swasan…raglak….parirsh….love story…chapter3


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(In t previous episode, we saw sanskar falling on swara and they share a liplock mistakenly. Swara puhes him and shout and run cryingly.)

Parineeta and ragini consoles swara . Parineeta tells she will get water and goes from there on t same time laksh teases sanskar showing lipstick in his lips . Sanskar beats him .On that time adarsh came and ask if they talk to that girls. Sanskar (without giving time to Laksh) says “yes bhaia everything is fine and no need to worry” adarsh says “ur class will start know,go to ur class” swaragini and parineeta was sitting in t class. Swara looks at Sanskar when he entered t class .while laksh was walking to his seat ,his feet suddenly kicked t table and swara’s book fell done but suddenly swasan hold t book . There hands touched and they share an eyelock ( sunona sangemarmar,ki ye minare……………plays).
Swarna suddenly jerks her hand and sit in her place .laksh says sry and went . Sanlak was staring there class looking at swaragini. After t class Sanskar comes to swara and says SORRY but she ignores him and went from there with ragini and parineeta . Swara while walking thinks ” why am i feeling bad when I ignore him . Why I feel protected when he comes near me eventhough he has done bad to me . Is he was telling truth that it mistakenly happen ” suddenly swara jerks and says ” no swara , why r u talking in favour of him . He has done bad to u” . On t other side Sanskar while driving his bike thinks “what is happening to me,why am I getting hurt when she ignores me” suddenly his bike was about to hit a man , t man falls on t road laksh (who was on the other bike with adarsh) and sanskar help the man to get up . The man was shekhar. On t other side parineeta waved bye in half of t way. And swaragini has reached home . They were welcomed by sumi .

PRECAP:: sanlak bringing shekhar to home . Swaragini shock to see them. And sanlak having dinner , while swara serves him food and having an eyelock is also seen.

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