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Swara stares at sanskar continuously while parirsh and raglak came running. Ragini and parineeta ask swara”r u ok” swara says “ya but my phone. Sanskar says”I will get it” and went to terrace and after sometime he comedown with swara’s phone and give it to her while she stares at sanskar continuously. They all leave to their respective house. In adarsh room, adarsh smiles at parineeta’s photo in his phone FB shows.. adarsh clicking pics of parineeta when she was laughing by hearing t junior boy’s song FB ends… by looking at parineeta’s photo he says ” i have heared about love at first sight. But on my case, love occurred at first slap. He smiles and says “I love u parineeta” on sanlak room,sanskar was thinking very seriously . Laksh suddenly came and ask what happened bhai . Sanskar says nothing . And they went to sleep.

Next day, swasan ,raglak andparirsh came to the collage. Suddenly adarsh take parineeta to a side . Parineeta curiously looks at him. Then adarsh says” i love u parineeta” “I will wait for wait for ur +ve reply. Suddenly parineeta tells “u doesn’t want to wait”. Adarsh says “no parineeta , plz do not make me take my stepbackwards..” Suddenly parineeta tells “I means that u do not want to wait for reply bcoz i love u ” adarsh by hearing that happily hugs parineeta.. when parineeta sees sanlak and swaragini seeing them and smiling . She pushes adarsh . Suddenly laksh came and adarsh and emotionally says “bhai I need a party ” sanskar and swaragini says t same. Parrish at last agrees.

At t party swaragini enters sanlak was mesmerized by seeing there beauty..Parrish welcomes them to t party.. someone announces that “now let’s start our couple dance.. parineeta happily jumps and says “i will dance with adarsh and swaragini u dance with sanlak . They started there dance…(on t song sunona sangemarmar,ki ye minare…and ishq wala love…) swasan ,raglak and parirsh dances romantically … swasan and raglak was unable to take there eye contact.

Precap ::: a guy misbehave with swara.Sanskar came there and slaps t guy hard.

SRY for the Mistakes..

Credit to: gopu

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  1. No raglak romance…y?r u swasan fan?

    1. No naina….I am both swasan and raglak fan…I was little busy with my cousin sis marriage so I was not able elaborate my episode..SRY…

  2. Awww how cute

    1. Thankzz hayathi….

    1. Thank u surbhi…

  3. Nice ?

    1. Thank u shanaya

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