came to speak with swara but seeing door locked and light off he guessed she is slept and return to his room with the hope of making everything right soon

>>WRITER:Sheeba <<<

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