SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 7

guys for the late update but my exams were on so…. I hope u’ll understand so let’s start:
Recap- swasan meet
Swara gets shockd seeing sanskar.
Lucky gets a bit jealous….. Coz swasan was having an intense eyelock…
Raglak goes & confronts them. Swara this is Bhai…..
Swara- nyc to meet u Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. She gives a playful smile. Sanskar- hi Ms. Swara Gadodia. he smirks. Raglak together – so u both know each other right??
Rags- moreover di! meet ur jiju! She points towards sanky….
Swara couldn’t believe her eyes. It was lyk her whole world has shattered. She was unable to control herself she was in the verge of crying. Sanskar who was facing her could feel the pain but suddenly pareenita entered n asks them to come inside. Swasanraglak came inside. Swara who was still in shock was suddenly interrupted by her PA. Pa- mam u said of making an announcement.??
Swara who got back into her world said ya ya I m going there only….
Swara taking the mic- its really a special day for my company the SINGHANIA’s & for the MAHESHWARi’s …. We r going to start our project just after 2 weeks. So all d very beat for d workers & also thanks to the maheswari’s for having faith in us. Thank u & yes plz enjoy the party.

An hour passed & sanskar’s eyes were constantly searching for swara. He has met her after such a long tym yet now she isn’t visible anywhere…
He now went to the terrace as he knew she must be there.
And yes he was right. She was there looking at the moon. Her eyes were glittering and someone could easily feel the pain she was going through. Sanskar her from behind.
Sanskar- u know swara how much I did miss u. U could not even imagine how much I wanted u. I needed u?? I searched for u everywhere. I didn’t find u n I thought I would not meet u again but……

Swara- and I’ll never meet me again. She pushed him & just turned towards him and said- sanskar its good we didn’t meet coz I NVR wanted to meet never show me ur face again. I told u , u won’t reach me. And ya ure my to be jiju so behave lyk that not as my boyfriend. Saying that she left. Sanskar- I know how its to leave a life lyk dis but my gal I’ll get u back. I’ll get u back in my lyf coz I love u so much. And ya I’ll be ur boy not anything else. He smirked. Down there lucky was waiting for his lady love swara. Who came down shedding tears. She had forgotten everything. Coz she was crying after almost 6yrs. She was followed by sanky. Lucky- darling r u crying?? so my lady cries too. That too lyk a baby. See awww!!… My Jaan… He was laughing all along.

Sanky who stood behind her stood jealous. His own brother was flirting aid his ex.
Swara- nothing lyk DAT Jaan. She held her hand & went. Sanky stood there jealous. His heart started wrenching. The ni8 ended.
Next mirning-
Sanskar- In his mind.
I have to speak to her before she acts. I know I have given her lots of pain and I can only heal her.
He reached gm.
He saw swara coming out.
Swara was just about to enter her car when a horn blew it was blowing nonstop so she came near to it stood there & knocked at d window. Sanky opened the door. He asked her to sit down. Sanky- gm

Swara- a slight smile on d face. Gm.
Sanskar was driving to another place swara gets alerted. Swara- where r u taking me.???…
Sanky- actually sweetheart I wanted to talk to u so…
Swara got startled what what did he say SWEETHEART! Huh?? It was great to hear that from him she was feeling happy but suddenly he stopped the car and asked her to get down. She agreed to him. The place was a lonely one. she glared at the place & a sweet smile covered her face. It is d same place. Her fav place. He still remembers???…. She thought.

When she composed herself she found him on his knees. Sanskar- I know swara it must be wrong. Wrong to say this at this moment. I know … But ya d day u left me was lyk hell. My journey to hell started from that day. I know I m a bad person I left u when u needed me d most. But I promise from today I won’t hurt u! U r my princess & will always be. Will u be there??…
Swara was in shock she never show ever thought that she’ll be in such a situation. She got alerted. She went into flashbacks of their friendship, love then his betrayal. She thought about ragini, sumi, who always treated her as her own daughter, her riya who always longed for her father.

She composed herself.
Swara- just stop that sanskar. U r none to me now. I have had enough yet. Now plz leave. Or else i’ll forget that ur going to be my bil. Sanskar was in tears. Specially the word none echoed in his ears. He was unable to bear. Sanky- swara just listen. By the tym he could say anything he had already left. Swara took an auto and left. Swara reached home. Ragini & sumo who were sitting in the verandah noticed her. Ragini came near her but swara had already left before rags could utter a bit word. Rags could only see her tears. She could easily make out that something was wrong. Swara entered her room & slammed the door behind her. She was crying leaning to the door. She recalled all swasan moments & started crying.

Precap- secret revealed.

Friends hope u all lykd it… I may discontinue writing coz my exams r still on. Fill it wid comments u lykd it or not?? Tq

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