SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 13 (last episode)


Swasan sit for the marriage. Swasan take pheras as well as vows never to separate & to support each other always. Sanskar fills her hairline with vermillion. He decorates her neck with mangalsutra of his name. then the pandit says: “VIVAH SAMMPAN HUA! AB SE AAP DONO PATI- PATNI HUE!” Swasan look into each others eyes. A tear drop falls from Swara’s eyes. Sanskar notices & wipes it off. “I told na I wont let any tear drop escape ur eyes1 I wont let that happen. I cant digest that!”

Swara was overwhelmed. Somewhere in her heart she was feeling extremely happy! Happy coz of his love, his concern, his care. He took care of her the same way he used to do earlier. She somewhere in heart had the faith that he’ll never let her lose. Never repeat his mistakes again! After all he is a father now. He has his responsibilities. ‘ Father’ after thinking that she grinned. “huh? He would better make a joker instead of a father!”, she laughed at her thought. “but he would be a rather cute & handsome father!”

“u r stupid Swara! U don’t know I would be a great father! & a hot hubby as well!”, Sanskar spoke while looking at her expressions. “we havnt reached the room yet!”, Sanskar spoke as swara blushed.
@Sanskar’s Room
Swara was leaning to the window. Sanskar entered just then. He came near her & put his hands around his waist & pulled her closer. “swara”
“did u forgive me?? ’’
“for what??”

“for what I did with u?”
“I forgave u long back sanskarji! & did u forgive me??”
“hmm!…. I forgave u too sweetheart! Wait wait wait what did u just say??”
Swara grinned. “dare not call me that! Call me sanky ok?? Its much better!”
“but I m married to u no? how can I call u that? Now on I’ll call u SANSKAR JI” she spoke innocently.

He shook his head. “nah! U rnt going to call me that? I will cry!”, he too said innocently.
“really pumpkin? “
“haw! Where did my SANSKARI patni go??? Swaraji “
Swara opened her mouth wide. Sanskar grabbed her lower lips & kissed it hard. She let out a moan. He grabbed the upper lips too & kissed it hard. Harder & even hard. He picked her up in abridal style & they consummated.


Swasan woke up by a call.
Swara pick up the call.
Rahul- Swara come fast to hospital. Riya riya….
Swara- what happened to riya??? Rahul pls tell?
Rahul- swara Riya’s sinking.
Swasan ran out to hospital & at last they came toRiya. She was smiling.
Riya- Shona come na I was waiting for u! Swara ha tears seeing riya. She was in her worst state. She was all bald. She lost her beautiful long hair.
She went near her. Riya- Dad come. (yes Riya knew that sanky was her father.) She asked them to leave with each other happily & asked to promise her.
She died after that.

1year later.
Sanky was in hospital. He was roaming around like a mad man.
Suddenly he heard swara’s scream. He gets alarmed. He panicks. Doctor comes & leads him inside.
Swara holds Sanky’s hand tight. “Arrghhhh!!!…….I hate u Sanky! I hate u!”
“what did I do now??”
“its all because of u I m bearing this pain! Argghhh!!!”
“what did I do? “
“huh! U do everything but at last we have to bear this pain.”
She screamed again. At last she gave birth to a boy & a girl.
They named them SARA & RAS.
Raglak too married later & had a daughter RAGYA.

Guys u annoyed me a lot. Because of ur least response I ended up this ff & didn’t want to drag it too long too. I hope u understand. U all wanted me to post regularly but I couldn’t so its better to stop.

I will end hurdles also in the upcoming part.
Thank you.

Credit to: jaf

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  8. awsm..i loved ur ff..plz back with new one..nd ya it will be swasan ff..as I’m a swasan fan..n i only read swasan ff..

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