Swasan & Raglak – After the Storm (SS) Episode 1

Hello eveyone..this is my alternate take on kavitha’s entry track…focus on both the couple..this is short story composed of 9-10episodes Max..Hope you all like this…

INTRO OF THE WRITER: Hello everyone this ur Divyanshri here…..U must be thinking this is my story but u all r wrong….. this is not my story….
this is Seeba di’s story….. she has wrote it down completely not a word is mine…… as she is not registered member…. I am posting on behalf of her…….. n she is the one who always helps me in my ffs……


Story starts with sanskar entry in party hall by holding his head(same as in swaragini serial..ie Kavitha entry track but in my WAY)

By seeing sanskar that girl(kaveri’s daughter)with full of longingness and love ran towards him

Swara: Sanskar(and starts to ran towards him)
But before her that girl (kaveri’s daughter)overtook swara and hugged him tightly where sanskar is stand with blank expression.he wrapped his arm around her and with choked voice said “Kavitha”

All are shocked
Swara felt someone peirced her soul and step back with heavy heart and painful eyes by seeing her love in this state
Tears are making way to her cheeks uncontrollably

When sanskar said Kavitha ,Ragini immediately shift her look towards swara who is standing beside her as soulless

Though they have lot of differences but seeing her in that state ,her heart skip abit and unknowingly tears roll down from eyes

Here sanskar is horrified,numb and surprised to see her alive and sound infront of him,after five years..His legs are like paralysed and he couldn’t even move an inch..but he is releived to know she is alive…he wrapped his arm around her in concern and care..after all she is the girl whom he loved once
Yes loved once….Reality hit him and his eyes search her…there she is ..his wife,his life,his reason to alive is standing there ,but with pale face and complaining eyes which is red due to continuously shedding tears
He is puzzled and follow her eyes and notice he is still hugging kavitha..and he understood her state..he saw her shivering hand which is holding mangalsutra is now loosen the grip and it lands on the floor
He remove his hand from kavitha….
They have painful eyelock
Her tears are haunting him,which he hate the most….Now he became the reason for her ,this state..
Sanskar come out of the trance by a voice..

Kaveri: (shouts)kavita..
Kavita descend from stairs by holding sanskar’s hand…

Dp: sorry beta,it is because of my community members,you had suffered a lot..please forgive me..
All are confused..
Kavitha: No uncle.. You don’t need to be guilty,it is my mom who set goons to hurt me and sanskar…

Swara: what are you saying??
Kavitha:yes swara..sanskar and I were college mates, we love each other more in our college days,but his family oppose our relation because I am Bengali…
Then we planned to do marriage by elope…on marriage day in temple,my mom set goons to hurt us because sanskar came out of his house…so he was not rich anymore…i were in pool of blood and fainted then got conscious in hospital,before one year..
By saying this she cling to sanskar by holding his hand tightly…

Swara couln’t see this and turn her face..
Dp: but sanskar??
Sanskar: By seeing her in pool of blood, I thought she was dead…and some one hit my head and thrown me into river…
Kavitha: My mom kept me under house arrest..with the help of swara i reached here and got my love(and tighten her grip)

This hurts swara more ,their closeness..
Police reach the venue by the call of laksh and arrested kaveri and took her from there…

sujatha…asked Dp to make dadi and ragini too get arrested ..but Dp refused by saying this is our family matter..
In all this matter…kavitha is clinging to sanskar by holding his hands tightly..which gives burning sensation for someone..
Obviously,that someone is sanskar’s wife..Swara Sanskar Maheswari..

Swara very well knew..sanskar loved kavitha once…but now he is her husband,her sanskar..only she has right on him….

Swara is giving death glare to sanskar continuously..where he is trying to move away from kavitha…but it seems impossible…

Their eye convo is broken by Shekar’s voice..

Shekar asked ragini to see, this is what generous of great people…even after wat are all you done..they forgave you…
Now it is enough…handover the property to them..and come to our home..

Dadi:shekar..stop this..my laddo(before she complete she got a tight slap)..

All are shocked..
Dadaji: stop it ..parvati..you have spoke a lot and done a lot..
You are the one who spoiled her..she is like this …it is only bcz of you..

Dadi: ji….i didn’t..
Shekar:(loud voice) enough ma….
Not today…
Every time i tried to be an ideal son…and i failed as father..
It is because of my ideal son image ..my daughter swara had to live as fatherless child for 20 years…
((swara is having tears in her eyes,sanskar want to hold her immediately and console her…but right now it is not possible… ))
its enough…
If I would have punished Ragini when I came to know what she did to swara..this would have not happened…ragini is the one who forced laksh to take such decision of killing her…bcz she spoiled his life…he is not swara to forgive her easily…

Rag: no papa..they have hurted me..how can I forgive them..

Shekar: is it ragini?
It is you who is the root cause of all problem..It is my mistake who didn’t stop you at right time…for what you did..if they take revenge on you…it has no end..because you did sins not mistake.

Rag: papa i know what i am doing…i(before she complete she got a tight slap)
It is sharmista..

Shar: you are always consider me as your mom…it is my responsibility too..to correct you..
Do you even imagine ,what you are doing ?
Ragini once who respect elders words ,humble,innocent and kind hearted who cares for even a stranger…But now ..This ragini mind is filled with venom and evil thoughts…Insulting all irrespective of their age and relation..

(With choking voice)enough ragu…you are thinking that you are destroying Laksh and his family …but truth is you are destroying yourself..
You are doing all this because Laksh don’t love you and only hates you….
Rag: ma..
Sharmista: Why you have to force your love when he is not even considering it..This is all started because of your obsession over him,not love..You have your own future in which you can find your true love which you deserve…is this love for him is more important than your self respect???
(Rag seeing Laksh with blank expression)
For god shake…Let him go….if he is in your destiny…he will come back to you..you even started to take sleeping bills…enough beta(by crying)I want my daughter back.. Please give her to me..
Rag: maa(choking voice)
Sharmista hug her and by caressing her hair….
Sharmista: not a word…come with us..right now and hold her hand..

Shekar: forgive us Dp ji..

All are in shock..because they don’t know how to react..

Shekar: tomorrow you will get back all properties on your name.. And turn to leave…

But shemish turn towards swara who signs them that she will come later…and don’t worry about her..

Shemish hold ragini hand and leave from there.While going ragini didn’t even look at anyone..e .whereas Dada gives death glare to dadi..who is still holding her cheeks…they too move from there..
By seeing this scenario ,two people are drown in guilt and unknown pain..
Sanskar is in guilt ,because he was the one who introduced ragini to the darkness for his revenge which seems impulsive act now by the recent happenings and Laksh felt unknown pain,he don’t know why because he should be happy now.. Finally ragini left his life..but he is not…

Kavitha move towards swara…
Kavitha: Thank you..swara,for helping me a lot.. Thank you so much..
Even you are stranger to this family… You did a lot to my sanskar and his family…

Swara(to herself):My Sanskar…my foot..he is my husband..
Her thought was interrupt by sanskar’s voice..
Sanskar: she is not stranger Kavitha..she is my wife..
Swara Sanskar Maheswari..

Kavitha is shocked

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