swasan…raglak….parirsh….love story…chapter4

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Swaragini came there house . Sumi asks “how was ur day”. Without giving time to ragini , swara says”Maa it was a wonderful day. We will change and come maa” on that time they saw shekhar coming with sanlak” but sanlak was not able see them. Sumi ask “how are these boys to shekhar” . He replies “they helped me”

Suddenly Sanskar says “sry aunty uncle was hit by my bike” sumi tensely goes near shekhar . He says “I am ok sumi”. Sumi invited the boys to have lunch with them . After a try they agree to have . On t other side swara says “what? Lunch. No no.” Suddenly shekar called “shona….ladu.. come serve the lunch to our guest ” tensely swaragini goes there” sanlak was shock to see them and shouts “you”. Sumi tensely ask “what happened” Sanskar suddenly says ” sry aunty”. Laksh says “they r studying in our collage” sumi says “oh great .but sanskar why u say sry “sanskar replies “I just wanted to tell it”. Swara suddenly looks at Sanskar and stares. While raglak smiles . After that swaragini without giving a look to sanlak serves t food to them, while they stares at them. On t other side while adarsh who was in back of his frds bike saw parineeta ( in t terrace of a house ) . She was watering t plants.

PRECAP: adarsh telling sry to parineeta. And on t other side swara was telling thankz to Sanskar. Sanskar seeing a car approaching towards swara.

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