SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 9


Its RagSan’s haldi ceremony today all r hapoy exceot Swara. These 6yrs she has forgotten him but still she doesn’t know whats that feeling.
“Di get up its already 7 u’r not yet ready? Get up na?”
“5 mins plz!”
“Ur telly this since last half an hour”
Swara is actually not asleep but she had to act infront of her as she couldn’t show that she was crying.
“Di will u get up or……?”
“Hmm… “, getting up wiping her tears.
“Di what happened?????…… ur crying?????…… did i do something wrong?? Ha di????……. ”
“No…. No …. Lado i was crying coz ur going to leave na so…. Ok now im going to get ready we have haldi na??……”
She leaves not letting Ragini to speak. “Di i know ur hiding something!!, afterall im ur sis”
Ragini leaves.
A lil later Maheswari’s arrive.
All welcome them.

Ap- so shall we start its already late! Sumi- ya ap ji.
Haldi ceremony get started. Swara applies Haldi on Ragini & so does Sanlak.
Swara goes near Laksh & both smirks looking at each other. After some tym everyone has completed applying haldi, suddenly Swara comes from behind & covers Sanskar’s whole face with Haldi.
“What the hell Swara!”
She runs around. “He he! Sanky u can’t catch me!! ???????”
“Huh!! I’ll kill u today Swara ki bacchi! I’ll definitely kill u!”
All look shocked at them. Sanskar wips his face & run behind her. She goes to her room & was about to fall when Sanskar holds her. They have a cute eyelock. He leans to her & was about to kiss her when–
Raglak- ahemm ahemm!!….
Raglak came in. “So what were u doing with my hubby????……”, a lil harsh.
Swasan composed themselves.
“Nothing lyk dat Ragini. Its just by mistake.”
RagLak laughed aloud & left. Sanskar turned towards Swara & applied haldi on her face. “Sanky u,??…..”
Suddenly her phone rang & a smile spread on her lips. Sanskar peeped into her phone & saw
RAHUL calling…….
She recieved it!
“Come out to ur hall! Where functions r going on! I hv a surprise.”

“Uff!! Come out u’ll get to know.”
“Owkkk! I m coming.”
Swara reached the hall & was surprised to see Riya & Rahul.
Riya came running towards Swara
“Mom”, she hugged swara tight. Swara recriprocated.
“So my baby was missing me??”
”Yeah! She was making me mad by asking about u!” Rahul replied.
They hugged. All were surprised to see whats going on.
Sanskar was fuming. Ragini came up.
“Di who r they?????……”
“This is Riya my daughter & this is Rahul Singhania, my husband”
All stood up & froze.
“Swara when did u marry??,…… U never said that?”
“Actually ma after leaving Kolkata! I went to Banglore wid Singhania Uncle. He was always there beside me. He supported me & Rahul was his son i came to know him eventually. Finally we fell in love & days later we married.”

All were happy! “So thats why u work for Singhania’s”, Sanskar said eyeing her angrily.
“So come Rahul, she is my sis Ragini & this is…..”
“Sanskar, right????……”
“How did u know him,????……”
“Oh! I came to know when he gazed u!!”
“Ok ok i m srry!!”
All were a bit stunned.
@evening after function ended.
“So Swara how was my acting???….”
“Perfect except the last part! We need to act till Ragsan aren’t married.”
“But its n’t right Swara! Ur keeping a daughter away from her father.”
“He himself moved back i didn’t ask him to…”
“Its a waste of tym talking to u!”
“I know”

Precap- Riya gets unconcious. Sanskar slaps Swara hard, infront of everyone.

Guys i could post this much only u have to wait for 21st march, my last exam. Plz PRAY for me plz. It was written on special request, i m sorry for making u wait long i’ m srry. I hope u’ll try & understand. I m having boards. So….
Thank you.

Credit to: jaf

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