SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 11

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Swara falls down with a thud. Her eyes are swollen as she was crying since a long time. Rahul comes & consoles her.
Rahul- (crying) swara just stop crying. U know na I hate tears?? Nothing will happen to Riya. U know na, how strong she is?? She is my Choti Shona. She is exactly ur duplicate. She is brave & strong nothing will happen ok??? Now stop crying.. if she sees that u have tears in ur eyes then she will break down. U want her to break?? No na??? so stop crying.
Rahul too hugs Swara who was crying, he couldn’t stop her. He hugged her tight & consoled her. Whereas Sanky was really upset watching them close. Sanky’s eyes are filled with tears. He leaves from there unable to bear more! Laksh on noticing Sanky crying comes & consoles him.
Laksh- Bhai!! I think u should stop thinking about her bhai! Its high tym. See she is someones wife now, she is happy. Moreover she has a daughter too. Bhai I think u should move on with Ragini. She is perfect for u………….( he is again cut off by Sanky)
Sanky- plz stop it Lucky I need sometym to think about that…. I really…. He moves out without uttering a word. Whereas Ragini has heard the whole conversation. She wants to ask Sanky but keeps quiet.
Ragini- So he is the same sanky di used to love?? I will ask him if he still loves her. But not know its not the correct tym. Now di needs me more than him!
She leaves.
AP ^& Shomi comes & consoles SwaRahul.
AP- beta didn’t u know about her condition??
Shomi- ( angry ) ha! Swara how can u be so careless. U r her mother na?? then why did u avoid her when she needed u the most?? She is suffering & u both don’t even know??
Rahul- actually! Ma Riya was in a boarding school… she was away from us. Therefore we never come to know may be….. swara lets ask sister Maria she may be knowing.
Swara ( wiping her tears) Ya rahul… we forgot abot her. She must be knowing we might get some help from her. Yeah! Call her rght now.
Rahul calls Sister Maria.
Sister- ya! Mr. Singhania speak? Is riya alrght??
Rahul- Sister we need ur help!
Sister- ya! Plz speak may be I can help u out?
Rahul- sister! Did u know about Riya’s condition? She was okay rght?? When she was at school?? Actually we are tensed. She has blood cancer…..
Sister- Yes Mr. Singhania we knew about her condition. But she informed you all didn’t she?? She used to call u all. She never let me talk to you all. She used to say that she will tell u all herself. I receiving no message or no medical help called u but she said that u all talked to doctor but doctor said that he couldn’t help coz it was her last stage. So we too didn’t take any initiative.

Rahul- But from when she was suffering?? When did u come to know?
Sister- Almost 3 months ago….
He hanged down the phone & finally broke down… seeing him broken Swara rushed to him…
Swara- What did she say???? Speak up Rahul plz
Rahul- Swara she knew it she didn’t tell us!! She came to know 3 months ago itself but didn’t tell us!!
Swara- (crying bitterly….) my child she has suffered so much but she still didn’t say it to me…. My child she suffered so muchhhh…… Rahul plz do something or I will not be able to forgive myself….. ask doctor to do whatevers possible.
Swara couldn’t speak further. She was crying her heart out… ragini came & consoled her.
Ragini- Di don’t cry. If u cry like this who’s gonna cheer her up? Who’s gonna look after her? ( turning towards Rahul ) Jiju but why did u keep her in boarding? She must have stayed at home itself na?
Rahul- no Ragini our rivals are always after Swara! I can protect her! She has bodyguards too! But u know na Riya she doesn’t lisen to anyone so we send her to boarding & meantime no one knows that we have a child.
Shomi- Beta we all r leaving. SwaRahul nodded & left.

Nurse- Mr. & Mrs. Singhania ur called in by Doctor.
Rahul- Yeah! We r coming! Swara come! He takes Swara & leaves to cabin.

Doc.- PLz take ur seat.
SwaRahul takes their seat. Swara- Doctor can’t we save or child…….
Doc.- Yeah! We can but it has only 20% chances &….
Swara- we will do whatever u want. Plz doctor plz save my child. She is everything for me plz doctor.
Doctor- Ok if u insist. We need to do bone marrow transplant.
Swara- so take my bone marrow.
Doctor- We can’t we need the bone marrow of her siblings. Mark my words only her siblings that too from same parent.
Swara & Rahul r shocked.
Rahul- But she is our only daughter.
Doctr- Then Mrs. Singhania u need to get pregnant as soon as possible. Its good if u get pregnant within 2 weeks. If it happens so we can start our operation. Ok u can leave now.
Swara gets teary eyed. She couldn’t even walk. Rahul holds her & leads her to the chair nearby to the cabin.
Rahul- see swara what happened I asked u to tell the truth to Sanskar but u refused. May be God too wants u both to be together.
Swara meets her eyes with his & walks out lifelessly. She walks off the street. She was a lifeless body she goes on walking without knowing her destination. Rahul runs behind her to stop but she doesn’t.

@ 9pm
Maheshwari’s & Gadodia’s were gathered together to discuss about the marriage being postponed due to Riya’s health. Suddenly, Swara enters like a lifeless body. All are shocked to see her in that state all her clothes are shabby! No more tears are flowing … her tears have dried.
Sanky looks at her shocked. His tears starts to flow seeing his love in that state. Shomi comes infront of her.
Shomi- swara whats this?? Why??………
Swara pulls Shomi away & walks towards Sanky.
Sanky (cups swara’s face) – Swara whats this? Why r u??
Swara- u told me na u’ll accept my punishment??
Sanky- ha Swara I’ll accept any punishment of urs… I’ll surely! I’ll accept any punishment but why r u asking about it now?????
Swara – coz I need ur favour!! Only u can …..
Sanky- What? Can i???
Swara- I need Riya to be cured. I had none except her in these 4yrs.she was the coz why I was alive. She is every thing for me Sanky plz save her.
She cried down & fell on his feet.
Sanky- if u’ll speak swara then I’ll help na? speak up Swara I’ll help u….
Swara- Riya riya needs bone marrow transplant….. she needs it within 2 weeks & only her siblings can transplant her.
Sanky gets suspicious. Sanky- But how can I help her??
Swara- Sanky Sanky!!! Sanky coz ……coz.. she’s our daughter Sanky. Rahul had only given her his name. u were true I never married him. She is ur daughter.. Pls save her pls.
All r shocked heaing Swara’s confession. Rahul makes Swara stand. SAnky cries. He didn’t even utter a word. Swara holds Sanky’s hand.
Swara- I know I was wrong but I m sorry…….. sanky pls save Riya pls….
Sanky jerks her hands off & slaps her hard. Everyone looks at him shocked.
Sanky- Swara from past 4 yrs till today I hate myself I hate myself fr cheating u! I thought I m cheap but wah! Swara ur above me… u separated me from my own daughter how dare u…
He slaps her again & again. Rahul & others stop him. Swara gets up.
Swara- Sanky I beg u pls pls save my Riya.
Sanky- stop it swara she is my daughter too! And pls u don’t need to beg me I m definitely gonna help her. She’s my daughter. But I have a condition.
Swara-(wiping her tears ) sanky I’ll I’ll … do whatever u say….
Sanky- after Riya gets cured she’ll stay wid me!!! FOREVER…
Swara looks on shocked. She simply nodes YES…..

Precap- swasan shocked

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  1. Yayy…. I thought that I might not get a chance to read the next chapter today and was so excited when I saw it here…. Loved the episode… It was so heart warmingly sad….
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  9. samanvitha murty

    it is really awesome but wat did sanskar do to swara. If he cheated her then he has to apologise to her for cheating her. if he cheated her then how can swara tell him that he has a daughter. I mean its just my view i am sry but i am really a very big ran of ur ff. So i thought to tell u my views. I am sry if i hurt u. U r a great writer plzzz post it soon

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