Swasan + Raglak Realization of Love Pt 2

Swasan + Raglak Fan Fiction Pt 2

Sypnosis of Part 1
Diwali celebration are ongoing at Maheshwari House. Swara’s beginning to realize Sanskaar’s importance. While Ragini is realizing Swara’s pure and immense love for her. The last part ended when there’s an explosion noise coming from outside.

Scene 1
Everyone rushes outside to see Sanskaar bleeding out beside the car. They are all distraught and are running towards him.
Swara is screaming his name and running towards him, when she arrives to him, taking his head in her lap
Swara says: Sanskaar, don’t worry nothing will happen to you
Sanskaar faintly smiles and says : Swara relax it’s only just a few scratches…
(he falls unconscious before Swara could reply) Swara starts crying inconsolably
Sujata is unable to form any words and is inconsolable while Annapurna keeps repeating: My son is injured, Someone call the doctor, take him to the hospital, Do something!
Minutes later everyone is getting the cars taking Sanskaar to the hospital

Scene 2 (At the hospital)
Sanskaar is being treated in the ICU
Swara is waiting outside the room with the rest of the family
Annapurna and Sujata are inconsolably crying and Swara come to them
She (Swara) say: Maa, Mom don’t worry our Sanskaar is not that weak that this will effect him, you just wait
They both look at her and smile for a brief moment before realizing the reality of Sanskaar’s condition again.
While DP & RP are also distraught:
DP: Ram, we just got our old Sanskaar back,
RP: Yes, Bhai sa I don’t know why god keeps playing with my son’s life
Laksh is also seen concerned for his Bhai’s condition and is remembering all of Sanlak’s memories from childhood.
Laksh (to himself): Why did this happen to Bhai, I admit because of my love for Swara, I thought you betrayed, But I love you, you’re my family! Please God make him well soon!
While Ragini (is wondering to herself): How could I do this to Sanskaar? How could I betray Swara again? I thought I had enough time to change my plan, fate played a game with us again.
Flashback: Ragini’s men are fixing a bomb underneath Sanskaar’s car and telling her the moment he’s gonna open the door, the car will explode. (Earlier Sanskaar came with DP & RP in their car)
Ragini (to herself): I’m going to tell everyone the truth God, Please help me make amends of the situation. Heal Sanskaar as soon as possible.
When the doctor come out and informs everyone if Sanskaar doesn’t become conscious with in the next 24 hours and everyone is left dumbstrucked
They all start crying harder as they are informed that they can meet Sanskaar (who’s still unconscious).

Precap: Swara keeps saying to an unconscious Sanskaar : Sanskaar wake up! Please open your eyes! You’re my best friend , and don’t you remember you promised me that you will never leave me alone! Come on wake up!

Sorry guys if this isn’t something you liked, I mentioned in my previous post that I’m not the best writer so forgive me for my mistakes. Also I’m really sorry if my writing has offended you in any way that wasn’t my intention.

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