swasan…raglak….parirsh….love story…chapter6

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Let’s begin today’s ff::::
On t next day swaragini and parineeta came to collage and was going to there classroom. Suddenly parineeta sees adarsh raging a junior boy by making him singing and closing his ears by hearing t boy’s song. She laughs by hearing t boy’s song . All looks at her while she says sry and went from there with swaragini. They sees sanlak approaching towards them from t opp side. Sanlak says hi

Swaragini says t same . Suddenly parineeta tells “guyzz u have become frds with swaragini then let’s we also become frds”. Sanlak says “why not” and shakes hand with parineeta. while swaragini fumes.

After t class laksh suggest to go to terrace of t collage for a calmful .Everyone agree while adarsh came there and accompanied them . While parirsh smiles at them. They climbed t staircase. Swara slips but sanskar holds her safely . They share an eyelock ( ishq wala love.. plays in t background). Suddenly laksh says “bhai we want to go to terrace plzz move from t way” swara suddenly jerks from sanskar’s hand while parirsh and ragini laughs. They reached t terrace and starts there talks and they each other asked about there girlfrds and boyfrds . Parineeta say a “first laksh ” laksh says “actually I have more girlfrds than boyfrds”

Swara suddenly asks “lover” laksh replies “actually I doesn’t have a lover but Sanskar bhai has a love story”. Swara fumes . ragini asks Sanskar to tell Sanskar starts his saying “I loved a girl. But she committed suicide as she thinks I am cheating her by dating with another boy.” Swara asks about the name of t girl Sanskar says ” kavitha” . Laksh suddenly says let’s go its too late . They all went downstairs. Suddenly swara says I think I forgot my phone and runs to terrace of t collage. She came to the terrace and sees her phone on t side and was walking near to that but suddenly swara slips . while Sanskar, raglak and parirsh shouts swara. Sanskar runs and hold swara. All others came near them. Sanskar asks r u alright and scolds her for being careless.

PRECAP::: parirsh love confession. SWASAN ,raglak dancing.while (sunona sangemarmar,ki ye minare …….plays)


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