SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 6

Hey guyz i m here wid my nxt part….

At cafe:
Lucky- so u r single??…
Swara- why do u alwys start wid dat question??….
Lucky- bcoz i lyk u! Infact luv u! Will u marry me??… Winks at her.
Swara- stop it lucky!… Its too much now …
Lucky- ok fine no more questioning ok…??…
She tries to smile.
Swara- so…. Actually i m thinking of arranging a party!! For our project!.. Actually i was thinking we’ll approve only if u all agree??
Lucky- swara i cant say abt that! Bhai only decides this…?… He’ll tell. U have to ask him.
Swara-oh i m too excited to meet my jiju but i have some work! It will b good if u do so lucky boy i m definitely going to invite all… But u have to take permission.ok??…
Lucky- ok done.
Sanskar approves of d party. Lucky gets excited & calls swara.
Swara- hello! Darling!

Lucky- hello! Jaan….
Swara- so..
Lucky- works done. He said that it will b good if we do it tomm.
Swara- ok then i’ll look after d arrangements. & ya mr. Lucky u too come to help me….. Ok…
Lucky- definitely! Sweet heart. She ends d call. Ragini who was listening to d convo gets teary eyed. Why m i feeling bad??… He is my to b devar if he doesnt feel bad then why should i???…
Nxt morning:

Swara- ma , baba, rags , dadi & dida listen actually we r planning a grand party for our new wid the maheswari’s. Its tody itself! U all should reach there by 7pm ! By d way our jiju’s gonna b there too.
She winks at rags who was lost in sanky’s thoughts…..
Ragini- ha … I knw….
At the evening:
All d gadodias & maheswari’s reach the venue. Sanskar too comes but he gets a call & goes to aside. He is wearing a dark blue coloured shirt, a blazer & d trousers as usual. Swara who has just stepped out of the car was wearing a dark blue gown & walking off to the venue. Suddenly she slips & falls. But sansky holds her tight. Lucky & ragini observe this & r shockd. While swasan share an eyelock.

Raglak looks on……
Swara sees sanky & gets shocked. Sanky too is shocked. He was searching her from years but he is finding her here today.
Screen freezes in shocked faces of swaragsanlak faces

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  1. Omg wt is the past..eager to know.. nd nice epi

  2. I don’t know what to comment. I know u posted within very short period that’s why it is short. But will be glad to read the nxt part as soon as possible.
    So, plz make it fast dear, I know that i am demanding too much, but what to do ur ff is really very good.

  3. Nice one jaf and really sorry for not replying to your previous comment. The episode is really good but try it make it lengthy and don’t skip anything I mean try to give dialogue for small things which will add beauty to your fiction.sorry if you didn’t like. All the best dear.

    1. And yeah don’t see for comments. Their number increases as you proceed further dear. Even I too didn’t get enough comments for my previous fiction which disappointed me a lot and has resulted in explaining the plot . then again I came back and continued the story with different story line and you believe it or not but for few episodes, I got 50 plus. I just shared my experience so that you won’t feel bad for less comments. All the best dear.

  4. anusha reddy

    plzzz make laksh swara some what close… sanskar should get jealous… keep triangle love story between laksh sanskar swara…

  5. Superb episode

  6. awesome plzzz continue soon

  7. nice dear loved it

  8. nice 🙂

  9. What is her past????

  10. Awesome episode

  11. Ohhhhh my god its just awesome no words to explain…….keep going

  12. awsme dear

  13. Plz update the next part….. It was awesome

  14. When wil u update the next part jaf i am eagerly waiting for the next part

  15. When u r posting the next one plss na atleast tell when u r gona post the next .. i m eagerly waiting

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