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Let’s begin today’s ff:::

Parineeta sees adarsh from t terrace. Adarsh tells his frd to stop t bike. He gets off t bike and ask his frd to leave. Parineeta cluelessly looks at him and comes down and angrily ask “what r u doing here?” . Adarsh replies “actually I came to say sry. It was my first ragini and I got slap from u…..I am really sry…I actually doesn’t wanted to hurt but….”(he was continuously talking) by seeing his innocent talk parineeta laughs and says its okk calm down. But can I tell u something”. Adarsh says “yes say” parineeta says “while u rag juniors please make them do things which doesn’t hurt there respect” adarsh with a sweet smile says “thank u for ur advice”. Parirsh talks and laughs so much by walking in t road. After sometime they went to there respective house by waving bye to each other.

On t other side sanlak was leaving swaragini house after dinner. Sanlak waved bye to sumi and shekhar. Swaragini accompanied sanlak to the bike which is kept on t opp side of t road. Swara looking at sanskar says ” thankz.” Laksh surprisingly asks”for kiss” suddenly swara jerks and says no….for saving my father”. Sanskar replies “it’s okk”. Laksh says ” it’s not ink as I was also there with bhai” . Ragini with a smile says thank u laksh” swara says t same. Then Sanskar says “I think I forgot my phone” swara says “I will get it” and was crossing t road . Suddenly sanskar through t mirror saw a car approaching towards swara. He shouts “swara ..” and pushes her. While raglak lookz tensed. Swasan falls on t road and had an eyelock , suddenly swara noted that sanskar’s hand is hurt by hitting a stone . She tensely stands up and says “sanskar ur hand..”. Seeing t blood in sanskar’s hand ragini faints. Laksh holds ragini from falling. Laksh took ragini in arm’s while swara helps sanskar and take them inside t house. Sumi seeing that says “ladu” and ask laksh what happened to her.

Swara says “she all right maa she fainted by seeing blood in sanskar’s hand”. Sumi ask “how sanskargot hurt ” swara while taking t first aid box explains sumi . Swara consults ragini. While on t other side laksh make ragini sleep in bed. Ragini suddenly gains conscious and see laksh and says” sry, how is sanskar”. Laksh says bhai is alright” And teases her fainting by seeing t blood. Ragini beats laksh with pillows and they have a funny talk. They smilingly comes out of t room and saw swara consulting sanskar who stares at her. Swara’s eyes was full of tears and scolds him . Sanskar says “swara it is a small wound. And if anything happens to u then it’s equal of taking my life”swara unknowingly says”now it is taking my life” . They both realized what they told and share an eyelock while raglak coughs by seeing that. Suddenly sanskar says bye to swaragini and tells ” laksh lets go..”. Laksh while leaving says bye to ragini while she says t same.

Sanlak reach there house while sujatha gets tensed by seeing t wound in sanskar’s hand . Sanskar says “maa it’s just a small wound ” and go to his room. On t night swara and Sanskar was not getting sleep in there respective house . While ragini laksh feels t same.

Precap::. Swara falling from t top of t collage . While sanskar , parirsh and raglak shouts “swara……”

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