SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 10


Guys thank u for ur responses I know the last part wasn’t satisfactory but couldn’t help. U all know na my exams were on so guys!!!!! Hope u’ll forgv me…..
Here’s the next part!!!!!!……
Swara- chodo Sanky mujhe plz!!! Chodo…..
Sanky- chod dunga paar pehle bolo ki yeh sab jo hua hai who sab jhut hai plz swara bolo ki yeh sab jhut hai plzz!!!!
Swara- sanky kis bare me baat kar rhe ho tum?????…… I didn’t get it????
Sanky- Swara stop ur acting u vry well know what I’m speaking about! Plz don’t do that to me plz! I know that ur telling lie. U didn’t marry Rahu rght??? & Riya she isn’t ur daughter rght??? Ur doing this to make me jealous rght???? Speak up Swara ( tears rolling down his cheeks!!)
Swara was unable to face Sanky.. she was in dilemma … what will she say to the family members??? What will she say to riya, she has always known Rahul as her father???? What will she tell Ragini???? She has again come between her happiness….
Sanky- ( cupping Swara’s face) Swara plz speak up ur silence is killing me??? Swara dammit speak!!! Plz!!!
Swara- ( removing his hands from her face) Sanky stop it now. I am married. I have a child. U can’t force me lyk this!! U r my to be JIJU behave lyk that……… plz don’t create problems in my lyf. I m happy. Rahul is caring. He loves me so much and moreover, I know that he will never leave me!! Unlike u!! yeah! I loved u once that’s true but nothings between us now. Its will be better if u forget everything & move on! Lyk I did!! Plz it’s a humble request!
Sanky- Swara if u r really moved on then why r u unable to face me! Look into my eyes & speak!!!!
Swara- sanky plz leave!
Sanky moves towards swara’s lips. He leans towards her lips. She wasn’t able to control now! She too closed her eyes. He sucks it hard! Even more hard! Swara goes oblivion! She reciprocates! Suddenly swara opens her eyes in shock. She gets her sense back! She pulls him away.
Swara- sanky?????????………………..
Sanky- so swara u moved on ha???????????…………… don’t u dare lie to me.
SWara- sanky it was just….
Riya enters all of a sudden.
Riya- Mumma mumma!!! Masi’s calling u!! ( she speaks in a cute childish voice)
Swara- ( wiping her tears off) yeah!! I m coming!!! Swara picks riya up! & goes.

Todays haldi everyone’s busy in their work.
Dadi- ( to swara) kaha maar gyi thi tu chodi!! Aa kitne sare kaam pare hai…. Ladke wale aate hi honge!
Swara- ha dadi! Mein help kar deti hoon. Rags tu ready nhi hui????
Sharmistha- shone tu ja ladoo ki madat kar ja!!
Swara- Ha ha jar hi hoon!!! Chale???
Riya- nani !!! mein vi madat karu????
Sharmistha- nhi meri gudhiya kaam nhi karengi use kaam karna mana hai!!!
Riya- kyun????????????
Sharmistha- kyunki who gudhiya hai na??? chalo yeh chocolate loh tumhe chocolate pasandh hai ( offering her a chocolate)
At that tym Maheshwari’s enter… all look at riya who was making faces… all laugh at her. Sanky recalls Swara making faces!
Riya- Mujhe chocolate vocolate pasandh nhi hai re!!!! ( raising her hand to stop) yeh saab toh shone ko pasand hai!
Maheshwari looks at her shocked. Coz the way she speaks is same as Sanskar’s.
Dadi- yeh toh apni ma se vi aage nikli!!!!!!!!! Apne ma ko apne naam se bulati hai!!
Everyone laughs.
Rahul- Ma- dadi aisi baat nhi hai who darasal Riya ko DIABETES hai!!
All looks on shocked.
All of a sudden……………………………………………………….
“Ahhhh!!! Papa”, saying this Riya falls down unconscious.
SWARAHUL- RIYA???????????????????????????

@ hospital
All r waiting outside the doctors cabin. Swara is pacing here & there. She is weeping very badly.
Rahul- swara cool ha!!! She will be alrhgt!! calm down???
Doctor comes out.
Swara- is she alrght doctor??? She is fine na??? speak up plzz??? My daughters fine na???
Doctor- Mrs. Singhania! Ur daughters suffering from Blood cancer. How come u both didn’t notice??? How can u both be so careless??? She is in her last stage!!! We can’t help out now…..
Swara- NO! no! doctor don’t say that she is everything for me!!! Plz do something…
Swara breaks out crying & weeping on the floor.
Doctor- we will try our best!!! Don’t worry!!


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Credit to: jaf

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  1. Amazing… now I thnk sanky will have to contribute his blood or something like that for saving her thn he will come to know dat she is his daughter

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