SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 3

So frnds this is d nxt part?
Swara gets a call and says-
Swara: ya book my ticket for tommorow evening. I m leaving for Kolkata.
Rahul: But we didnt think once abt Riya. She’ll be alone.
Swara: No Rahul she wont be Susan is wid her na she is more lyk a mother then just a maid for her. All these years she has been looking aftr hèr & now also she’ll be there for her everytym i know

Rahul: Ya thats true dear. She loves u but she is more comfortable wid Susan.
Swara: Ya i feel sometyms may be because of my work i hv ignord my responsibility as a mother. I m a bad mother , a bad one really……
She cries saying that. Rahul puts his hand over her shoulder.
Rahul: Swara u were helpless at that tym .,…
Moreovr that tym wasnt good ,..,
U had lost evrything.,..,… Its not ur fault.
Swara without uttering a word goes into sleep.
Rahul: Swara i jst wished lyk whatevr u remember abt ur past. U could remember me.

Next morning:
Swara: so rahul happy journey bye!.,,
Riya: bye papa .
Rahul: bye beauties..,…
Rahul had left for london.

At evening:
Swara: bye riya! Take care!
Take meal at proper tym, eat properly & plz take ur medicines ur having allergy na?…
Riya: shona stop talking!
I wish u a happy journey & ya obviously i m gonna take care of myself i m a big gal now…
I m 5 and a half okkkk….
Now leave and ya i’ll pray to god that its a safe journey…. N u come back soon.
She said this by pushing swara out of the house.
Swara: thik hai meri ma i’m leaving bye?

In Kolkata
A girl is seen doing morning aarti , she then takes evry1s blessings & gives them prasad.
Actually it is Ragini & her family.
Evry1 blesses her.
Sumi: finally i m happy my daughter is getting married ! May god shower all the blessings on u dear!
Ragini : ma but i dont want to leave u all. After i marry i have to leave in that Maheswari Mansion.
I have to be there. I can come only once….. A week probably..
She makes a sad face.
Sumi: dont evr say that ladoo ! U vry well knw that i hv lost my 1st daughter i didnt see her marrying even!
I dont want u to leave me!…. I’ll die if evr u do so.. Or u break this marraige.
Ragini: ma nevr say that again.
Saying that she leaves to her room crying.
Ragini: why di why did u leave me??….. What did we do?
What was our fault? What had happened that day that u took such a step?

While Swara gets into kolkata & goes to her hotel in a taxi. She recalls all the moments she had spent wid her family & frnds here at kolkata.. She is teary eyed. Finally she reaches the hotel.
And steps in……

Sanskar & Laksh enter their home and their mom greet them.
Ap: so my sons are back.
They do the aarti. And ask them to enter the house. They do so.
Actually they were out of station.

Swara gets emotional seeing kolkata. She then calls Riya. And is happy that she is fine.
Swara: have i returned here to get back evrythng i had lost!

Precap- SWARAGINI meeting

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Anyways i may be late for my next part

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