SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 12



Rahul holds swara up.
Rahul- let’s go swara. He takes swara wid him. SwaRahul moves towards the exit door. Sanky calls swara from behind. Swara turns around.
Sanky- be ready 2mrrw at 10am we r going to visit the doctor. I don’t want my daughter to suffer.
Swara nods.
SwaRahul leaves.

Swara- sanky is behaving like I have done a big mistake ma!!! He thinks that’s???? He was the one who left me not I!!! He played a prank just to take revenge! I never asked him to do so. Moreover, when I left him, I didn’t know that I’m pregnant.
Sumi- shona! U know when u left home 6yrs ago coz of our fights. Ur papa didn’t talk to me! He used to taunt me in every way possible. He used to sit alone & stay alone. He was all isolated. U were his 1st child shona. He wasn’t able to forget u! Though Ragini was always with him. He couldn’t forget u! Beta. U r his child, his blood. Now just think about sanky he must be cursing himself coz he has been seoerated from his daughter!!! He didn’t see her birth! He didn’t kiss her when she was born! He didn’t console her when she cried. He didn’t feed her when u weren’t there. He had been away from her since 5 long years. How can he forgv u then????? I know what he did was wrong!!! But don’t u think this punishment is enough for him!!!!…. by the way u sleep now its already 12

Swara nodded & sumi left
Morning 9:15am
All Maheshwari’s were doing their breakfast when Swara came.
Ap- Are! Beta come in, have ur bf!
Swara- no aunty! I hav to go to hospital & have work too so….
Ap- beta! We know ur in a big problem but beta if u dont take care of urself then who will look after Riya??? Come now have something. Sharmishtha ji has jst called me & informed that u didnt have anything! Come now!
Ap pulled Swara to the dinning table.
Swara pulled the chair out & then was about to sit when….
Sanky- Ma we r getting late already!!! So pls…. & i think her stomach’s already full with her taunt & tantrums….. come fast i’ll be waiting outside. Swara jst nods. A tear drop escapes her eyes. Ap notices this & feels bad.
SwaSan enter the car. Swara sits & doesnt soeak anything.. sanky switches on the radio. Tum saath ho plays.
Swara gets teary eyes. SwaSan recalls their happy moments & cries. Swara wipes her tears & steps down as they reach hospotal. sanky- U wait here i’m coming…
Swara nodes.

Nurse- next patient, Mr. & Mrs. Singhania.
Sanky- miss. Its Mr. & Mrs. Maheswari! Not singhania. Get that MAHESHWARI…. Nurse nodes & corrects the name. Sanky- Swara its better u dont give add his name wid my daughter. Get that????
Swara nodes.
@doctors cabin.
Dr- sit down

SwaSan entered doctor’s cabin.
Dr.- Pls take ur seats Mr. & Mrs. Maheshwari.
SwaSAn took their seats & their conversation started.
Swara- Dr. my daughter……….. Dr. cut her off.
Dr.- Mrs. MAheshwari ur Dr. needs treatment within a month & if possible within half a month or so. But we need bone marrow for that…
Sanky- Dr. she is my daughter I’ll definitely give her bone marrow…..
Dr.- Mr. Maheshwari no I can’t take ur bone marrow. We need bone marrow from her siblings. But ur wife already informed that she is the only child so. We have to look for other means….
SAnky- What do u mean by that Dr.??????
Dr.- Ur wife has to concive a child & we can donate bone marrow from that!
SwaSan were shocked. They look at each other. “we need some tym!” they spoke in unison.
Dr. agreed & they left the cabin. They sat on a nearby bench & all Swara could do was to cry. She was weeping all around.

Sanky- Swara pls stop crying now! Rone se kuch nhi hoga it is all bcoz of u! u separated me from my daughter.
Swara- Really Sanky u didn’t do anything?? That’s good! U will never change! If im to be blamed then ur not the one to be praised…. U played silly pranks all ur life. U crossed ur limits always. U were the one who dumped me!! Not i???
Sanky- I know that I’m to be blamed but what u did wasn’t correct too… u separated my daughter from me for last 5yrs 7 said that its Rahul”s….. Moreover ……….
Swara- I did that coz my sister was about to marry u?? what would society speak about our relation?? My sister, she had always suffered bcoz of me & my foolishness. But still she…… I could never see her crying…
Sanky- & what about when she would come to know about our relation after our marriage??
Swara was numb.
Sanky- Anyways I want my daughter to be safe so what decision have u taken??
Swara was blank. She didn’t know what to say ony she knew… “ I can do everything for my daughter coz I love her lotsss…”
“Then ur okay wid it??? Aren’t u???”, Sanky asked eagerly.
She nodded again.
@ Dr.’s Cabin
Dr. – so what have u decided ??
SwaSan- We r ready
Dr.- Good! Mrs. Maheshwari then we need to do some tests.. follow me.
Swara nodded & followed Dr.
After an hour she reached cabin. Sanky- So what did Dr. say??
Swara- He simply did some tests & asked me to wait here! Sanky nodded.
AFTER 15 mins, Dr. entered cabin.
SwaSan were eager to know about the reports. Dr.- So Mrs. Maheswari we just completed ur fertility test & it was positive. U can conceive.
SwaSan were happy. Swara- really??

Dr.- Hmmmmm….. u have to undergo GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer) or ZIFT ( Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer) ( guys I don’t know u understand or not but im a biology student so!! These r methods to concive without physical relation!! Hope u understand!!) or copulation. But the thing is for arranging these things we need enough tym.. & it will take tym. So its better u opt for the 3rd.
SwaSan were shocked. A physical relationship. It wasn’t bearable for both of them. It was really hard for them. But destiny!! Destiny had other plans…. May be to make them one again. They reached home. By the time they entered whole MF & GF were present. Actually Sanky had informed them about the treatment. As they entered all were curious to know about Riya.
Ap- Beta! How’s Riya beta?? She’s fine na??
Sanky- Ma she’s under observation so we couldn’t meet her. She is fine ma but…
Shomi- But what beta??
Swara- Ma we need to do bone marrow tansplant!!
Ap & Shomi together- So??
Swara sighed. Sanky- I cant donate her my bone marrow. She needs it from her sibling! ( he sighed in between) & swara needs to conceive again. All were hell shocked again!!
All together- WHAT????
SwaSan sghed. Swara- but I have to do it Ma- Baba for Riya! I cant live without her!
Dp- it’s a serious matter we need to discuss!
All kept quiet coz everyone knows he would take up a perfect decision. So the elders assembled in the hall wheres SwaSanRagLak left to Sanskar’s room. Swara was weeping while sitting on the bed & Laksh came to her.
Laksh- Swara u need to stay strong! U have to be brave! I know ur brave enough my frnds brave to tackle all her problems!! She is MY SHERNI isn’t it??
Swara (wiping off her tears) Yeah! But this sherni bcomes weak when her weakness is their on bed & she could do nothing!
LAksh- u know swara u r really brave! Just think u brought up Riya well enough? See she is brave just lyk u!!! u brought up her all alone, without a father & she she never let u cry! She loves u so much??? See u have to be brave, strong & stop crying now! Ok ??? ur looking lyk a BABY!
Swra smiles. While Ragini comes & consoles her.

Swara- I m srry Ragu im snatching everything from u again!!
Ragini( shushing swara)- Never say that di! U never snatched anything from me. It was I who followed Dadi’s words. She just blindfolded me! I m sorry di! Im really really sorry! Because of me u were separated from ur family! How could I even act lyk that?? I was too foolish!! To do so… even now I was going to do a sin by separating u from ur love sorry di for everything pls MAAF KARDO APNI RAGU KO????
Swara nodded. Dp called them out to the hall. All were in a serious mood.
Ap came forward & led Swara to the middle of the hall.
Ap- Swara I know what sanskar did was wrong! May be I couldn’t…. may be my PARVARISH wasn’t good!
Swara- No aunty don’t say that…..Ap cut Swara off.
Ap- Beta I ask forgiveness from his side. But we want a favour from ur side. Will u do it beta???
Swara- Pls aunty don’t ask forgiveness like that I m ur daughter na?? u only call me beta aur next min me paraya kar dya??
Ap- Beta pls marry Sanskar!
SwaSAn- what??? But……..
Dp- Beta it’s a family matter. If anyone comes to know Riya about being illegimate then just imagine what will happen to her?? She will suffer entire life! She will be punished for ur deeds. Moreover, what about our reputation? What about Shekhar ji’s reputation? What will happen to Ragini? She isn’t to be blamed rght? U may not have problem with this relation but society wont spare them. It was our duty to show u the rght path! Age tumhari marzi!!
Sanky- Papa I m ready! I can do this for my daughter. Swara too nodded.
All were happy by their decision. When suddenly, Sanky spoke up.

Sanky- Papa but whatever it is I want a short weeding. Coz we have only 2weeks for her treatment. So the marriage should be held within 2days itself.
Dp- Ha beta I too thought about that! The wedding would be held tomorrow itself!
Shekhar- But Dp Ji??…
Dp- It will be a small wedding Shekhar Ji. Involving family members only & when Riya gets well we can arrange a reception.
Ap- Ha Ji it will be okay.
Dadi- Jaise apko aacha lage!!!
Everyone nodes.
@ GM
Shomi (putting teeka behind Swara’s ear) kisi ki naazar na lage mere bachi ko.
Swara hugs shomi. Ragini – Ha ha! Sab busy ho jao! Kisi ko meri parva hi nahi hai! Sab mujhe vul gye. Huh???
Swara- are baba tujhe koi nhi bhula! Kis ki itni maazal ki ragu ma ko bhul sake…
Swara hugs shomi & Ragini and cries whereas Rahul enters.
Rahul- Lagta hai koi mujhe vul gya???
Swara- koi tumhe kaise vul sakta hai rahul.. tumne jo mere liye kya inn 5yrs me koi apna vi nhi kar sakta! Thnk u so much! Ur a real frnd.
Rahul- Pagal!! Frnd bhi bolti hai aur thnk u bhi ha! I am lucky to get a frnd like u! A MENTAL FRIEND.
Dadi then comes shouting. “Are bahar sab wait kar rhe hai aa ja chori! Muhurat ka waqt nikla jar ha hai!”
Shomi & Ragini takes Swara & goes towards the beautifully decorated MANDAP….

Precap- Guys I don’t think u need it! U can guess.

Pls do gv suggestions. Comment below. I hope its long enough. I just finished my JEE today. Oh god! It was terrible!
Thank you.

Heyy guys, This is anjali…I have posted this on behalf of Jaf…. She had some connectivity issues….

Credit to: Anjali

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