Swasan + Raglak Realization of Love Pt 1

Swasan + Raglak Realization of Love Pt 1

Based on the current track with some adjustments (Sorry if don’t like it – it”s my first time writing) ( Guys in my FF, Ragini will repent and become old Ragini again)

Diwali preparations are going on in MM, Everyone is busy in house decorations and preparations for the upcoming Diwali. Annapurna asks Swara and Ragini to make a rangoli as it is very auspicious occasion. Uttara has came back home after completing her exams. Swara is worrying why Sanskaar hasn’t come home yet.
Swara (in her mind); Sanskaar should have been here already, where is he? but why do I care so much, it’s not like I love him
Suddenly she sees him come with DP, and she feels a bit relaxed, he comes to her and tells her
Sanskaar: Swara I will just change and come downstairs to help you guys set up the rest of the decorations
Swara replies “ok” and he leaves towards his room
Meanwhile, Ragini is thinking of old swaragini moments on the eve of Diwali and wondering if her revenge to hurt Swara and Sanskaar is right?
Ragin(to herself)i: Am I doing the right thing hurting Sanskaar? What if Swara loves him? I have already snatched her love once, is it right to her to do it again?
She (Rags) accidently drops a Pooja thal and suddenly Sujatha comes
Sujatha: What did you do? Do you realize what an inauspicious thing is it to drop a Pooja thali? Why do want to ruin our family’s happiness? What do you want from us?
Ragini feels so upset and insulted by her harsh remarks
Swara then comes, and takes Sujatha on the side
Swara: Mom you’re still misunderstanding Ragini, she doesn’t remember anything and I have forgiven her for the past, also I love her immensely and completely trust her, so Please for me try to accept her.
Sujata: She’s fooling you Swara, taking advantage of your trust and love for her, she’s faking her memory loss
Swara: Mom please, I know she will never do that, she’s made mistakes in the past now but she won’t do it again I know that I’m sure of it (Swaragini plays in the bg )
While hearing this Ragini has a flashbacks of all the SwaRagini moments in the past and she realizes how Swara’s sisterly love towards her immensely pure and decides to tell Swara the truth.
She goes towards Swara (who is now making a rangoli in front on the temple)
Ragini: Swara I need to tell you something
Swara: Hold on Ragini, let me finish making the rangoli and then we’ll talk ok?
Ragini: Swara it is very important and I need to tell you urgently
Swara: ok Baba what is it?
Annapurna comes to them and asks Swara about Sanskaar
Annapurna: Swara where is Sanskaar? He should be ready by now
Swara: Maa, he just now went to the car to get a Diwali gift for Uttara
Ragini (shocked thinking she had more time) What? Sanskaar went to his car?
Suddenly there’s an explosion noise coming from outside.

Precap :Everyone rush outside to see Sanskaar bleeding out on the pavement while the car is on fire.

Sorry If this was a complete waste of your time guys, I’m not a great writer and I’m really sorry if my writing has offended anyone in anyway

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  1. Good Yaar..is ragini responsible for the explosion?

  2. carry on dear

  3. Trust me, this is awesome.! I loved the old Ragini was really missing her. I am glad there is someone who shares the same opinion as me. And about your writing skills, they are great. 🙂 please continue.

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  8. Everyone can’t write stories ….u shld be proud yaar …and sisterly love is the best thing ….tis episode was quite emotional,…..pls unite swasan with pure bond of love ❤


  9. oh my gosh…. finially swara realising her luv for sansakar now wht happend this blooody blast its very sad…. i love to wact swaragini only for swasan now this happpend due to ragini how did she can do this i think bheind this blast its ragins hand nd hope so that sankaar shuld save for swara plezzz………………..

  10. ooh yaar kita emotional nd loveing episode hai ye kb ayega tv pr…. hope so in next week am realy waiting for love between swara and sanakar…. i can’t wait now is episode ko pdne ke baad am really mad to watch next episode

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    Dont tell me d d explosion…. is ragini responsible for it !!!

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