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Let’s begin today’s episode ::

Swasan,raglak and parirsh dances romantically and they exchange their pair’s. Ragini being uncomfortable by dancing with other boys and goes from t party. By seeing that laksh follows her. On t other side,swasan and parirsh stops their dance..parineeta says “it’s late I am going home”adarsh says “I will drop u”. They both went from there. Suddenly a masked girl comes to sanskar and pushes him for dance. He smiles and dances with her. Swara fumes and leaves from there. Ragini was walking with laksh in t road. Laksh says” so u become uncomfortable by dancing with boys…I am sry ragini”. Ragini surprisingly asks “sry..for what”. Laksh says. “U r uncomfortable by dancing with boys and I was t main one who dances with u na that’s why…”. Ragini suddenly says “no..Laksh I doesn’t mean u”. Laksh asks”why”.ragini says “nothing”. Laksh pleads”tell yaar”. Raging says”i itself don’t no t answer”. On t other side . Swara walkzz through t corridor blaming Sanskar. Suddenly a guy came to her and asks “hi baby,why r u scolding a stupid boy,u can dance with me, …come on..”. He pushes swara to him and forces to dance. While she was shouting and trying to take her hand .. Sanskar who was coming in search of swara hears swara shouting and goes there. By seeing t guy forcing swara.he came and hardly beats t boy. While swara was trying to control Sanskar. After a great try swara succeeds in controlling Sanskar and leaves from there with Sanskar.

PRECAP::: a women with mask follows swara. While she came near her she takes t knife. On t other side ragini reviles her feelings for laksh in drunken stage…

Credit to: gopu

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