SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 8

So guys this is the next part hope u’ll lyk it.
“My heart skips when I hear her cry”, he said looking away. He had tears in his eyes. “How can I make her cry?? Am I selfish??” Ya ur selfish bhai u took swara with ur car today, u didn’t inform me. I got to know from Ragini, how could u?? I m picking her up since past 1 week??”, saying that lucky made faces. Whereas sanky was facing his back towards lucky. “ya I know I’m selfish, I made her cry always its been 7yrs, still she’s crying. And today also…. “ his voice sank. Lucky- Wait bhai about whom r u talking??

Sanky was so much lost in his thoughts that he immediately responded “ swara”.
Lucky froze for a second. Lucky- bhai swara? I mean u how do u know her?? Yesterday at that party u both behaved as u both know each other very well?? Is everything fine bro??”
Sanskar was weeping now & he was unable to hide his tears. He just tried to wipe them off when lucky dragged him to the bed. Lucky- enough of crying now bhai speak

He asked sanskar to lay down, and made him sleep in his lap and caressed his hair. Sanskar melted. It has been 6yrs lucky that I m searching for her. 6yrs r not short? I didn’t want to marry when mom forced me coz I alwys loved her. But this tym when mom asked me I just said yes, in a hope that I wont get her back in my lyf but see today when I got her back as my to be wifes sis. Huh??
He again started” actually she was 1 yr younger to me we were in st. Xaviers, Banglore. It was the 1st day of the academic year. At that tym I was a spoilt brat. I saw her and started my flirthing & in turn I grt kisses but I got a slap. I wanted to take my revenge & started to act as a frnd.we turned her frnd within 1 week. We became so close that we fell for each other. She was so sweet that I fell in love wid her and she came to know about my deeds & she left me all alone without letting me to explain when I reached her hostel that day I came to she had already left for her home.”

Sanskar still had tears in his eyes. Lucky also felt bad. His heart broke completely. “ so bro what r u thinking will u make her return to ur lyf once again??”, lucky asked with excitement. Sanskar- ya I will make her return. Coz I know she too loves me. And doesn’t want to accept that. I’ll surely make her return to my lyf once again.”

Swara while recalls
Fb starts
when she calls sanskar at 1;00 am and talks wid him about just nothing.
Sansky- so swara r u calling me at this tym to ask me wat I m doing??
Swara- ya I thought u were sleeping?

Sanky- ya I m sleeping. Now go let me sleep & u too sleep.
Swara- I cant sleep as I had a fight wid my sis & I m crying right now and I wont return to hostel. I will go somewhere else. But where???? Hmmmmm….. i’ll find my destination. Ok bye good ni8. Sanky’s heart sank he was just a frnd of hers till now but now may be he has started falling for her so he called her but it wasn’t reachable. He quickly reached to a beach nearby & found her there. There she was dipping her leg into that water wid a beautiful smile. Wid her hairs open. He came to her and sat next to her. Sanky- so???????????…. u had a fight wid her again??
Swara- I didn’t start she started at 1st. I don’t know what has happened to her but I’ll soon find the reason. Its just been a year that we have started quarreling. I don’t know she alwys taunts me of having no mom and sometyms she says that I’m her stepsis. She no more loves me….. I must die.” she cries bitterly. Sanskar notices her red eyes. And hugs her. “ never say that I love u na… and I know my loves enough for u” he says while hugging her. Swara- I don’t knw why sanskar I feel comfortable in ur arms I feel protective….”

She breaks the hug & comes closer to him. She makes her lips touch his & they share a passionate kiss. After a while, sanskar takes her in his arms and heads towards his car. They go to his farmhouse where they kiss & get intimate. Same day at the evening she comes to know about his betrayal & leaves for Kolkata where she is thrown out of her house by sumi for making their lives hell & hurting ragini, though it was just by mistake. Ragini also joins sumi and asks her to leave.”
Fb ends.

Sanskar at that tym u were my reason behind me staying ALIVE and now ur daughter. Who gives me strength to fight & live my life. If she wasn’t had been there then I would have died really.

Precap- swara reveals that she is married to Rahul. Swasan dance, Rahul’s entry.

Suppense over tym for swasan. Guys I’m not going to show Raglak as they will come after swasan union. So u have to wait. And ya here rags is not a villain. I saw someone asking me that querry.and ya I’m not able to give the links bcoz im using a chottu mobile these days coz of my exms as I’m too much addicted to mobiles so I can only post and comment. Silent readers plz do comment & others too.

guys sorry for the late update! hope u guys enjoyed it

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