SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 5

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At mm-
Sanskar is sitting on a chair in his room. Recalling his college days, his flirts, his gfs & lastly SWARA….
A tear rolls down his eyes. He is unable to get out of that pain. He is unable to forget her but still is going to get engaged to a girl who is timid.
At badi-
Ragini is busy thinking about Sanskar. His attitude. His way of talking. These days she is only thinking about him, & ya another persons there in her heart & that is none other than our LAKSH.
Ya he is so cool, calm, good & yet a humble person. Ya he too is childish but she lyks dat. Moreover they have turnd up to b good frnds.
She analyses both d characters & is in thoughts.
Whereas Swara is feeling restless. She is unable to find d reason. She has startd calling Rahul but he isn’t picking it up!

She goes to sleep.
Next morning-
Sumi- Shonaladoo get ready its almost tym they must b coming.
Shona- ma i m getting rags ready. After that i m gonna get ready ok…
Ap, dp & laksh enter badi. All welcome them. Every1 ask them to sit whereas Swara enters just then welcoming evry1..
Swara- Namaste!
Ap, dp & laksh look at sumi & shekhar.
Shekhar- She is my elder daughter Swara. She left us 6yrs ago & leaves in mumbai. She has jst come for a project.
Laksh who was sitting there quietly was now constantly glaring at her. She was such a beauty his inner voice said. He was mesmerized. Suddenly swara’s pa enterd badi & she askd for an excuse.
Pa- mam there is an urgent work. U hv to come to office.
Swara- but u knw na i took leave 2dy. Todays my sis’s engagement how can i go??
Pa- mam it’s really urgent otherwise i wouldn’t have informd u!
Swara- ok u go im going… Jst a minute.
Swara goes to sumi & asks.

Sumi- but u knw its ladoo’s engagement. U knw na? How can u leave?
Swara- ma its really important. Plz.
She made a puppy face. & as usual sumi melts.
Sumi- ok baba u leave.
Swara goes to meet ap, dp & asks for pardon. she leaves but Laksh is still looking at her. She is wearing a beautiful yellow coloured suit & is looking gorgeous. She goes & suddenly strikes ragini who was holding a tray , having tea cups. Swara says its ok & leaves in a hurry but Laksh thinks this is d rght tym to meet her & leaves asking for some excuse. He is waiting outside near his car & is waiting for her. She come wearing a sleeveless red short frock abov knee length. Its too short & he gets mesmerized. He looks on shockd the girl who was wearing a suit & whom he thought to b behenji typs nw turnd something else. He went near her.
Laksh- hey! Where r u leaving?
Swra- Hello!.. To my office why?
Laksh- i thought u r going to some college or to some pub to flatter some boys!…??
Swara- oh ! Hello mr. Just keep ur mouth shut ok. Swara Gadodia is not da cheap! That she will run after boys yet boys run after her. She realizes what she has just said & composes herself. She moves & leaves in her car. While Laksh also leaves.
They both reach Hotel Blue Moon.
Swara- oh! Hello i hope u r not following me??…

Laksh- I m not that mad….
He leaves. She glares angrily.
At the conference hall, they meet again & come to now that swara is going to deal wid the Maheswaris.
Swara- so srry for wat i said i take my words back…. I dont lyk mixing up personal & professional lyfs?.,?
Laksh- me too.
Meanwhile, ragsan get engaged & all r happy except d too. Ragini gets angry on swara for not reaching badi till now. She is also feeling bad not seeing Lucky.
All return to their home whereas swalak spend some quality tym & bcome good frnds.
Lucky- u r too normal? Then how come ur sis’s lyk dat?
Swara understood wat he said!
Swara- dont knw but whenevr i tried to change her she ate my head up! But she is good at heart & loves me a lot.
Swalak talk so much that it turns 8:30 pm almost. Swara- lucky i m late !… I need ti go…
Lucky- wait ! I’ll drop u!

Swalak reach badi. Ragini see them arriving & gets angry. Swara enters home.
Ragini- di u didnt come even to attend my engagement & r arriving now?? My lyf doesnt matter no??…
Swara- no my rags! … Actually d meeting took too long so….
By d way the one’s who r working wid me r none other than ur in-laws. It will b great !… Saying that she left!… Seeing dadi as she would have scold her again…..
Next morning-
Ma i m leaving i’ll b late 2 dy. She arrives office & sees lucky who is waiting for her.
Swara- hey lucky boy! Wat r u doing here?
Lucky- i came here to meet my gf!
Swara (looking around) – who?
Lucky- you(mifheviously) ….. Smirks….
Swara- ok then wat did he want to say??…
Lucky- to ask for a cup of coffee wid her bf today 8:30 pm sharp!

Swara- ok darl! I promise i’ll reach there on tym
Swara smiles & leaves. Lucky looks on.

Precap- secret REVEALED.

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